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This is one of my favorite videos of all time.  According to the Youtube comments the man featured is her husband.  I bet the night after they recorded this one it was on!! 




And sometimes we absorb negative energy just by being there.
Being available.
And that’s nothing to regret, just something to be aware of.
For one must release.
One must remember to take the time necessary to release.
If not, that which has been absorbed will become a blockage.
Constipating the spirit and obstructing growth.
And it is not enough to wait for external deliverance from one’s very own state of being.
It is not enough.
We must heal ourselves.
We are created with self healing as an evolutionary reality.
And I’m not just talking of skin and hair and flesh and bones.
I am speaking of the mind and of the soul also.
We must heal our minds and our souls.
And this calls for more discipline.
And this calls for more study.
And this calls for more stillness.
And this calls for more focus.
And this requires less distraction.
And this requires less addiction.
And this requires less externalization.
And this requires less fear.
Arrow Ratings

floacist: The ratings did drop. Season 1 never dipped below the 3 million mark. Season 2 never reached the 3 million mark. Of course ratings were never going to absolutely tank.

I never said they didn’t drop. I said they didn’t SIGNIFICANTLY drop. Also, that’s not correct. S1 did drop below the 3 million mark - several times. S2 also had ratings above the 3 million mark - several times.

Ratings have come up a couple times so I’m graphing it because A) It’s hiatus and I’m bored B) I’m a little crazy C) Graphs are pretty.

There was about an 11% decline from S1 and S2. The argument is the Oliver & Felicity storyline is geared to a small segment of vocal internet fans who make up about 3% of the viewing audience. My argument is that IF that was true, if the general viewing audience didn’t like Oliver & Felicity, IF Olicity was fan pandering, you would see a ratings drop a HELL of a lot higher than 11%. In actually, the ratings drop for Arrow began around mid S1 and carried through S2.

Season 1 episodes 1-11 averaged 3.47 million viewers. Season 1 episodes 12-23 averaged 2.95 million viewers. A 0.52 ratings drop. Season 2 episodes 1-11 averaged 2.8 million viewers. Season 2 episodes 12-23 averaged 2.44 million viewers. A 0.36 drop. The drop began in S1.  Did it continue in S2? Yes, it did. Was it significantly more? No.

The average ratings for S1 was 3.68.  The average rating for S2 3.28. However the largest drop in ratings Arrow had was from the pilot through episode 7.  The pilot is far and away Arrow’s highest rated episode. So much higher, it significantly helps S1 numbers. The first 8 episodes of Arrow averaged 3.61 million viewers.  If you remove those first 8 episodes, the rest of S1 averages 2.95 million viewers.  A level of viewership that carried through mid S2, then resulted in a slight (but not significant) decline through the back half of S2.

My argument is that the decline in ratings can be attributed to what I call a “shake out”. From S1-S2 Arrow was losing the viewers that tuned in occasionally and shaking out to their core audience.

IF Oliver and Felicity weren’t popular among the core audience, I believe there would have been a higher ratings drop. Why couldn’t it be steeper? If Olicity is as hated as people say, pandering to the 3% of crazy Internet fans, then the core audience would have turned away significantly more by mid Season 2. I’m not saying there aren’t people unhappy with Olicity, but my personal opinion is their popularity equates to more than Internet fandom.

Arrow has more storylines happening than just it’s romantic ones (thank God). Also, several things effect ratings, so it can be difficult to tie it to one storyline. That being said, S2 wasn’t a particularly heavy Olicity storyline. Keep in mind, Oliver was with Sara for a good chunk of S2 and we had Olicity scenes sprinkled into a much more prominent Deathstroke storyline. Now, if S3 has a more heavily featured Olicity storyline and the ratings steeply decline…well then I guess that’s our answer. 

However, at this point in the series, I don’t think the argument is fair that Olicity is fan pandering. The ratings prove that. Additionally Arrow’s ratings still make it the most watched show on The CW. It is also the number one show for males 18-34 in it’s time slot. 

It’s not blackface because you don’t believe it’s blackface?

This is not a discussion about proving Zoe’s blackness. This is a discussion about the lack of opportunity in Hollywood for actresses who actually look like Nina Simone without make up. Actresses who’d never get offered half the roles Zoe does. The many actresses Zoe’s stepping on by accepting this role.

Yall are trying to make it a “we’re black too” argument when it’s clearly a “why are they putting dark make up on this mediocre actress when there are others more qualified (in the talent and looks department) to play the role" 

No blame. I don’t blame you, I don’t blame them, I don’t even blame myself, but I definitely take responsibility. Feed on it. Recharge. Revamp. Realign and move forward. Powered by nothing left unanswered by my soul. Through acceptance I gain control and innerstanding of my co-ordinates. Point, check. Drawing constellations throughout the cosmos, time traveling via memories but returning always to what matters. In truth. Right now. I, smile whilst thinking about challenges that once were mine. Allowing the tension to ease, drip, drip, drip away. It’s the holding on that we must learn to let go of. Release. Who else is self attempting to please? Freeze. For in truth the thoughts that one believes are in the mind of another are scripted by the assumptive powers of our own. Think about it. What holds more value, that which others think of us, or that which we think of ourselves? Even when disguised as an external message, self must acknowledge that we are only running from our own reflections. Our own thought selections. Natural soul verses mind control, and I don’t say that for attention. I say that to initiate freedom. Freed domes. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is nothing to second guess self for. There are no points to be won by preventing self from living life in full.

The Floacist.

  So relevant to my life right now. I love her.

Tempted only by that which we attempt to suppress. The side of self that is rejected by self. Split. Separated by a dividing line, existing within the subscription to descriptions of translated articulations. Blame will get little further than compensation, and since success is a journey not a destination what exactly will one win? It’s a shame to be ashamed of our true nature, or to assume that half living is divine.