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- Brienne, A Feast For Crows


Can you do vampire!exo being jealous reaction please? You’re awesome thank you.


★rarely gets jealous

★bc he has all of his trust in you  

★but when he does

★he’ll stand next to you

★and go full bitch face  

★’do you have a problem?’

★’yeah, you’re too close to my partner’

★’they’re yours’

★’damn right’ 


★he’d stare at you while he was talking to his friends  

★when the person took a step closer to you

★he’d ball his hands

★and come over to you

★he wouldn’t say anything

★he’d just rest his hand on your back

★and listen to what is said

★with a v unimpressed expression on his face

★sooner or later the person would drift off

★’were they talking about anything interesting?’


★’wanna join me?’

★’you know i do’   


★yixing wouldn’t get angry

★he’d be uncomfortable

★he’d purse his lips as he watched the person hug you and kiss your cheeks

★he wouldn’t want to cause a fuss

★so he’d slowly involve himself with the conversation

★’what are you talking about?’

★’our childhood’

★’interesting! i can’t remember mine. too long ago’

★it would end up you being jealous of him 

★bc he got on with the person so well


★clingy pup #1

★he’ll move closer and closer to you when he sees somebody touching and talking to you

★soon his arms would be around your waist

★and his head would be rested on your shoulder

★’do you know them?’

★’we’re just talking’

★’their hands don’t need to be on you when they’re speaking to you’

★he’d move to nuzzle into your neck

★staying clung to you until the person stepped back

★and returned your personal space


★’dae would pack on the pda to scare off the person that was talking to you  

★his arms would wrap around you  

★and he’d press kisses to your cheek  

★’i see you’re talking to my partner? i don’t blame you. they’re amazing’  

★’they’ve got the softest lips’

★’gives the best hugs’

★’very good cook’

★his grin would grow when he sees the person shift uncomfortably 

★he’d rub his hand over your hips as he kissed your neck

★his laugh would fill your ears once the person left


★gets jealous really easy 

★not that he doesn’t trust you

★he just doesn’t think he’s good enough for you

★he’s a v sarcastic when jealous

★kill them with kindness 

★he’d have a huge grin on his face

★laugh at most thing the person says

★and over exaggerate his compliments  

★’that’s soooo interesting!’

★’you’re veeeery good looking’

★’you do that?! how unusual~~’

★sooner or later the person talking to you will get freaked out

★and leave

★’wanna go home?’

★’thought you’d never ask’ 


★isn’t having any of it

★the s e c o n d another person lays their finger on you

★he’s by your side

★eyeing the person

★his fingers would come to lock together with yours

★’where i come from, we don’t touch people we don’t know’

★he’d watch the person talk to you

★but he’d be ready to throw them down if they stepped over the line again  


★jongin would only get jealous if the scent of another person mixed with yours

★he’d try continuing with what he was doing

★but he’d grow more irritable the more the scent mingled with yours

★he’d finally pull away to go split you up with the person standing too close to you

★and touching your each time they laughed

★’i think it’s time for you to go’

★’i’m not done’

★’yes you are’

★his stare would end up scaring the person off

★’stay by me?’

★’course, babe’


★clingy pup #2

★he’ll wrap his arm around you 

★and begin nodding along with what the person was saying

★’they have their own car, Y/N. isn’t that nice?’


★’five more and he’ll be as cool as me’ 

★’don’t show off’

★’don’t show off~’

★he’ll continue bragging

★until the person gets bored 

★and wander off to talk to somebody else


★he’s so bashful 

★just a simple glance at you 

★and he’s flustered 

★bc it still hasn’t sunk in that he’s married to his best friend 

★and you’ll be by his side for the rest of your life 

★he’d take you somewhere quiet 

★so the two of you are completely alone 

★and so you won’t get caught when you have sex 

★bc you two are going to be having sex anywhere 

★at any time 

★even though you both end up semi-regretting it

★bc it’s sooo warm

★you’ve burned so many breakfasts bc of your need to be intimate with him 

★you two would spend so much time out on the sand

★catching them rays

★his tanned skin bathing in the golden sun 


★him wanting to cuddle you all the time

★but it’s too warm

★so he does it for like 5 seconds

★before whining about it

★and moving away

★will hold your hand though

★no matter what


★the moment the sun is down

★and the stars are twinkling up in the sky

★his clothes are off

★and he’s in the water

★’babe it’s warm! come on in!’

★’you’re ridiculous!’

★’get your clothes off and get here!’

★he’d wrap his arms around you

★and sway with you in the moonlight

★randomly stops to tell you you’re his

★he packed extra shirts 

★so he can see you walk around in them

★he’ll also read to you while you’re laying out on the sand

★and have a playlist for when you’re doing the good good

★to make it more romantic

nsfw from here

★sex sounds so fun  

★which it is  

★you two have sex eveywhere  

★it’ll vary between slow sensual love making 

★and full on fucking bc you’re desperate to feel eachother

★he’ll bury his face in your neck

★’cum for your husband’

★he’ll smile down lovingly at you

★and kiss you for what feels like forever 

★’i love you so much’

★but after

★you’re both sticky

★and you can’t cuddle

★bc you feel like you’ll combust

Bully - Patrick Hockstetter x Reader

Request: Request for a Patrick imagine where the reader gets teased by him but throws him off guard by sticking up for herself and it impresses him? Something along those lines, you’re the writer and I’m not that picky :)

A/N: This is my first imagine I’m posting so sorry if it sucks! I’m very nervous right now. Please request more if you liked it!

Y/n always dreaded going to school. It wasn’t because of her teachers, they were pretty decent, and she had some really good friends. She was fairly smart and got passing grades. The only thing stopping her from having a somewhat enjoyable time at school was one person, Patrick Hockstetter. 

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anonymous asked:

For the Halloween event, could you headcanons for vampire lotor and human s/o?

  • okay let’s do this
  • he’s a very protective person always always always keeping you buy him
  • lives in a mansion okay, 10/10 lives in a mansion
  • has rumors abt him and he?? doesn’t care
  • sometimes he remembers that he’s going to outlive you, like if you stay a human he’s going to just….
  • you’re gonna die and he’s gonna live and that makes him so :((
  • he secretly wants to make you a vampire but he’s just waiting for when to tell you
  • very loving and cuddly
  • he doesn’t go out much
  • everyone in the town is attracted to him okay
  • he has probably lived since the 1900′s
  • tried okay he really tried to keep up with the modern times
  • but he said fuck that and decided to learn the new trends like every twenty years or something
  • he really enjoys old music actually
  • basically a respected, rich, guy who doesn’t do much harm
    • by much i mean he has his workers do the dirty work
    • he’s killed a few dozen people
    • not that you have to know that though
VIXX REACTION: skin drawing

Hey can you make vixx reaction to them waking up to you tracing /drawing random patterns on their skin. Thank you


Your fingers tracing over his skin would relax him so much, it would be much harder for him to wake up. “That feels good,” he grumbled, cracking a tired eye open to look over your face. “Your fingers are magical. But if you carry on, we won’t be leaving bed.”


It would be Taekwoon’s favourite feeling to wake up to. Your fingers caused his skin to tingle, filling him with joy and love. “This should happen every morning,” he spoke softly, smiling at you. “One day it might,” you moved your hand up to brush the hair from his forehead before you leaned to kiss his forehead. 


Jaehwan would shuffle closer to you to feel more of your fingers on his skin. When he was fully awake he’d shuffle to rest his head on your stomach and move your hand to his hair. “You’re cute,” you whispered, stroking down the messy strands of hair. “You’re cuter,” he winked, leaning up into your hand. 


Wonsik would be confused at the feeling on his skin. He’d wake up to investigate, and when he saw it was you tracing patterns on his skin, he’d get hyper. “Good morning,” he grinned, pull your closed to him to kiss all over your face. “You woke up quickly,” you giggled, relaxing into him. “I’m excited to see you!”


Hongbin would hum contently when he felt your fingers on his back. He’d have a small smile on your face while he relaxed with you in the calm of the early morning. “Morning, love,’ he breathed, opening his eyes so he could lean over to kiss your cheek. “Morning,” you whispered, watching him move closer to you.


Like Wonsik, Sanghyuk would be hyper when he woke up with the feeling of your fingers tracing hearts on his collar bones. A grin would grow on his face as he opened his eyes to see you. “Baby~” he sang happily before he puckered up his lips. The moment you connected your lips to his, he squealed in delight, hand wrapping around your neck to deepen the kiss.

Shall I tell you what true evil is? It is to submit to you. It is when we surrender our freedom, our dignity, instead of defying you.

Well, you have to start somewhere.

So, this one was requested by @ov099…”Ben or specifically Krennic in Star Trek - perhaps The Next Generation over any of the other series.”  Not being terribly familiar with The Next Generation (or any Star Trek aside the first two reboot films) I hope I’ve done it justice.  Either way, it was actually a lot of fun to make so thanks for the suggestion!!

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