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What if Harry came home and (y/n) is wearing one of Harry's blazers with nothing underneath?? Maybe one of the gucci ones

Selena Gomez was actually the one to blame of it. Your hair was falling perfectly around your face and you sighed as you twirled a strand around your fingers, pulling it away from the rest as you directed the camera at your face and readied yourself to take the selfie. 

It was a silly game with your friends, one that took you to try to recreate some of the photos from the famous people on social media. Why? Well, you really didn’t know, most of the things you had going on with your friends didn’t make much sense, and you didn’t try to make much of it. You glammed up and went for it every time, wearing outfits and striking poses that made you feel silly, and out of your comfort zone, but that at the end made it for a good laugh with your friends and the discovery of new make up techniques. That was always good. 

So there you were, wearing sunglasses and red lipstick even though you didn’t plan on leaving the house all morning, and your boyfriend’s jacket that fell loose around your shoulders. 

Harry’s jacket was definitely different from the one that Selena was wearing, the white details on the lapels standing out against the otherwise black fabric. It was obvious it was his, could only be his actually, but you didn’t care, it wasn’t for the public to see. Still, your fingers wrapped around the buttons, holding it tight against your body so only the swell of your breast could be seen and everything else would kept hidden from the world. Selena wasn’t wearing a bra, you didn’t see why should you.

Kissy face to the camera, and the sound of the click of your iPhone, you went to look at it, smiling at how different you looked from the stunning Selena. This photo was not seeing the light of day.

“Gotta say, you look a lot better in it.”

Harry’s voice made you jump in fright, and turn around with bewildered eyes to look at him as he leaned to the door frame, his cool expression complimented with the light smirk on his face. He was looking up and down at you, from your hair to your red, plump lips, to the way his jacket would only half cover your body as it fell open around it, to the black lace of your nickers and your bare legs.

“Jesus, Harry!” You whispered, bringing your hand to your chest to feel how hard your heart was thumping in its place.

“Wut?” He asked as he tore himself off of the door and walked to you, as if you were a pray and he was more than ready to jump on you. “Have a lot more in my closet, in case y’wanna try’em.”

“So you wanna dress me up?” You smirked, as you went to stand on your tippytoes as soon as he stood in front of you, a habit you had developed out of fear he would break his neck while kissing you. “That’s a first.”

“I just…I wanna see yeh with one, and nothing else.”

“Which one?” You asked, although you didn’t care much, tilting your head to allow him to kiss you on it while his fingers wrapped around the lapels of the jacket and brought you closer to him.

“The red one.” He mumbled, lips pressed to your jaw as a little moan spurted out of your lips at the feeling of his teeth grazing on your skin.

“The one that say Styles?” You smiled.

“Yeah, I think we should practice how it looks on you, name and all.”

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Headcanons about being best friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione and eventually starting a relationship with Harry, please? Love your blog!! :3

  • The four of you be totally inseparable 
  • And everyone at school thinks you should all date
  • So everyone’s watching to see who will couple up first
  • You would obviously always have your friends’ backs and would do anything for them
  • You would spend a lot of time in the library with Hermione whenever needed
  • And you and Ron knew everything about the wizarding world so you were experts in that case
  • And you wouldn’t put up with anyone’s shit about Harry
  • Like you think Harry is a liar? Fight me
  • You’d stand up to everyone that said Harry was the heir of slytherin, or put his name in the goblet, or lied about Voldemort’s return
  • So honestly, the first time you start to have feelings for Harry, you’re covering for him
  • You and him were sneaking around to get to DA when Umbridge catches you
  • “Where are you two going?”
  • “Uhhm we were just-”
  • “Making out!”
  • And Harry looks at you in shock but just nods
  • So obviously Umbridge punishes you but not all that much
  • And then word gets around school about what happened and everyone is just like finally
  • Fred and George won’t stop teasing the both of you, asking how the kiss was
  • So you both end up wondering what it would actually be like 
  • “Are we actually gonna do this?”
  • So you and Harry end up making out in the room of requirement for a couple of hours
  • And it’s kinda just like woah….
  • After that you start a relationship, and try to keep it secret from everyone
  • But Ron and Hermione are like duh, we’ve known all along
  • They end up convincing the two of you to tell everyone
  • And the entire school has the same kind of finally feeling
  • Going on dates to Hogsmead
  • You always have Harry’s back and fight along with him every time 
  • In the ministry of magic, you follow Harry, wanting to keep him safe
  • Meanwhile Harry wants you to stay away because he doesn’t want anyone to hurt you
  • Being there for Harry after the death of Sirius, Dumbledore, ya know everyone great
  • Spending summers at the Burrow with Ron and Hermione and Harry
  • Having matching patronuses
  • The three of you coming up with ways to surprise Harry - just by giving him presents or taking him somewhere new
  • To take his mind off of everything
  • Cheering loudly with Hermione for both Ron and Harry at Quidditch
  • Helping Harry with his occlumency, which ends up with the two of you just making out
  • You both know how happy Ron and Hermione would be together
  • So you very casually force them into double dates
  • Curling up with Harry in the common room
  • Staying at school some Christmases to be with Harry
  • Camping and looking for Horcruxes with them all during seventh year
  • Getting into fights whenever someone is wearing the locket
  • At Hogwarts, you beg Harry not to go to Voldemort
  • He tells you he loves you before going into the Forbidden Forest
  • And then you’re left to find the last Horocrux
  • Once Voldemort says Harry is dead, you’re one of the first to stand and fight
  • Harry looks at you first when he jumps out of Hagrid’s arms, winking at you as he runs off
  • When the battle is finally over you and Harry run into each other’s arms
  • And you yell at him for scaring you but you can’t be mad because you’re so glad he’s alive
  • And then you would go through the horrible ordeal of saying goodbye to your loved ones that you lost in the battle
  • But Harry was always there for you and you were there for him
  • You would eventually marry him, and pick out not horrible names for your children
Drunk Truths//Josh Dun

Requested: one where you and Josh have been best friends for a long time and it’s your university graduation night and you get happy drunk and leave Josh a voicemail telling him how much you love him (among other embarrassing things) while he’s in a different state doing a show. then he comes home the next day and tells you he feels the same way and then super fluff or smut or whatever you want bc you’re amazing and ily.


               “We’re graduates!” Your best friend squealed as soon as the ceremony was over—today marked the last time either of you would have to even think about school and classes. Through hell and high water the two of you stuck together and survived university. “Too bad Josh couldn’t make it.” She gave you a small, teasing pout. You and Josh had been the best of friends since middle school; and he was currently on tour (though you knew he felt bad about not being able to make it. That’s all he talked about for like a week was apologies and how he would make it up to you).

               “I know, I would’ve loved one of his hugs right now. But that’s not the focus of today. This is a happy occasion which we celebrate!” You smiled widely before going to join your family. All of them gave you congratulations on graduating, and small hugs. Though you just couldn’t get a certain drummer off your mind. Everyone who knew you swore up and down that you liked him, and he felt the same but you couldn’t see it. Josh was just a friendly, hug-loving guy in general and you liked that in a person. You liked a lot of the characteristics about him, his cuddles, his smile, everything. But you managed to convince yourself that you had no interest in your best friend—and even if you did it wouldn’t work out anyway. So why risk the heartbreak right?


               “How’s my favorite graduate on this wonderful day?” Josh smiled through your phone screen, causing your heart to melt as you sat on your old bed in your parents’ house. “I wish I could’ve been there. I would’ve given you the best hug you ever felt!” He laughed slightly, causing your smile to grow.

               “You already give the best hugs though. They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.” You watched as he slightly blushed and looked away from the camera momentarily. “I’m going out tonight with some people from my class. Some grad party or something.” You shrugged, shifting so you were now laying sideways in bed.

               “Don’t get too drunk. You know I’m going to be home in a few days. I don’t want you sick and puking when I get there.” Josh laughed, a hint of jealousy marking his voice. Why would he be jealous? Every night on tour for him was a party.

               “I’d rather be snuggling and watching movies with you, but you left me!” You laughed, “Do not apologize or say you feel bad. I was joking and you already promised a million and one times that you would make it up to me!” You tried acting stern but fell into a fit of giggles instead. You saw Josh roll his eyes at you before someone on his end caught his attention.            

               “I’m really sorry, apparently I have sound check. I love you Y/N.” You grinned from ear to ear—though the two of you had agreed on a strictly platonic relationship hearing those words always made you smile.

               “I love you too Josh; now go have a good show!” You gave him one last smile; watching as he contemplated saying something else before waving and ending the call. Weird.


               “Y/N; are you okay? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this drunk before.” A girl from your class giggled, followed by your best friend who grabbed you by the arm lightly and guided you to the bathroom.

               “How much have you had to drink?” She asked, reaching around your head to pull your hair into a quick ponytail; you could’ve sworn her arms looked like tentacles. Just how much they were waving back and forth. This idea caused you to giggle as she merely rolled her eyes at you. Filling a Styrofoam cup up with water and instructing you to wash your mouth out. “Don’t give me that look; they told me all about how you were puking your guts out in the backyard, so wash your mouth.” You could tell she wasn’t that drunk, but it was probably because she was the mother of the group. She was the responsible one.

               “Have…have I ever told you my deepest secret?” You giggled. Taking a sip of water as your best friend rolled her eyes, leaning against the wall behind you with her arms crossed. As soon as you spit the bile and water out of your mouth you continued. “I’m in love with someone! And it’s not me being drunk, it’s real love that I’ve felt for a long, long time!” You felt giddy just thinking about him.

               “I know, you’re head over heels in love with Josh. Everyone who sees you two together knows that. With how much you guys flirt I’m surprised you’re not together.” You giggled, stumbling over your feet as your friend led you downstairs, and out to the sidewalk where she called her father. He had agreed to give you both a ride to the party and back again.

               “I wanna call Jish.” You mumbled to yourself, pulling your phone out and somehow finding his number. You listened to the phone ringing before it went to his voicemail. Your drunken self just sighed and looked over at your friend—phone still held to the side of your face as you spoke. “I don’t know what it is, but I just love everything about him. His silly, crinkly eyes and the shade of brown. Oh my gosh in the light they’re like…gold and so pretty!” You gushed, watching as your friend laughed. “And his hair, it’s so soft. Like, kitten’s fur soft! You wouldn’t even believe it—I love touching it, ohmygosh. Don’t even get me started on him without a shirt like woah.” You rambled on and on before your friend cut you off.

               “Tell him goodnight and everything; I don’t think Josh wants a 20 minute voicemail from drunk Y/N.” She laughed as you pouted.

               “He’d be honored to have a voicemail like that! Goodnight Jishy, I love you.” You giggled before your friend hung your phone up for you as her dad pulled up. “Let’s go home.” You whispered as you were assisted into the backseat.


               “Are you planning on waking up at any point today?” You heard someone laugh from above you, pulling you from your alcohol induced sleep. Right when your eyes opened you regretted it. The world was spinning as your pulse took over your head. Each beat adding a faux pressure inside your head—you were sure it was bound to explode at some point. “Hey, hey. I have water and pain reliever for the headache, and a bowl if you need to puke.” As if on cue you grabbed for the plastic of the bowl and emptied your stomach contents into it. You coughed a few times, dry heaving before another bout of vomit passed your already sore and raw throat. You were on the verge of whimpering and begging for the burning in your throat and chest to stop when you were able to breathe. Your stomach felt a little better—but upset nonetheless.

               “Thank you.” You croaked, before taking the medication and water offered to you. If it wasn’t for this nasty hangover you were sure you would’ve been jumping into Josh’s arms by now. By the look on his face you knew something was going on; something you couldn’t quite remember. You talked about missing Josh, then you called him but he didn’t pick up and…oh fuck.

               “You were quite drunk last night, huh?” He laughed before sitting beside you on your bed, hand rubbing up and down your blanket clad side soothingly. You just groaned in response, covering your face with a pillow to hide the embarrassment marked by your red cheeks. “Hey, don’t hide.” Josh whispered, grabbing the pillow that was on your face; trying to pull at it. Except your death grip made his plan a little harder than he expected. “Just let go and let me see you. I want to be cute.”

               “No.” You groaned, pulling against Josh’s grasp on your pillow. “Like I said, you’re already cute!” You fought; surprised when he suddenly released the pillow, causing you to pull it off your face by accident. “You fucker!” You screamed before his mouth was pressing roughly into yours. It wasn’t a dominant type of rough though—more along the lines of “I’ve been waiting too damn long to do this” type of rough. The pent up feelings everyone bugged the two of you about were being released as Josh held his mouth roughly against yours; ignoring the fact that it probably tasted terrible.

               “That was amazing.” Josh whispered, pulling back enough to look you in the eyes. “But I do recommend we brush our teeth now.” He laughed, causing you to blush with embarrassment once again as you got up to head to the bathroom; gasping as you looked at your mirror.

               Written in what looked like washable marker on the mirror was “BE MY GIRLFRIEND?” With a large smile you looked back at Josh and pulled him into a tight hug, whispering a soft ‘of course’ in his ear as you did so. Maybe the hangover you had today was worth it afterall.

The Morning Shift, Pt. 2



Word Count: 1,552

Genre: Angst, Fluff (more like bittersweet)

Your thumb hovers indecisively over the call button. You toss and turn in your bed, kicking the blanket to the side in frustration. 

Should I call him? You think. It’s been awhile since you’ve last seen Wonwoo, but not long enough for you to forget what he was wearing or the look that he had on his face when you saw him in your driveway. 

You’ve been missing him to the point where it’s gotten unhealthy. There isn’t an hour that goes by where you don’t think of what could’ve been, or what was going through Wonwoo’s head when he left you. All of the questions just end up making you mad at yourself for not doing what you could to keep him, and angry and frustrated at him. 

It was just that. There wasn’t anything you could’ve done to keep him. Wonwoo had made his choice, and it wasn’t to be with you. 

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath to prevent yourself from getting worked up too much. You could already feel your blood boiling. Your eyes reopened to greet the darkness of your room, the only light that was shining was from your phone. 

I should do it. You pondered over the worst case scenario, the worst thing that could happen was him not picking up. If you don’t call him now, you’d be thinking about it for who knows how long. 

I shouldn’t. You told yourself. With a sigh, you threw your phone next to you. Your hands came up to rub your tired eyes, you laid there in the almost silence. Almost? 

You shot up from your comfortable position. Your hands quickly reached for your phone. Shoot. It was ringing, but no one was calling you. When you threw the phone down it must’ve pressed the call button. 

You stared at the phone screen which displayed Wonwoo’s name, hugging your knees close to you. 

“Hello?” The faint voice answered.

You slowly placed the phone next to your ear. “H-hello?” 

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” His voice was just as you remembered it. 

“Nothing. I was just-”, You couldn’t say that you missed him. Quick, think. “I just wanted to catch up.”

There was a pause on the receiving side. All you could hear was static. 

“I’m glad to hear that, Y/N. How have you been?” Wonwoo’s voice choked. His voice always choked when he was nervous. 

“I’ve been good, tired mostly. What about you?” Come on. If you try hard enough, you can forget that you two had ever dated. That’ll make it easier to talk to him.

“Good, I still work at the cafe with the boys,” Wonwoo stopped talking suddenly, as if he was contemplating what to say next. “They said that you don’t come at all anymore.” 

His voice slowly got quieter, approaching the volume of a whisper. 

You nodded your head although he wasn’t there to see it, it was more confirmation for yourself anyway. You had your reasons for not going back to the cafe. 

“I-I know.” No, the tears can’t start now. You had barely started to talk to him. The memory of the girl calling your ex-boyfriend “babe” surfaced. He had left you for her, remember that, Y/N. Remember that. 

“I’m sorry.” Wonwoo breathed, his voice laced with guilt and regret. 

You buried your face in your knees. The line was quiet, you guessed neither one of you had enough courage to say anything.

Although it took all the energy you had, you spoke again. “Are you still with your girlfriend?” 

You hoped he could hear how heartbroken you are, how devastated he had made you. You didn’t know what you had expected him to say, you held your breath for the answer.

“No, we broke up. She broke up with me.” Wonwoo replied without any emotion.

You exhaled, a wave of relief washed over you. There were no words to describe how you were feeling at the moment. You were glad Wonwoo was as single as you are, yet you don’t know if you had it in you to give it another try with him.

“I lied.” You said in a hushed voice. 


“I didn’t want to catch up,” You debated on whether to say what was on your mind. “I wanted closure.” 

That wasn’t what you wanted to say. If you actually told him that you missed him, that would’ve made you seem weak… right?

“I understand. I do too.” 

“I really hated you.” The crack in your voice made it apparent that you were on the verge of crying. Wonwoo sighed.

“I-,” Wonwoo took another breath, “I hated myself too. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

You shook your head, the tears rolled down both of your cheeks and onto your lips.

“No, Wonwoo. You knew exactly what you were doing,” You took a deep breath, you were silently hoping that your voice wouldn’t give out on you. “You just didn’t want me anymore.”

You could just imagine Wonwoo sitting in his chair, rubbing his eyes that were brimming with tears. He didn’t say anything, maybe that was his way of confirming your theory.

“Would you have broken up with her if she didn’t break up with you?” You swallowed the lump in your throat, and used your free hand to wipe your tear stained cheeks.

“Yes.” Wonwoo replied almost immediately.


“Because I missed you.” Wonwoo had said it so quietly you almost couldn’t hear him.

The ache in your heart increased, the sensation mimicked the pain you would get if some were to punch your chest repeatedly. You tried to muffle your cries by covering your mouth with your hand. Even with your efforts, Wonwoo could inevitably hear your unsteady breathing on his end.

Wonwoo took long breaths, sniffing a few times himself.

It felt like that four worded phrase was trapped inside of your throat, it was trying to scratch it’s way out and crawl out of your mouth and you finally let it. “I miss you too.”

That’s when you broke down.  

“Why did you have to do that?” You sobbed into the phone. “Why did you have to ruin such a good thing? There’s no use in us missing each other n-now. We could’ve been happy, w-we could’ve still be together.” Your hand clutched your chest, the part where your heart was. You were heavily heaving now.

“I-I’m so sorry, Y/N.” Wonwoo wept, his voice cracking. “I don’t know what to do. I want to ask you to give me another chance but I know I’ve lost your trust.”

You tried to take controlled breaths in attempt to calm yourself down. “Was it that easy to replace me, Wonwoo?”

No, Y/N, no one could replace you. You just deserve someone better than me.” The breathlessness tone Wonwoo spoke with proved that he was crying as much as you.

“I’m just so mad at you all the time. Then I think of the memories we had, and the memories we could’ve created and I just want to cry. I want to cry all the time because of you, Wonwoo.” The sobs began to erupt again.

You were a blubbering mess. “You p-promised me that you would never made me cry.”

“I’m just so sorry, Y/N.” That was the first time you really heard Wonwoo break, he was full on weeping and didn’t care to hide it. You stared up at the dark ceiling with your eyes opened, perhaps this would prevent the tears from falling out of your eyes.

You could hear Wonwoo blowing his nose, he took a deep breath before speaking again. “I’ve always been trying to think of ways to make up with you. You’re someone I lost, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. I still want to make sure you’re okay, and be able to check up on you. I don’t know if I deserve that but…” His voice trailed off, not knowing what to say next. 

So many thoughts were going through your head, it was hard to organize what you wanted to say.

“I want to be friends with you-” You said after you were able to pacify yourself.

“-but I don’t know, I don’t know if I have that in me right now.”

Wonwoo seemed like he had calmed himself down as well, his voice was no longer airy. It returned to his usual unflustered, deep tone. “I understand, take as long as you need. I’ll wait for you.”

Wonwoo was hopeful, you could tell that much.

“Why?” You were now breathing through your mouth, your nose has become too congested to do otherwise.

“I lost someone so special to me because I was stupid. I was just stupid and immature, and I got what I deserved. I’m just so so glad that you’re talking to me after so long, Y/N. I would wait for as long as it took just so I can hear your voice again.”

You changed your position and laid back down on your bed, you were trying to absorb in everything he had just said.

“Okay, wait for me then.” You said into the phone. “Just don’t break your promise this time.”

“If it’s time that it takes, then I’ll gladly give you it.”

You were slightly relieved, yet anxious all at the same time. It was like you were opening doors with Wonwoo that you had shut long ago. 

With your trembling voice, you whispered, “Promise?”.

“I promise.”

A miserable excuse of a smile sneaked its’ way onto your face. Your chest didn’t feel as if there was something sitting upon it any longer.

“Good night, Wonwoo.”

“Good night, Y/N.”

Click, the call had ended.

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