ttsh0wbiz answered your question: So what did you think of the season 6 premiere?!


the-mark-of-athena answered your question: So what did you think of the season 6 premiere?!

it was awesome omfg

theworldaccordingtolisa answered your question: So what did you think of the season 6 premiere?!

It was fantastic!

phsysics answered your question: So what did you think of the season 6 premiere?!

The premiere was perfect in so many different ways. It was worth the wait and I am so glad that Psych has come back in my life :D

funnyfunny-haha answered your question: So what did you think of the season 6 premiere?!


I agree with all of this! :)

theworldaccordingtolisa replied to your post: I just can’t stop crying.

Screw people. If it’s something you love to do, do it. No matter what people say. There are always going to be people who judge & criticize you no matter what you do in life. Don’t let them get to you. They’ll be the sorry ones when you make it big.

Thank you…and I know I shouldnt listen to others…but it sucks when you become your biggest critic.

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  1. Favorite Infomercial? I guess I would have to go with the magic bullet since that’s the only one I can think of at the moment.
  2. Favorite Author? Jane Austen
  3. Career Path? I use to want to be a Child Psychologist and went to college for that field, but dropped out  13 credits shy of my degree. Since that didn’t work out, I’m a stay at home mom of my 4 yr old twins. I’m incredibly blessed that I’m able to do this. I love being at home and that I got to see all my kids firsts and be there for all the little moments.
  4. Do you have a chronic illness? I’m asthmatic
  5. On a scale of 1 to 10 how shitty is Julie Plec/Ryan Murphy? Don’t know about Julie Plec, but judging by the people I follow she’s up there. As for Ryan Murphy, I’d say around an 7.5. I can’t hate him too badly since he created the show of my OTP.
  6. How long have you been in fandom? My first fandom was Buffy the Vampire Slayer back in ‘97 (showing my age!). I fell in love with the characters of Willow and Angel (my first OTP) and started shipping them before I knew was shipping was. I desperately wanted to find more like minded people so I took to the internet and found message boards (again showing my age) around my favorite show. Since then there are many different fandoms I’ve been apart of, but BTVS will always hold a special place as my first. I still go back to it every couple of months and it’s as if I never left.
  7. Chinese food or pizza? Gonna have to go with Chinese just cause you have more options. ;)
  8. Favorite song at the moment? This Years Love by David Gray
  9. Give three examples of why you’re a ‘bad bitch’. I’ll sum it up in one… I’m me. 
  10. Favorite clothing item? Just got some really cute and comfy denim shorts. I’d wear them all the time if I could.
  11. Favorite Season? Winter followed closely by fall.

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  2. Tell us a defining moment in your life.
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  4. Do you consider yourself a good cook?
  5. Who’s your favorite person to hang out with?
  6. What’s your favorite childhood memory?
  7. Do you have any tattoos?
  8. What’s your favorite movie?
  9. Name your top 3 TV Shows.
  10. Song currently stuck in your head?
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I haven’t read the first chapter of GL yet. I’m waiting. I don’t want to suffer the long wait.

I should have waited as well, but I had just finished the book and wanted more. Now I have to wait.

I think I’m going to go back and re-read VA as well. Bloodlines made me fall in love with the series again. Last week I rediscovered Wonderfalls, I guess I’ve been nostalgia kick. Nothing new is really keeping my interest.

theworldaccordingtolisa replied to your post: About to watch The Voice!

I’m behind again. :( On everything. Haha especially this though. I haven’t been spoiled yet either so yay!

Yeah, I’m behind on a lot of stuff as well. I re-read Bloodlines instead of playing catch-up. Oh and I also read the first chapter of The Golden Lily so now I’m suffering thru the long wait. :/ I did get to relive my love for Sydney and Adrian! ♥ I really hope they end up getting together. Do you know how many books she plans in the series?