BTS Reaction to: Blowing Raspberries into Their S/O’s Stomach

Authors Note: Thank you so much for the request! I hope you like it!!!


          Jin would be very playful with his significant other, so blowing raspberries into your stomach would be a common thing. You two could just be relaxing with his head in your lap when he turns and does it, surprising you.

          “Ahh, Jagiya, you’re so cute~”

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          Yoongi wouldn’t do it too much, but on occasion, when you both are just messing around, he knows that’s your weakness, so when he does it, he loves how you laugh and try to push him away, and it always gets him smiling big.

          “I win~”

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          Hoseok would do it as often as he possibly can, he loves blowing raspberries into your stomach, and loves every reaction you have when he does. Laying in bed? Raspberry. Out on a date? Raspberry. This boy can’t get enough.

          “Yah, you know you love it!”

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          Namjoon wouldn’t do it too often, he’s a quite serious guy. On the other hand, he has his goofy, happy moments, and if the two of you are messing around, he’d definitely do it to surprise you and make you laugh.

          “I love when you laugh….”

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          Jimin would be the only boy that would actually have you do it to him as well. It makes the both of you very flustered when the other does it, so the two of you made it into a game. Needless to say, he’s very good at surprise attacking you….

          “Hah! Got you, Jagi!”

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          Taehyung would be another boy to really enjoy this, regardless of how bashful you get. He blows raspberries into your stomach more so as a loving gesture. He loves how you giggle, and it always brings a boxy smile to his face.

          “Hehe~ Cutie~”

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          Jungkook wouldn’t be too interested in it, being more romantic than playful, but he’d definitely blow raspberries into your stomach when you’re both wrestling. You try to push him away, but he continues to do it anyway.

          “I told you I’d win this fight!”

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Snippets // The Tenth Doctor

Request: Could I request a ten x reader fic where the reader and him have to go save another planet (the usual) and it has to do with crashing a fancy party/ball. So the Doctor and the reader end up getting all glammed up separately but when they both meet up at the door before leaving the yard is they’re both just in awe? Thanks again for all of the writing you’ve done! Hope everything’s doing good and life’s good for you! Stay healthy and hydrated love, take care of yourself! Bye!

  • Can you write about the reader first meeting the 10th doctor during a normal day? They unknowingly go into the TARDIS after work to make a phone call for their mother, only to find that it’s an unwordly box. And when he’s behind them, after some convincing, flirting, and him almost wiping their mind of that memory, they travel with him. (Was this request too long? I feel like it was to long.)

Requested by: @laneygthememequeen@riddlemethissj

Please don’t plagiarize my work!
Word Count:

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“Get in.”


“Get in!”



“Make m-” 

The Doctor quickly covered your mouth with his hand.

“Trust me, love,” he whispered, voice deep, “that’s a sentence you don’t want to finish.”

Your eyes widened a fraction, stunned by this man’s boldness for a second before shaking your head. You took a step back, raising your hand to pull his own away from your lips, scoffing angrily as you did so.

“I’m not… not getting in that-that… thing!” You exclaimed, voice pitching slightly. “Listen…-”


Doctor, I only meant to make a call. If I had known what I was walking into, I wouldn’t have walked into it.”

The Doctor shoved his hands into his pockets, shaking his head with a small smile, a rather cocky smile, as he took a step towards you. “You don’t really mean that,” he coaxed, eyeing you out of the corner of your eye.

Crossing your arms over your chest, you raised a brow. “I think I do.”

“But… isn’t it bigger on the inside?”

Your brow remained raised. “Well, that much is obvious,” you scorned, rolling your eyes. “I don’t even know who you are, besides the fact that your name is the Doctor. Doctor of what, by the way? You still haven’t told me.”

Shrugging his shoulders, the Doctor sent you a ludicrous smile. “It’s just the Doctor.”

Of what?”


“What do you mean nothing?” You snapped, taking a step forward in disbelief. “You have to be the Doctor of something. Not even that, Doctor’s have last names. Where’s yours?”

Once again, the Doctor replied with; “It’s just the Doctor.”

Scoffing, you turned your head to the side. “That’s ridiculous.”

“Not as ridiculous as you declining my offer,” he grinned cheekily.

“What even is your offer exactly?” You questioned, slowly turning your head back to face him. “You haven’t told me that either.”

“I’m a Timelord,” he announced, back straightened with pride as every bit of you was flooded with confusion.

“What’s a Timelord?”

“Lords of time,” he explained, taking a step over to the telephone box. “I time travel.”

“That’s impossible.”

Sending you a wink, the Doctor leaned against the blue box, his confidence never wavering. “Not for me it isn’t,” he baited. “This, here,” he patted the blue box, “is the TARDIS. She helps me travel through time.”

“Travel through time?” You questioned, the words feeling foreign and impossible on your tongue. “How… How is that…”

The Doctor extended his hand out towards you, palm up, fingers outstretch as he shined you with a bright smile. In that moment, he not only looked inviting but powerful as he whispered his next words. “Let me show you.”


“Go ahead.”

Glancing back, you eyed the Doctor warily, hand left on the handle of the door.

“Open it.”

Biting your lip, you slowly turned your head back around, leaning forward and pushing the door open. The first thing you noticed was how cold it was, and instinctively you pulled the ends of your sleeves further down, taking a hesitant step out of the TARDIS.

And, as if the blue box itself wasn’t enough to baffle your mind, you really were in a different place than in your hometown.

“We really did move,” you whispered, astonished.

The Doctor stepped out, shutting the door behind him as he took two long strides towards you. He pulled back the edges of his long trench-coat, shoving his hands into his pockets once more and smiling down at you, before eyeing the area around you. “Yup,” he exclaimed, popping the p, “we did.”

Slightly tired of his cocky attitude, you turned to him, crossing your arms over your chest and raising a brow. Your own little confident smirk grew on your lips, meeting the Doctor’s eyes. “Okay, we moved, but how do I truly if this thing can travel through space?”

Raising his hand, the Doctor pointed past your shoulder. “Just look.”

You turned, despite your better judgement. But the moment you had, you flinched back, a little scream leaving your lips; “what the bloody hell is that?” You screeched, eyes falling on the… alien as it peacefully walked past you.

It… It had spikes

“A Vinvocci,” the Doctor explained after it had past. 

“They look like cacti’s…”

The Doctor laughed, the noise surprising you as you turned your head away from the alien - the Vinvocci - to face him. As if realizing you were staring at him, the Doctor’s laughter died down somewhat and he dipped his head down to meet your eyes once more.

“You’re not the first to say that.”

“I’m not surprised,” you whispered. Slowly nodding, you looked around yourself once more, still astonished, before remembering something.

“Okay…” You spoke, slowly, “you can travel through space… but what about time?”

“Ah!” The Doctor exclaimed, nodding his head before taking a step forward. You followed behind him, slightly weary before turning your head, watching the Doctor pick up a paper of sorts, but it looked slightly different from the kind of paper you knew.

“Look,” the Doctor called, pointing to something on the paper. “1818,” he smiled, glancing at you, “there’s your proof.”

“If this is a different planet, how come I can understand they speak in English?”

“They don’t,” the Doctor shook his head, setting back down the paper, “the TARDIS translates it all for you.”

You nodded, slowly, taking a deep breath as you glanced around yourself, still stunned.

You really are a Time traveler.”


“Give her back.”

The creature holding you clicked, it’s mouth moving but no actual words coming from it’s lips. 

You felt your heart practically beating erratically against your chest, your breath laboured as you tried to remain as calm as you possibly could given your current circumstances. This… thing, had some sort of gun pressed against your neck, the Doctor a few feet away from you, pointing that screwdriver at the alien.

Fat lot of good that would do.

“I asked you nicely,” the Doctor continued, his voice oddly deeper than it’d ever been before.

There was a flash, a glint, in his eyes you’d never seen before. It almost frightened you looking into his eyes, and you weren’t sure what scared you most - the gun pointed at your neck or the look in the Doctor’s eyes.

Even if you’d only been travelling with him for a little bit, you knew he’d never hurt you. That look in his eyes was not directed towards you, but it still scared you. He always had such kind eyes. Eyes that made you feel safe and protected. But these… these eyes were different.

They looked aged. Wise. As if he’d seen things beyond his years.

“I’m warning you,” the Doctor miffed, eyes flashing once more. “Let her go.”

The alien only clicked in response, something you, again, couldn’t understand. It’s grip tightened somewhat, and the gun pressed against your neck was pushed harder against your skin. You coughed slightly, your breathing becoming somewhat struggled as the alien held you at gun point.

The Doctor took a step forward, screwdriver bleeping.

“Doctor!” You bellowed, feeling your eyes water with distress. “What the hell are you going to do with a bloody screwdriver?”

The flash left his eyes then, the Doctor’s meeting your own as a smile fell on his lips. You almost wanted to slap him, finding enjoyment in a situation like this.

“Oh, many things,” he whispered. “This is your last chance,” the Doctor continued, “let my Y/N go.”

Your Y/N?

The aliens grip only tightened.

“You leave me no choice.”

The Doctor started walking forwards, almost like a march and you felt your heart practically leap out of your throat. Just what the hell was he doing?

The alien seemed just as panicked and your eyes fell shut, clenched, as his finger pressed down on the trigger. You’re not sure what you expected, but you had at least expected something.

Instead, you felt nothing.

“That’s right.”

Slowly, you opened your eyes.

“I disabled your gun,” the Doctor grinned, shrugging his shoulders with feigned innocence. “Now, let go of her.”

The alien looked to you, the doctor and then to the way out. Before you knew it, you were being flung forwards, tripping over your feet as the alien made a dash to the exit. You would’ve fallen had the Doctor not caught you, cradling you in his arms.

His hand fell on your cheek, pulling your eyes on his as his worried eyes fell on you.

“Doctor,” you breathed, confused. “Doctor, what about-”

“It’s fine,” he dismissed, shaking his head. “We’ll find him later.”


Are you okay?” 

You blinked, looking back up and meeting his eyes. The glint was gone, replaced by the eyes you’d grown to know. You felt your racing heart calm at the sight, nodding your head slightly.

Letting your head fall against his chest, you curled into him, sighing.

“I really need to learn to stop doubting you.”


“Well then.”

The Doctor turned, the sound of your voice immediately bringing a smile to his lips. Of course, the smile only brightened when he saw you. And.. what you were wearing.

“Do you like my outfit?”

The Doctor blinked, eyeing you from your feet to your face, lips parted in bafflement. Did he like your outfit? He loved your outfit.

“You look beautiful,” the words left his lips in a hushed whisper, still too speechless to say anything with full confidence. Nonetheless, his compliment brought a smile to your lips and you let out a soft giggle as you stepped forward, your heels clicking against the pavement with each step you took.

The moment you reached the Doctor, you grabbed the edges of his suit jacket, pulling on it slightly. “You don’t look too bad yourself,” you smiled softly, glancing up at him through your eyelashes. “Actually, you look handsome.”

The Doctor took your hand in his own, squeezing it.

“I’ve never been this dressed up before,” you admitted, smiling shyly up at him. “I feel quite strange.”

“Don’t,” the Doctor shook his head, mimicking your soft smile. “You look… fantastic.”

Shoving him lightly, you shook your head, biting your lip. “You always were good with words.”

“Isn’t that how I convinced you to come with me?”

“Yeah,” you laughed, nodding your head. “How long ago is that now?”

“A year, I think.”

“A year,” you whispered, blinking. “How the time flies…”

“Now then,” the Doctor spoke after a moment, pulling back to extend his out towards you, much like he’d done that day. “Shall we get going? I believe we have a ball to get to?”

“We shall,” you giggled, slipping your hand into his before something caught your eye. “Oh! Wait!”


Leaning forward, you leaned on your tip-toes, running your fingers through his quiff-ed hair to tuck back a strand that had fallen into his eyes. “There,” you smiled, “ready.”


You can’t expect me to just leave you.

With a heavy sigh, you looked up, glancing through your window at the stars above.

After everything…

Your shoulders felt heavy, weighed with a burden that would never be lifted. And as you looked up into the sky, searching through the stars, you tried to search for the Doctor, for one last glance at him.

Oh, how you missed him…

I’m sorry…

A whole year had gone by. Half of the time you’d spent with him.

Sometimes, you wished you could go back, never walk into the TARDIS that day, so you’d never have to go through this pain again. But you knew, that despite all the pain, you cherished the moments you spent with him. And you would forever.

Even if it felt like a lifetime ago.

But I have no other choice.

You spent your days waiting for him, knowing he’ll never come.

You fell in love with the Doctor, just as he’d fallen in love with you.

But it hadn’t been enough.

I’m dangerous.


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ease my mind (c.h)

this was actually the first request i had received. i had never heard the song before, so felt a little unsure as to where to go. but in the end, imagination struck and this is where i decided to go with this. i can’t think this is what you had in mind, but i hope you like it anon!

request from anonymous: Could you write a Calum imagine based on safe by Nico Santos ? 

Calum had been working as the protection for the crown for nearly a year. Like every job, it had its up and downs. Working long hours, always tense and on the lookout was definitely a struggle. What he did enjoy about it, rather a little too much, was the princess he had become way too attached to.

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37 with kook?

“Can I kiss you?”

Lil’ happy note: thanks so much for requesting! - Mi

100 Ways to Say I Love You
#37 - “Can I kiss you?”

Pairing: Jungkook x reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: 372
Warnings: none

Note: Prompt from this post.

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Having a boyfriend with an extremely busy schedule isn’t exactly the easiest. Not that relationships in general are easy; every relationship has an obstacle. It’s just that your obstacles are a lot harder to get over.

Long distance, for example.

In all honesty, you’re overjoyed that BTS is getting the recognition they deserve. But popularity comes with more demand from them and they’re constantly in different places for promoting and performing. Finding time with him is difficult, and sometimes, you find yourself questioning if your relationship is really worth it. However, Jungkook finds his way of showing you how much he loves you almost every day.

You’re on the phone with him, chatting about his trip to the US for promotions and an award show. He’s excitedly telling you stories about their adventures around the country and you’re giggling at his storytelling, feeling extremely content at just hearing his voice. Jungkook’s due to come back in a couple of days and you couldn’t be happier. Hearing his voice over the phone like now is fine, but you can’t wait to hold him, to kiss the living daylights out of him, to have his presence in the room. No phone call or video call is better than the real thing physically being there.

You’ve probably been on the phone for a good two or more hours when you decide that it may be best for the two of you to end your call.

“Anything else you need?” you ask him.

He hums in thought before replying, “can I kiss you?

“You can’t,” you laugh, “you’ll have to wait a couple more days for that, Jungkook.”

“Are you sure about that?”

There’s a knock on your door. Eyes widening, you walk to the front door of your flat. And when you open the door, lo and behold, there’s Jungkook standing there with his phone to his ear.

“What-” Jungkook interrupts you by enveloping you into a hug.

“I’ve missed you,” he whispers before giving you the kiss he asked for.

Your boyfriend has an extremely busy schedule. And while that may be difficult, he always finds a way to remind you that he loves you enough to fit you in that schedule every day.

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Oooh the “hands off!” One for luke?

I have midterms and a wicked sinus headache so it’s a miracle this got written at all… but this is the last of the protective 5sos blurbs! You can find the list i used here but if you send in a request just know i might put it on the backburner for a while. anyways enjoy!

Y/N didn’t know why she was at this stupid frat party. Well, she did kind of know why. Mikey had threatened to fireman’s-carry her out of the library if she didn’t take a break, let loose for a little while, and oh, what a coincidence, his frat was having a party that night and they needed girls. He’d invited her before, but never so instantly. Anyway, at least he had helped her skip the line for the keg, and he’d danced with her for a little while. And that was all well and good, but she had been watching him play beer pong for the last half hour and if another idiot spilled his beer on her she was gonna get violent.

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my old cat, when she had kittens, would whenever she wanted to get out bring her kittens to me and would either drop them next to me or right on my lap and just go away. And i would have to take care of them till she came back. How would a Yautja react to that if their s/o's cat would do that to them?

Awwww I love cats <3

- Your Yautja BF would understand the cats intentions and keeps the kittens safe

- Will hold them in his huge hands and pat them with one finger

- Will let them sleep on his chest while also purring so they feel safe

- Mom cat thanks him by bringing him a mouse too

- He eats it of course. Meat is meat

- Cat and Yautja= Friends

Hope you enjoyed!

Count On Me (Part 1)

Requested by anonymous: “Hey could you do a kinda domestic bellamy x reader where shes a grounder but they fell in love and are living at the skaikru camp together and she’s trying to adjust to like the prejudice and people being rude and bellamy is protective and makes an effort to learn about her life as a grounder idk if that made sense it doesn’t have to be exact. Please and thanks”

Warnings: Swearing, Blood/Gunshot Wound, then Fluff

Bellamy Tag-List:
@jodiereedus22 @colie87 @coffeebooksandfandom @littlelaia23 @littlegirl-fox

A/N: My plan is to split this into two parts, the first being sort of when they meet and fall in love, the second being together at the camp. I just think it’d flow a lot better that way :) Let me know what you guys think of this, and expect part two very shortly!

Song to Listen To: Count on Me by Bruno Mars

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-`. oh sehun .’-

HERE ⌋ are 991 gif icons of OH SEHUN in 80px. none of the original gifs are mine, but all were cropped and edited by me so please don’t repost this entire hunt as your own !! if you would like a gif of yours removed, please send me a message and i would be more than happy to do so. i worked hard on these so if they helped you at all, please give a like or reblog.

Making up with Park Seo Joon would include:

(continuation of this post)

Originally posted by irrational-obsessions-gottcha78

  • Both feeling bad after the fight: you for leaving him, he for staying behind and letting things get this far.
  • But also both too stubborn to take the first step in the whole lets-resolve-our-misunderstanding-process.
  • So a couple of days will be pass without hearing any word from each other.
  • Fearing the worst for your relationship.
  • Until he finally calls you to meet up with each other at your favourite café.
  • You pretend to reluctantly agree to his proposition, only to be very relieved that he called.
  • You would be the first one to arrive, but he would arrive only seconds later happy that you showed up.
  • The conversation will be a hard one.
  • In the beginning you both wouldn’t say a word.
  • Until he takes your hand in his and presses a soft kiss on the back of your hand to show you how much he actually loves you but too scared to say it out loud.
  • That doesn’t mean that your fight is forgotten.
  • Both struggling to apologize but, in the end, you’ll be the first to do so:
    • “I’m sorry…I’m really sorry, Seo Joon. I was extremely tired and although it’s not an excuse, I should have believed you when you said there was nothing going on between you and Min Young and not those media outlets.”
  • He’ll apologize next:
    • “And I’m sorry for all the harsh words I threw at you. I don’t mean any of them…I do not want to lose you, y/n, not in a million years.”
  • You both will realize that it’ll take some time and hard work to restore your relationship.
  • But it is worth it.
  • And after a couple of months, you will finally come public with relationship.