Am I the only one obsessed with how the ML Staff took time to animate Chat Noir’s breathing? I mean, they could’ve thought, “Oyeah, everyone’s focusing on Marinette in this scene, even Chat Noir himself, so let’s just have HER move, and maybe throw in a few blinks for Chat Noir and call it a day.“


Okay, so they actually do make people breathe all the time, but I think I especially noticed it in this scene because you can see his whole torso for more than one second, and the breathing looks so natural and UGH I just love the attention to detail.


Stop:Watch Tineke Meirink

Stop:watch takes a fresh and closer look at random stuff. When something is added you’ll see that the ordinary can be quite interesting as well. Just scroll through the work on the site and I think you’ll know what I mean.

Tineke Meirink is an illustrator working at Push&Pull studio, Groningen (NL). He illustrate all sorts of books and magazines. Mostly for young kids. His work can also be seen on television (Sesamestreet).

Images and text via gifs by archatlas