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Sort of random but I thought it would be nice to upload something like this for the two reasons that I’ve been gone for so long and because I checked today and I’m officially OVER 200 FOLLOWERS!!! Which blows my mind because I never thought I would get more than 50!!! I love you guys all so much!!! Enjoy this lil sketchbook tour~ all the request I’ve done from the start UWU 💕💕💕

PS: if you guys want to see anything from my blog that I haven’t done, leave it in my ask box, I like doing new things lol- ILY 🤟🏼 💕💕💕

anonymous asked:

Could you draw Shouto in a dust/face mask? The half ones, maybe plain or just black. I haven't seen him with one of them very much, Thank you. I love your blogs and art. AwaseOjiro forever!

I ended up making it blue since you mentioned wanting a medical mask on discord ;; I hope its still alright!

(also first time drawing todo i think :O)