Will I Miss Out?

I don’t believe I’ll be missing out on anything by not marrying, literally. There is nothing a woman I would marry can do for me that Jesus hasn’t already done. I’m not in need of a girlfriend or a wife. If marriage happens it’s to love like Christ, not because I’m in need of love.

I think the purpose of marriage is two who are complete in Jesus coming together in the light of who God is for the increase and glory of the same kind of love–God’s. Co-union. Communion.

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Somehow Chandra finds out Jace has a thing for feet. She teases him about it relentlessly and taunts him with her bare feet in public. It's all in good fun- until she gets curious and decides to indulge his fantasies

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Hi! I was looking for this off-white dress Alycia Debnam Carey wore on one of the days at Comic-Con and you said it was from the Fifth Label so I contacted them asking where I could purchase it and they said that it isn’t one of their designs. Do you know any other designers that this dress might belong to or where I could purchase any similar ones? Thanks so much!! Looking forward to hearing back from you and love this page…very helpful!

Yes, you’re right and we’re very sorry for the mistake! We thought it was the one according to the details but searching a little further i’m convinced it’s actually a Calvin Klein dress. If we find the right spot we’ll post it here but if you’re interested in the similar one we’ll send you the link. Thanks for the kudos and we hope we’ll help you in the future :) 

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