Word of the Day

혹시 (hok-si)

1. Perhaps
2. By any chance…

About this WOD:
This phrase is commonly used to start a question. Here’s an example: 혹시 영어 하세요? “By any chance, do you speak English?”


  • After School’s Shampoo 
    hokshi neo byeol byeol byeol iyuro, nareul seulpeuge hamyeon - If you, star-star-star, ever make me sad
  • BoA’s One Way 
    Hok shi na geu dae mahm ee
  • G-Dragon’s Only Look At Me Pt. 2
    Hokshi naega dareun eotteon yeojawa namshi ibeul matcheodo, Neon naman barabwa - And if I met lips with another woman, look only at me

happy birthday to my dearest peasant princess guana!

i’m sorry i know i’m terribly (but fashionably) late and this photoset is nothing much but the lamest. happy birthday, gu! <3 i love you. i hope you had a wonderful day. my princess gu is adorable and lovely and she deserves all the love in the world. um um um, i don’t know what more to say other than when you need someone to talk, even about the most stupidest problems, just come to me, alright? :D i’m always here ♥ 

(spot a chanyeol! and look, there is also a selca of us, lol, spot that too)