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Jealous Lover

//the One Where Cersei is jealous of Jaime’s sudden drawl towards, Y/N Stark, the beauty of the Seven Kingdoms//

The celebration was filled with lively music, the cheer and chatter echoed through the walls of Casterly Rock. The woman twirled in their colorful dresses that represented their houses. Showing their support to the Lannisters was vital in for survival, one of the most strongest families in Westeros. They were Lions after all and Lions were rulers of the Kingdom.

The room had gone silent at the appearance of Y/N, she was absolutely breathtaking in the sunlit room. Her golden skin glowed slightly showing off the smoothness of her skin, no crater or blemish in sight. Her seductive eyes scanned the room before her, she demanded the attention of everyone in the room without even asking for it. Her unnaturally (eye color of choice) eyes scanned the room, a small smile rested on her features as her attention was turned to her younger sister whom brushed up against her shoulder. “They are all staring” Sansa remarked, her fingers gently brushing on the light grey material that was her dress.

“We are wolves Sansa, they stare because they fear” her voice was strong and soft. Holding so much power and authority but caressed your ears like a soft lullaby a mother sings to her dearest children. Sansa bore the house colors of the Lannisters, couldn’t tell that she was once a wolf. Sansa shyly moved from her sister’s side, her eyes examining the great hall they stood in.

“Y/N Stark” a voice stated behind her, peering over shoulder slightly she caught eye of the Kingslayer, a man who needs no introduction.

“Kingslayer” she speaks slowly, Y/N turns around and faces the man “Its a pleasure” she holds out her hand, he wrapped his hands delicately around her fingers before laying a soft kiss on the back of her hand. His lips lay there before he looks up at her.

“Jaime will do just fine” he responds once his lips aren’t occupied by her hand. “Please walk with me” He held out his elbow for her to grab, she watches him hesitantly before slowly dragging her hand through his elbow. The simple action makes the Kingslayer smile. “You look exquisite, you truly live up your to the title”

“Is that all I am to people, a title? A title that exemplifies my beauty. Am I only known for my beauty to men, what of my intelligence, determination, loyalty, leadership?”

“That’s the first thing a man sees, a man judges is the outer appearance of a woman. Never wants inside, he never knows what lurks in her mind.” She stopped turning in front of him, her eyes scanning him for a moment.

“What do you see Jamie?” She whispers, his finger slowly moving the strand of hair that blocked her face.

“A strong, independent woman that doesn’t need a man to know her worth. A mesmerizing woman whom deserves the utmost satisfaction and respect” he whispers back.

Cersei watched the pair, her eyes burning holes in the Stark that stared loving into her lover’s eyes. Her face began to grow hot, her fist clenching and unclenching slowly. She tried calming herself but the more she watched the two, the more she could Jaime see him slipping from her and Cersei didn’t like that thought.

“The sight sickens me” she murmured to herself, she composed herself quickly before sashaying toward the couple, her eyes darting from Jaime to Y/N. They haven’t spoken anything, just gazing at each other. “Lady Stark, it’s a pleasure having here at Casterly Rock” Cersei gathered Y/N attention with a soft smile she bowed softly. “The pleasure is all mine Queen Mother” Cersei pressed a feigned smile on her lips before her eyes averted to Jamie whom been glaring at his twin, praying that she did do anything foolish.

“I think I’ll retire to my chambers it was great meeting you… both” she said with a smile, she gave a slight smile before sashaying away from the pair.

Jaime grabbed Cersei’s arm pulling her close to him “What is you are intentions??”

She snatched her arm away, glaring at the man “You with that woman! Do you find her attractive?”

“In more ways than one” he huffed before leaving his lover on the floor, he held unto his sword as he traveled the halls searching for Y/N. His eyes turning left and right as he scanned for her picturesque body roaming through the halls. He grunted softly at he pushing against the wall, his hand impelled by another.

“You following me Jaime” a soft voice whispered against his ear, he chuckled lightly as his face was smushed against the extravagant designs of the wall. “Trying to protect me or have your way with me?”

“Would you believe me if I said protect?” He hummed, he watched the Wolf in his peripheral. A small smirk written on her face, her hand slowly retracted away from him. He turned around slowly to face her.

She pushed him against the hall her hands stationary at his abs while her body was pressed against his. Her tempting eyes running over his. “I have to admit Kingslayer, you… are…very easy on the eyes.” Her lips parted while they moved over of his slightly brushing against his quivering lips

Jamie’s hand slowly pulled up Y/N’s leg, pressing their hips together. His eyes running over face.

He leaned forward to connect lips only for her to pull back, her hands slowly running up his armored chest, he regret not wearing thinner clothing to feel her touch. Her index pressed against his lips, slowly dragging it down. “See you tomorrow Ser Jamie” she whispered before removing herself from his touch

“That is one hot piece of ass” he heard a familiar voice let out, he turned his head to Hand of the King, Bronn. He didn’t have any words. He nodded breathlessly before he was left alone.

Alone (A Louis Tomlinson Imagine)

Request: Can I ask a request with Louis, where he throws y/n out in pouring rain late at night cause she accidentally says something she shouldn’t and then Louis regret it the minute y/n step out, thanks

I FINALLY FINISHED IT! I’m so sorry guys for keeping you all waiting for an update. 

I finished this request first, Part 3 for Louis’s break-up series is already in the works. I was interchanging between the two that’s why it took me a lot longer to finish it… add the fact that I sprained both my ankles…. just me being a clutz.

Hope you guys enjoy this one!



“Oh stop being such a crybaby!” Louis shouted as soon as we both entered the warmth of our shared home.

“Crybaby? Really Louis? You were literally flirting with her… IN FRONT OF ME.” I shouted the last part.

It was our date night tonight. Louis made reservations in his favorite restaurant (it was his turn to choose) and had the best time… for like a minute.

It turns out that Eleanor was there as well.


“Louis?” A voice said from behind. I looked back and saw none other than Eleanor, Louis’s ex girlfriend.

“Eleanor, hi! It’s been so long.” Louis said, standing up to greet her. I watched their conversation and tried to pry my way into listening in.

“Are you here alone?” Louis asked.

“Oh, yeah. Bea sat me up with this doctor guy who needed to rush back to the hospital.” Eleanor answered.

“What a great first impression.” Louis said jokingly. This made Eleanor laugh, a fake laugh might I add, and started hitting Louis softly on the arm.

Their conversation went on, leaving me alone in our table, poking on my food.

“You know… If you’d like, you’re welcome to join Y/N and me.” As he said that, my head instantly looked up to both of them with wide eyes.

“Oh no, that’s ok. It looks like you’re both on a date.” She said, smiling at me. I gave her a small smile in return.

“You guys enjoy the night. Sorry for ruining it though.” She said directing it to me.

“It’s quite alright.” I said smiling.

And with that, she left Louis and I alone.

“What was that?” Louis hissed.

“What was what?” I answered, taking a bite off my pasta.

“You were being rude to her. Her date left her. The least we could do was invite her over.”

“I was not being rude. I was being nice even though she was flirting with you.” I said, not looking him in the eye.

“What the hell? She was not flirting with me.” Louis argued, crossing his arms in front of him.

“Believe me, she was. You were too, actually.” I said as a matter of factly.

And with that being said, the night was ruined.


“You know what? You’re inconsiderate. Can’t you see that she was already having a bad night?” He said, removing his coat and hanging it on the rack.

“And why do you care?”

“Of course, I care Y/N! She used to be my girlfriend. I can’t just stop caring about her altogether.”

“Like how you care about every one of your ex girlfriends?” I asked.

“What are you talking about?” Louis said.

“Do you actually think that I haven’t seen you out with Briana?”

“Are you implying that I’m cheating on you?” He said, surprised.

“I’m not. It’s just that-” I was cut off by Louis walking towards the door and opening it.

“Get out.” was all he said. To say that I was surprised was an understatement.

“So now I’m being thrown out of my own home from telling the truth?” I said, scoffing as I said it.

“Get the fuck out!” Louis said, clearly angered by what I said.

“Fine.” And with that, I left.

I got out and was met by the harsh downpour of rain.

Maybe I was too harsh on him. I thought. I thought of going back in and apologize, but I decided to give him time to calm himself down.

Louis’s POV

I was too harsh.

This sentence kept repeating itself in my mind as soon as Y/N went out the door. Of course, I was hurt and was offended by what she said, but maybe there was a reason why she said it.

I pushed my pride aside and decided to follow her, to find out that it was pouring.

Shit. I thought.

I went back in and got an umbrella and made my way to where I was sure Y/N was.

After walking for a few minutes, I reached the diner down the street where Y/N loved to stay and read her books.

I prayed that it was where she went before entering it, to be met by the sight of a soaked Y/N by the couches sipping on coffee. I took a deep breathe and made my way to where she sat.

“Y/N?” I said, making her look up from her cup of coffee. Seeing who it was, she just turned her stare back to her cup.

“Let’s go home, yeah?” I asked, handing out my hand for her to hold, but she didn’t.

“Baby, I’m really sorry for asking you to leave tonight. I regret it so much, something could’ve happened to you.” I said. “It was wrong for me to do that and I regret it so much.” I said, taking a seat on the chair across her. I watch her actions and saw her let go of what was a tight grip on her mug loosen. 

“I’m sorry for what I said, too. I took it to a whole new level, which I shouldn’t have.” She said, sighing. This made me sigh in relief as well.

I wasn’t losing her.

“All good?” I asked, slowly inching my hands towards hers.

“All good.” She answered, clasping her hands with mine.

And with that, we went home, cuddled, and made up for the lost time… you know what I mean. 

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I Love You - Jason Todd

Request: Number 4 and number 8 with Jason Todd :)

Prompts: #4: “I should have told you a long time ago.” + #8: “I’ve been waiting a long time.”

Warnings: None

Word Count: 849


Summary: After careful consideration, Jason finally decides to man up and tell you just how he feels towards you. 

Originally posted by ricamora-falahee

The night passed on longingly. Red Hood had once again defeated crime bosses of Gotham City and it was time to retreat. But something had been glued to his brain since last week. Last week was when realization struck. You and him had been spending the day together, quite lazily, in your natural states. You were obsessed with a new TV show, Jason was prominent on finishing it with you. Out of nowhere, Jason was hit with a newfound sense of adoration for you. The way you smiled, laughed, talked, moved, it became somehow mesmerizing in Todd’s eyes. 

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pas de cheval from another room
panic! at the disco
pas de cheval from another room

it’s the greatest thing that’s yet to have happened

imagine knowing me

it’s the greatest thing you’ve ever imagined

but you’ll never know until you’re there

Bellamy Dating A Shy Reader Would Include

Request: I read your imagine, “I’m Talking About You”, and I thought it was really cute! I liked the Bellamy x shy reader. I was wondering if you did headcanons and if so I wanted to know if you could do Bellamy dating a shy girl would include? An if you could, make it long.

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: Don’t know if this was the length you wanted… i’m kind of bad at would includes but I did my best!

Originally posted by amynagata

  • Let’s be honest, Bellamy would be intrigued by you because he’s the only girl that flushes just at the sight of him.
  • He’d tease you relentlessly.
  • You wouldn’t mind though, and giggle quietly with everything he said.
  • Bellamy would constantly throw pick-up lines at you just to make you blush.
  • And it would work every. single. time. 
  • Bellamy would love to see your cheeks grow rosy and the way you’d avoid eye contact desperately.
  • He’d love the way you’d twist your foot into the ground with nervousness.
  • He would also love the way you’d twiddle your thumbs together.
  • But the thing he would love the most is though your shy, he was the only one who could get that kind of reaction out of you.
  • You’d first catch his eye because you were a hard worker.
  • You wouldn’t give orders but you’d follow any given to you within reason and always do your absolute best to complete it.
  • Then, when he’d find out what reaction he could get from you, he would spend every waking moment by your side.
  • Bellamy in truth really liked teasing you.
  • In anyway he could.
  • But when you’d sort of warm up to him, and were actually able to hold a decent conversation with him, he’d learn so much more about you.
  • And it would only make Bellamy more interested in you.
  • Bellamy would love your dedication and loyal attitude.
  • He’d love the way you’d silently help anyone the best you could.
  • He’d love how kind you are.
  • Even if you to had been talking and grown closer considerably, when he asked you out, you would still be a blubbering mess.
  • “Is that a yes?”
  • You’d nod the best you could, your face warm and he smiled that wonderful smile.
  • Your relationship would be the one thing that held Bellamy together.
  • Kept him sane.
  • You’d still get nervous every time he gave you a back hug, no matter how many times he did it.
  • It was, once again, one of the many things Bellamy loved about you.
  • He’d been genuinely shocked the first time you initiated contact with him.
  • You were fine in private, still nervous but you’d kiss him or cuddle with him.
  • But in public he was usually the only one to make advances.
  • “Is- Is this okay?”
  • “This is more than okay.”
  • Surprisingly, you’d be the first one to say ‘I love you.’
  • And you did it in public, in front of a crowd of your friends.
  • They’d all stared on in shock.
  • But Bellamy would only smirk.
  • “You love me, huh?”
  • Then he’d lean down, kiss you quite intimately in front of everyone.
  • When Bellamy leaned away, you were, of course, a flustered mess.
  • But you didn’t mind.
  • And neither did he.
  • You were very shy, but that was just one of the many things Bellamy loved about you.
  • And he wouldn’t trade it for anything.
  • Cuddles at night.
  • Forehead kisses.
  • Kissing your cheeks whenever they go warm.
  • Supporting each other endlessly.
  • The only time you’d raise your voice is when it concerned Bellamy.
  • And he’d love it.
  • “You’re cute. But that was hot.
  • You’d only blush.
  • Being inseparable.
  • And let’s be honest here, Bellamy would be one-hundred percent completely protective over you.
  • And you’d love it.
  • Defending your honour every time someone tarnished it.
  • The teasing, still, would never end.
  • Bellamy reminding you every single time you felt insecure about your shyness, that you didn’t need to be.
  • “You’re perfect, more than perfect. I love your shyness, and don’t ever want you to change it.”
  • You’d kiss him after that.
  • Eventually working up enough confidence to try and be more flirty with him.
  • Bellamy would love it and enjoy it.
  • But he’d love you being yourself more.
  • “I already told you, you’re cute. But I have to admit, that was hot.”
  • Nicknames.
  • One-hundred percent.
  • You’d have your fights.
  • There’d be tears, but you two would only come out stronger.
I Need a Man

//In which Joffery is infatuated with the reader, who is one of the best skilled fighters in Westeros//

“You need to learn combat skills! You’re a king-”

“Yes, a king, uncle. I have men to do that for me” Joffrey waved his hand dismissing the words that came out of Tyrion’s mouth.

“And if the guards happen to be killed? What shall you do then? Call on your mother” Tyrion questioned, the boy stared at the man before turning to his mother whom had surprisingly taken the Imp’s side of the matter.

“As much as it pains me to say so, Tyrion is right you need to learn combat skills” Cersei stated, Tyrion smirked softly before clapping his hands together, he moved his hand toward the door as they opened. Cersei scoffed loudly at what was behind the doors, her eyes scanning over the woman that stood there, her hands holding a thick sword.

“You bring this woman here? A Stark! You are better off getting a drunken fool!” Cersei shouted, Joffrey slammed his hand against the arm of the chair he stood up quickly his nostrils flaring at the woman.

“I will be not be trained by this… this woman! She is beneath me” Joffrey stated, his shrill voice echoing off the walls.

“This woman is one the best fighters in Westeros boy, so mind your tongue or I will have it” Y/N finally threaten stepping into the throne room.

“Did she just threaten the king! I am your king! You bend your knee at me and I’ll show you mercy!” Joffrey shouts his foot stomping on the ground like a child, the soldiers slowly moved forward. She peaked out the corner of her eye as she watched the men slowly slide their swords from its casing. She looked at him watching the slow smirk rest on his lips.

“I bow to no one” she softly spoke, the smirk faded away, Joffrey’s anger rising in him. He pressed his lips together holding in his aggression, Joffrey’s face burning red.

“Kill her! Kill her now!” His voice caused Cersei to wince, the soldiers armed themselves pointing their weapons at Y/N.

Tyrion slowly raised his hands at Joffrey, he knew what she was capable of, she was a dangerous enemy to have. Y/N gifts seemed supernatural. “Please, you don’t wanna do this”

“Don’t tell me what I need to do Imp!” He shrieked, Y/N cracked her cool exterior broken with the vile words spoke in the air. She swung around, her feet kicking the sword out of the man’s hand, she drew her sword pushing it into his throat. She quickly drew it out before grabbing the man’s head that charges at her, she banged his head against another that charged towards her. Y/N sword swiftly slashing through their combined heads. She turned to the man behind her, their sword clashing against each other’s. She bent backwards as another came rushing at her. Hastily she picks up the fallen soldier’s sword.

Tired of the endless sword play between them, she dragged her sword in the man’s groin. He screamed in agony, cutting off the man’s head. She turned the last man, she kicked the sword just as it came slicing toward Y/N. Her sword sliced through his stomach, his hand rushing through his stomach as the contents spilled out.

Y/N brushed the hair out of her face turning Joffrey with a smirk on her lips. “Do think this woman won’t educate you in archaic sword play?” She stated

“Be my queen” he blurred out catching everyone attention, his mother’s mouth hanging open at his words. Y/N flattered by his words, only chuckled. Tyrion suddenly grew jealous of his words, was she be affectionate toward him, was she really falling for his less than sincere words. “I’ll show you the wonders of being a king”

She spit out a laugh, her face contorting into an unreadable expression. “I need a real man Joffrey, not a boy” with that she left leaving the room stunned with her response.