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when i was about 10 or 11 i watched that episode of Friends where Ross is like "wow you sure have a lot of books on being a lesbian" and Susan is like "yeah you have to take a test before they let you do it" and clearly sarcasm was something alien to me because for the longest time i genuinely believed people had to take a course on being gay before they could legally be in a homosexual relationship and i got really stressed about it. what am i? an idiot lesbian

i'n fucking screaming

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May I ask how u go from grayscale to color?? I try to do it and then use layer adjustments but it... the colors always turn out so muddy :(

short answer: you probably use “overlay”, where you could be using “colour”, which is a layer mode designed to… well, colour.

overlay applies both colour and value. the more neutral the grey in your base is, the better the hue will stick to it. it also means if you choose a lighter or darker shade of whatever colour you want, it will lighten or darken your values respectively. the closer the value of this colour is to true grey the less your  base will be affected.

  1. too dark, especially considering the highlights. looks out of place, mostly because this is not a way to paint dark skin.
  2. too light, not enough contrast where i want it.
  3. okay, pretty dope, but i personally don’t like how desaturated the white is.

colour, on the other hand, won’t affect your values, and gives you more saturated effect as opposed to overlay.

you can see the difference in hue, but not in value, and the shadows and lights remain saturated. colour mode can be a bit tricky to work with, because everything is so intense. so i like to lay my base colour on one layer, and then, for all the details, i add more colours on a new layer - this way i can mess with them without screwin up my base. it goes more or less like this:

  1. there she is
  2. i apply the colours to colour zones. more on what the fuck that is here
  3. i lower the opacity of the colour zones layer, because that just looked crazy
  4. i add more rose to the cheeks, subtle purple to the eyelids, pink to the waterlines, and some dope lipstick. then i add some red to the ears on a separate colour dodge layer.

there’s more to colour depending on your lighting of course, but this is just for skin. for a more in depth step by step you can grab my gumroad file (it’s free!); hope this helps!! also, obviously, this is how i do it, there’s multiple methods, so go wild and experiment !!

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A student sells sacks of sugar for emergencies. Empty one in front of one of the Fair Folk, and they’ll be counting the grains for years. Make sure the sack will cover all time until you leave, because when each grain is counted, they will have had years to think up terrible punishments. Be wary.

Don’t use sugar - either the rain will wash it away or the janitors will, and once it’s been turned to syrup they’re on your heels again. Try poppy seeds, or the old reliable pocket sand.

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I love your shoes so much Draw! Which shoes of yours is your favorite? Plus do you own any cute boots?

First ones are my fav for wearing constantly, second is my fav aesthetically and the ones I draw on my sona, and third is cute boots!

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I had a dream where I was flirting with this rly cute girl but when I asked her where she lived (for dream long distance) she said “the 14th state :)” and then she rejected me. How my subconscious gonna treat me like this?


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okay the two year time gap would've been the perfect opportunity to give us long haired keith with a braid they really missed out. would love to see some ponytail keith too but my boy is so beautiful with any kind of hair i love him :')

if they made him any more handsome than this, we would be dead and shiro would have passed out. the poor boy was almost catatonic anyway. 

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what were the reactions like from the tatinof trailer?

They went radio silent on the gaming channel for almost a month - no videos, no updates - then Beyonce’d the book/tour trailer out of nowhere. 

People were already not inclined to look kindly on youtubers doing books or tours since it was considered highkey selling out, and a point of pride amongst phandom up to that point was how Dan and Phil were totally better than other youtubers because they did the radio and didn’t have to do things like books or tours. 

So the initial backlash was: selling out, abandoning youtube, the gaming channel was just to promote the book/tour, this is too professional/polished and not what we watch Dan and Phil tour, everything is on fire and the world is ending. Dan actually had teased a making of the trailer video that he just ended up never mentioning again, presumably because he just figured no one wanted to see it. 

(And a lot of people legitimately did leave the phandom because they were so upset over the sellout factor. But, as it always happens in thriving fandoms, those people were replaced by new people. So the world didn’t end, and things three years later are better than ever, but there’s just enough resonance there that I can actually picture Dan being exceptionally unsure at how people would respond to this.)

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Did you see where Cole liked her Vogue video on Instagram? I love how supportive he is of her.

Hi Sweet Anon-

I’m just getting caught up now from such a busy week at work, but I did. I did! I was just about to re-blog that next. Lol. 

Yes! Here’s the thing, Lili’s made it clear in her interviews, she very much wants to be a part of the fashion world, she likes it. She’s made clear she loved the Met Gala and has made it clear she’d love to return one day, she followed it up with the CFDA, and Dior. She’s all over the fashion arena with covers and multiple editorials coming. She really is getting after it, and she has said she loves this, she wants to further delve in to this. 

She likes the dresses, she likes the artistry, she loves makeup, she is building her brand such that she’s most definitely going to be one of those actresses who is entrenched in fashion, too. 

Why do I say that? This is part of what she wants to be doing. And what does he make it his business to do? 

He supports her goals. 

Never forget Lili has made it very clear she gets GOOD LOVE. The BEST LOVE from this man. She tells you very clearly, or as clearly as she can without namechecking him (Men’s Health) he supports her career goals and he does the little things. 

He’s told you she’s his greatest ally (ASOS). It’s a very two-way street here of… giving good and supportive love. 

So, if fashion is part of the game she wants to kill it in and fashion has become part of her career goals, well, is anyone shocked to see him liking something in support of her, especially when it’s one more way she’s getting after that, and with Vogue on top of that? I’m not. It will always be so super sweet, but not surprising, no. Them supporting each other just feels like default setting. 

I’m not saying they take the greatest ally, putting each other first, being supportive of each other business HIGH-KEY seriously, but, wait, actually, that’s precisely what I’m saying. 

I’m never shocked when I see him like something in support of her, the same way I’m never shocked when she will like a cover he shot that gets posted on Instagram when she doesn’t even follow the people. Love the way love, yes or yes?  They don’t joke about that giving good love/ally business. It’s no jokes. Yeah, that’s… a YES. 

Hope you a good week, Anon! Hugs.   

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Do you have a masterlist?

Holysmoakingqueenz on Archive of Our Own

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House Hunters | Modern AU | 

I’ll be there for you | AU

I’ve been missing you, lately AU (WIP)

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Missing Moments Series (by book)

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Valentine’s Day Collab with @outlanderedandoverhere

Gotham’s Writing Workshop (still working on the links…)

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Mercutio would be the kind of person to get a slush and just put every flavor they have into the largest cup available and try to drink it as quickly as possible much to the horror of Benvolio and afterwards he’s just laying in the fetal position trying to get rid of brain freeze all the while giving a thumbs up “worth it”

Ben: You don’t have to do this every time.
Merc: Oh-hoooo, that’s where you’d be wrong.

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I sent a rude Anon a while back about you getting a characters name wrong and I'd like to apologise

aww thanks, anon :>

for the record, there’s no hard feelings here! whenever i respond in a huffy way, it’s all for jokes. i try to match the tone of the ask (hence countering “uncultured swine” with “impetuous jackanapes”) just bc i think it’s kinda funny :V 

i appreciate the apology, though! ty for reachin out :0 it’s all good!! 

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I'll keep fighting for our show to be pick out but it makes me so angry. NBC really waited until the final moment, didn't they, we only have a week now. Fuckers. I gotta say I don't care about a movie, first because NBC would fuck with us and leaves us waiting forever, (there are some shows that are still waiting for their promised movie) and for a more petty reason, a movie would make Ly@tt canon and endgame, they would have no time for anything else and I rather skip that so yay for your s3

NBC can eat all the available proportion of my farts, and this BS about “make some noise for a movie” – WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU ASSHOLES THINK WE WERE DOING FOR MONTHS?

We get it, you hate the show and/or passive-aggressively made sure it didn’t get another season. Thanks for nothing, guys. I am not watching a single piece of content via the network again. I get The Good Place on Netflix and I will frigging bootleg B99 if I have to. But nah bro, NBC is dead to me.

So… it’s very thin now, but we have a week. Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix are all options for different reasons. The head of Amazon Studios was our big fan at NBC. Hulu has noticed our fan reaction in the past. They had to re-sign everyone after the Uncancellation Event anyway, so contracts expiring would be bad, but hopefully not totally insurmountable.

Sony loves the show and has indicated its willingness to go to bat for it on multiple occasions. Hopefully they keep trying to do that.

We need to tweet like hell for the next couple days. Fan backlash saved B99 and Lucifer, and hell, it saved Timeless once before. It’s not completely 100% impossible.

If all else fails, I’m several episodes deep into outlining season 3, I’ve set up the blog for it, and I am very serious about doing it. So yes. I am enraged and motivated. Let us unleash the dogs of war.

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Silver , Beys new album lost to that musty white boy band even when we had kpop on our side... I’m hurt

that was the CARTER’S album not Beyoncé’s so it’s fine