charlotteofcamelot  asked:

Hello! I'm so excited for this request-a-thon, it's taken me a while to think of something worthy of your amazing style! May I request a burtonesque toddler cas dragging around a well-loved, tattered stuffed bee (and possibly dressed in a massively oversized trenchcoat)?

I was able to visualize it so clearly AS I WAS READING IT!!!
Equally good in idea and direction.
Thank you so much for this request! I stayed up ‘til 4AM doing this X’D

I love this SO MUCH, I may have to make it a print for my Society6 and RedBubble stores! XD (would anyone want it tho???)


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saritaadam  asked:

Hi Elan! Do you remember when you posted your last crazy!cas art and someone pointed out that the bushes looked like wings and then you said that it would be logic for crazy!cas to have wings made of bushes and flowers so he could attrack bees? This is my request : crazy!cas with bushes for wings and followed by bees. Love you <3

Flower Bush Wings are HARD XD
I wanted to do something different with the wings than last time.
Here’s Crazy!Cas with several bees and a hummingbird following him :)
I DID NOT MEAN TO COLOR THIS, but here we are.
Thank you for your request❤︎


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@rahcrazy ’s request…anything Haru related!!!

I just finished my Haru cosplay, so I thought I’d share :) I might try to do a color treatment on the wig, make my new pants puffier, and make a new hat ribbon but I’m pretty much done.

Also here’s some random Haru predictions:
> Haru’s father expects her to be the next successor of his company, and schedules her entire day/watches what she does closely.

>she will join the Phantom Thieves because she wants to escape her predetermined path in life.

>people may not like her around school because she’s rich and may appear stuck up , so the phantom thieves will be the first to welcome her.

> She will be cocky in both her phantom thief form and outside form, until she changes.

>I will love her from the very beginning.

szayel1313  asked:

What about coffee shop with kaecilius trying to hide in plain sight, only to meet a young Adam raki?

There is a sorcerer that goes to Adam’s favorite coffee shop.

He doesn’t dress like one, hair hanging in his face and head low as he sips but Adam can feel it.

The magic.

It’s faint but there, waiting for someone to take or the sorcerer to use. He’s not sure which.

Three Tuesday’s go by before Adam’s curiosity makes him sit down beside the sorcerer to see if the magic reacts to him.

He is more surprised than even the sorcerer who looks up as their tables are pulled together by force.

“Hello, my name is Adam. I think your magic is speaking to me.”

The sorcerer can barely speak but says, “Go away now before it does worse.”

Adam can see the magic still wants to be needed, still shines in the sorcerer’s dull aura.


The man stands and stomps out, leaving his drink.

Adam knows he’s going to be here tomorrow. He hopes the sorcerer is too.


My Favorite Cosplays (So far)

@per-dota asked me (for my Request-a-thon) to post my favorite cosplays of mine!!

Not in any order but my fav (Phantom Ann): I loved cosplaying Robin, Haru (to be debuted soon), Ann, Rise, Azura, and Camilla (pic by Cosfame)!

Other cosplays I love that I want to improve: Mia Fey, Maka Albarn Black Blood (my first cosplay ever !) , Makise Kurisu, Futaba Sakura, #TaeisBae Chie Satonaka!

What are your favorite cosplays of mine? :)

charlotteofcamelot  asked:

Hooray! Congratulations on 777! May I please request Cas, wings out, lookin' dramatically into the distance, and with a fat cat tucked into the crook of his arm with the same dramatic look lol

This pic, brought to you by “WHY did I choose this reference photo?! This is the most difficult angle of Misha for me!”

Thanks for your REBLOG Raffle Request !


bonitobucky  asked:

I'm still in love with your Winter Soldier + Endverse!Cas fanart! Maybe something like that again would be awesome.

Ah, I haven’t drawn these two together in a while!

So what if the Winter Soldier and Endverse!Cas swapped outfits?

I just feel Endverse!Cas would actually be the talkative one out of these two, and that’s hilarious to me.
Thank you for your request!


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rebel-cas  asked:

I've been waiting!!!! For about a week was when I requested something and I can't remember what it was...which gets me so mad! Grrr. I have a feeling it was a great idea. Anyway, how about Cas as the angel of hell? Fit with a black trench coat? Congrats on reaching 600!!!

I’ve drawn Cas in a black trench coat multiple times, but you still had me at “black trench coat”:

I dunno what “Angel of Hell” means in visual terms, but I imagined something like a hybrid of Endverse!Cas + a grungier wardrobe with a white T-shirt and dark denim.
He smokes and drinks coffee as black as his under eye bags like a fiend.


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clementinecastiel  asked:

Hey hun, congrats on your milestone. Your art work is amazing. For the request-a-thon how about Dark!TFW with Demon!Dean, Leviathan!Cas and Souless!Sam surrounded by hellfire?

I know this probably isn’t what you had in mind, but I’m all about speed for Request-A-Thon, so please imagine the circles to be Hellfire:

Thanks for your “666 Dark Request”!


Limited Time 666 Dark Request-A-Thon! Send me a Dark Prompt!

I wanted to practice some coloring, and since @mrsgabrieltrickster has this original sketch from my last Request-A-Thon as her lock screen and I thought it looked kinda drab colorless as a lock screen, I went back to the sketch to color it.
Here’s the colored version of Dark Fairy!Cas (in Seymour’s clothing) with Audrey 2 from Little Shop of Horrors.
(Please don’t ask me to go back and color everything from past Request-A-Thons.)

I’m very close to 666 Followers which will mean a DARK PROMPTS ONLY Request-A-Thon. :)
Get ready!
I’ll let you know when we reach this ominous number.

castielsunshinegrace  asked:

Castiel as a Mafia crime boss

I think you meant to send this request to @bamf-castiel ??? XD
She would kill it. (Her Russian Mafia!Cas headcanons are somethin’ man)

Somehow, all the sketches I did ended up looking more like Hitman!Cas than “Mafia Crime Boss”. Also, since we just got Misha as Eliot Ness on “Timeless”, I decided to do something a bit more modern with the clothes.

Basically, what I learned from this was, I don’t know what a “Mafia Crime Boss” should look like:

and since I was like “LOL. He looks like a hitman than a Mafia Crime Boss”, I ran with it:

Basically, I’m more into Cas being a Badass Motherfucker so full of salty sass you’ll crap margaritas instead of being a “confused puppy”.

Side note: I think guns + smoking is another reason why Endverse!Cas hits the mark for me as a drawing subject.


I’m 40 followers away from 666!
Do I smell another request-a-thon when we reach this ominous number?

It’ll be limited to darker-themed prompts only ;)
I dunno when I’ll reach that number, but I’m excited for that request-a-thon when it happens :)