Humans are Oddities 5.5 [Connor DBH]

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Pairing: Connor x Human!Fem!Reader

Request: noo but you guys are welcome to request!

Fandom: Detroit Become Human

Prompt: Things seemed to be looking up, both between you and connor and for the investigation. Itโ€™s a matter of when the Android decides to wake up.

Part(s): [[PART 1]] [[PART 2]] [[PART 3]] [[PART 4]]

Words: 2,304

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Sleepover with them cute boys <3 Because Saeran always had his fingernails painted, Yoosung wanted to try out being a manicurist and do it for him xD lol Will he do a great job? 

Yooran as requested by @chibihonda

ahh thank you so much @gumio246 <3 <3 <3 Yooran is next to victuri, creek, style & shizaya my bl otp <3 I just love them ;_; 

What I especially like about them is their contrast, Yoosung being the cute and adorable cinnamon roll and Saeran the lone wolf uwu 

I imagine Yoosung helping Saeran socialize post 707 good ending and that out of this friendship, grows an even deeper bond that they yet have to understand <3

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Imagine Thor admiring your Norse mythology tattoos.

Originally “Imagine being a clumsy, awkward Norse Mythology nerd that Thor falls for.” I started writing and went completely off-point but decided to roll with it! 

requested by: @jurassicpunksworld my love!! i know you like tattoos, so consider this personalised ;) i hope you like it <3
warnings: tattoos?

It was the first time he’d seen your arms since he’d arrived on Sakaar. You had volunteered to be his mentor as soon as you saw him, and it took him quite a while to figure out why you always seemed to be flustered around him.

Until you told him you’d recognised him as soon as you saw him. The fact he was shouting about it a lot only confirmed it.

Now here you were, sat cross-legged in Banner’s room with him, trying to figure out a plan of action to get him (and yourself) away from Sakaar.

“I don’t have time to take you back to Midgard-“

“Midgard? Earth? I didn’t know you had a word for it too.”

“Of course we do. Now,” he opened his hands again, moving them as he went to speak. “Once we get out of here, we- Wait. What are you doing?”

You were leaning back, bottom lifted off the floor as you leaned on one arm and the other’s hand rummaged in your back pocket. “Just- I’m getting my-” A small notebook popped out of your pocket. “Ah, yes.” You pushed up your sleeves and opened the small, well-loved notebook onto the floor before you. A pen seemed to appear out of nowhere, too. “Now, where exactly is Midgard in relation to Asgard?”

Your eyes had this gleaming light to them, a true desire to know. You loved this, clearly. And an odd heaviness in his chest told him he’d want you to look at him like that forever.

He tore his eyes away from yours and leant forward, noticing that you had doodles all over your page, a circle with ‘ASGARD’ in the centre, stars and planets dotted about. In the wrong place, of course.

His eyebrows were high on his forehead at your enthusiasm. And the hammer illustration on your skin. And a winged helmet. And a horned one.

His fingers poked at them, rubbed at them, trying to figure out what exactly they were. He blinked at you. “What exactly are these?”

You flushed. You never anticipated you’d meet the God of Thunder when you got his accessories permanently inked on you. “Oh, they’re my- they’re my tattoos.”

His eyes met yours, bright with curiosity. “Tattoos?”

Your throat seemed to close and run dry at the look he was giving you. “…Skin drawings?”

“Ah,” he nodded, taking your forearm in his hands, which were absolutely huge. “This one looks like Mjolnir!”

His thumb brushed over the tattoo, a wistful air to him. That’s right, you remembered, he’d just lost Mjolnir. His voice was low and quiet when he murmured, “Why do you have my hammer on your arm?”

You paused, thinking of an answer. When he looked back up at you, you had it. A smile lit your face, “To remind me that I can get through anything.”

Thor furrowed his brows, a clear picture of Mjolnir breaking through surfaces to reach his hand popping into his head. “Such as walls and things?”

You blinked. “Such as… Hardships and things.” The smile that curled the corner of his lips let you realise he was being funny. You smiled back with a nod, “And the occasional wall. Of course.”

written by: archie