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Can you do a piece about Harry coming back from France and you haven't seen him for a while and you notice he's more musclier whilst smut is occurring😈 in light of new pics ppleeeease xxx

As promised, new writing. Loosely based on Important or Summat. Enjoy. x

Warnings: daddy!kink with four rings.

Gentle reminder: requests are closed – this is old.

054. Or Summat - Sequel to Important or Summat

Dawn hasn’t even broken when you hear your name. It’s soft, and thick, and there’s a gentle sweeping sensation over your forehead. Your face scrunches against it and you shrink away from the bothersome, tickling sensation.

“Love,” the gravelly voice pipes up, a little firmer but also pleading. “Don’t yeh wanna say hello?”

Say hello to whom?

You open your eyes and blink. Everything is cloaked in darkness but the sky is lightening through the window, turning from a pitch black to a gradient of indigo and blues.

It’s barely enough for you to make out the green eyes, stubble-lined pink mouth, and beanie-covered curls of your boyfriend.

“Harry?” you croak, blinking furiously to clear sleep from your eyes.

“Someone else you’re lookin’ fo’?”

His answer is cheeky but you’re too vulnerable to care.

“Harry!” you gasp. “Oh, Harry!

He’s laughing at you with sleepy eyes as you fling covers back and scramble onto your knees and throw your arms around his neck. Two long arms wind around you and you grunt as they squeeze you into a bear hug, your lungs feeling curiously more pressed than they would ordinarily, trapped in muscular arms against a chest that is broader and firmer than you remember.

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