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being jealous/insecure when there’s some other girl trying to get with/seems as though they like yoongi. he’ll cut anyone off real quick. + excuse the little grammatical and time errors lol.


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Long Way Home

Dude this one was so fun to write. Hopefully everyone likes reading it as much as I liked writing it! I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to making this into a series, but I don’t know how realistic that would be. (Also AYEEE ROSIE FIGURED OUT HOW TO ADD GIFS)

Request: can you write something where cal is a nerd, and you’re kinda popular?? lots fluff and just have fun with it !! // Anon! Thanks so much for this one. I hope you love it :)

Title: Long Way Home

Summary: Calum’s been crushing on you for as long as he can remember, but your differences in social status have proven to be a bit of a roadblock. However, things start to change when you approach Calum with a simple proposition.

Words: 2k (WOW this got away from me)

Warnings: None? Maybe a tiny bit of language?

You looked great today. Your hair was impeccable, your outfit was put together perfectly, and as you laughed with your friends across the courtyard, Calum couldn’t help but stare. It sucked, honestly.

He’d been practically in love with you ever since you moved into his neighborhood when you guys were ten. You two were best friends for a while, until middle school, anyway. The problem that presented itself at that point was the fact that you were the cool new girl from another country, causing your popularity to skyrocket. And unfortunately, Calum and his friends were a bit lower on the social pyramid, making any chance of a relationship with you almost unattainable.

“-right, Cal?”

“Huh?” Calum turned to face Michael, blinking out of his reverie. “I mean, uh. Right. Yeah, I agree.”

Michael grinned. “You agree that Mr. Peters is a total babe?”


Michael, Luke, and Ashton all burst out laughing, causing Calum’s face and neck to heat up.

“Pay attention to the conversation next time,” said Ashton around his laughter, “instead of staring at Y/N all day like a creeper.”

“Shut up,” Calum muttered. “What were you asking, anyway?”

“We were asking when you were planning on actually talking to Y/N,” said Luke, and Calum elbowed him.

“Very funny.”

“No, in reality we were just asking if we were on for rehearsal tonight,” Ashton explained. “I asked if we were still all set to have it at your house.”

“Oh, yeah,” Calum nodded. “Sure.”

Suddenly Ashton and Michael, who were seated across from Calum and Luke, went quiet, focusing on something behind them. Calum frowned at his friends. “What—”

Michael suddenly began coughing and Ashton smiled at whatever it was behind Calum. “Hey, Y/N!” Calum’s eyes widened and Michael waggled his eyebrows.

“Hey, Ashton,” came the sound of your voice, and Calum almost groaned in annoyance. Just the sound of your voice gave him butterflies.

“How’s your day been?” Michael asked casually, and you stood at the end of the table so that you could see all of them, pressing your palms to the surface and leaning forward slightly.

“Pretty good, thanks, yours?”

Michael replied with a “Good, thanks,” before you turned to Calum.

“Do you wanna walk home today?”

Calum tried to contain his surprise, simultaneously trying to force a blush from creeping up onto his face. “I… what?” He turned around to glance at your friends, to see if they were staring over here and it was all some sort of prank, but they were all laughing or doing homework as if nothing was off.

 You laughed, and once again, Calum’s heart lurched. “Yeah, um, I finished all of my homework and I don’t have soccer today so I figured I’d just head home. I was wondering if you wanted to walk together since we’re neighbors and all.”

“Y-yeah,” Calum stuttered, then cleared his throat. He could feel his friends’ gazes on the two of them, like vultures. “Yeah, I don’t see why not. When were you planning on leaving?”

“Oh, whenever works for you!” you said with another dazzling smile. “I’m up for whenever, but I don’t want to rush you or anything.”

“Actually, we were just finishing up,” Luke chimed in, closing his textbook. The other guys followed his action, packing up their things and clearing the table. Calum wanted to strangle each and every one of them right the and there.

“Perfect,” you said. “I’ll go grab my stuff. Meet you at the main entrance, Cal?” The use of your nickname for him almost made Calum visibly freak out. He was already pretty sure you could hear his heart beating from where you stood.

“Yeah, sounds good,” he said as calmly as possible, and with that, you nodded, flashing another smile and saying goodbye to the other guys, and turned to head back to your table. Calum watched your retreating figure before turning back to his friends.

“Guys, what the fuck.”

“What?” asked Michael innocently.

“‘Just finishing up?’” Calum mocked.

“We were helping you out!” protested Ashton.

“Yeah, you’ve been in love with Y/N for how long now?” Luke added.

“You guys suck,” Calum groaned, packing his own things. “You legitimately suck balls.”

“Only on Tuesdays,” Michael retorted. Calum flipped him off.

“I’ll see you guys later, or something,” he said, heading toward the courtyard exit.

“No detours, Cal-Pal!” Ashton called and Calum shook his head, ignoring his friends and heading toward the school’s entrance to meet you. It was a short walk, so he found you almost immediately. Unfortunately, you were talking with a few of your friends, who were also pretty popular. In all honesty, Calum almost marched straight back into the courtyard because he was afraid he would embarrass you in front of your friends if he tried to talk to you. For all he knew, you were talking to them about how you had to walk home with him and how annoyed you were!

Then Calum’s logic told him that no, you had asked him to walk home together, and you actually weren’t a bitch like some of your friends. So, Calum came to a brilliant solution to his dilemma: ignorance.

Shouldering his backpack and taking a deep breath, he started walking toward the doors, walking straight past you and the people you were talking to. He figured he could act as if he didn’t see you, instead heading outside to wait. And sure enough, almost immediately after he stepped outside into the October air, he heard you call out.

“Cal, wait!”

He turned around to see you rushing in his direction, finally slowing down when you reached him. “Sorry, I didn’t see you,” he said, and you shrugged.

“No worries. I was talking to a few friends so I got caught up, sorry.”

“No worries,” Calum repeated, and you looked up at him with a smile that made his heart flutter.

“So,” you said, “shall we go?”

“We shall,” Calum replied, causing you to giggle, and suddenly he felt bit more confident. This wasn’t so bad. The two of you began walking, and a comfortable silence settled until you broke it.

“Hey, why don’t you play soccer?” you asked randomly, and Calum shrugged.

“You mean football?” he teased, and you rolled your eye, smiling nonetheless. “Dunno,” he continued. “Not my thing, I guess.”

“Um, I cry bullshit,” you replied, and Calum’s eyebrows shot up as he turned to look at you.


“I’ve seen you play, Calum. You’d fit in really well with varsity, trust me. Plus, you were always great when we played as kids.”

“I just didn’t want to, I guess,” he insisted. He didn’t want to admit that he was too shy to try out, considering the boys’ football team was full of pigheaded morons who already probably hated his guts.

You only shook your head, shrugging. “Your choice, I guess. I really shouldn’t be criticizing you for a choice you made.”

“It’s okay.”

Another silence settled, and Calum took the time to look around. A lot of cars were on the street, full of people coming home from day jobs.

“Um, thank you,” you suddenly said. “For walking with me, I mean. I don’t usually walk and you were in the courtyard too, so I just wanted to ask. For old times’ sake, you know?”

Calum smiled at that one. That was one of the reasons he liked you so much; you didn’t care about popularity. You didn’t try to forget or ignore the fact that you two were best friends several years ago. Calum was grateful for that.

“I get it,” Calum said.

“I do wish we talked a bit more,” you continued, and Calum found himself in shock yet again. You wanted to talk to him?

“Me too,” he said honestly. “You friends kinda hate me though, I think.”

“What! No way,” you protested. “They just… they don’t know you, that’s all. You aren’t close with them.”

“It’s alright,” said Calum with a shrug. “I know I’m kind of a dork. I’ve got my friends though, so I’m happy.”

You smiled at that, and it made Calum’s knees weak. “That’s a good way to look at things.”

The two of you continued to walk and talk with one another, and Calum genuinely enjoyed your company. It wasn’t awkward like he thought it would be, and you weren’t patronizing him like he had dreaded you would.

He realized with a start that you guys had almost reached your neighborhood, so he turned left as opposed to right, opting to take the long way instead. Hey, he wanted to spend as much time with you as possible. He wasn’t sure when this would ever happen again.

At that point, the sun was getting lower in the sky. As you pointed out a couple of birds, smiling and laughing as you did so, Calum noticed that you were literally glowing in the fading sunlight. The orange light outlined you like some ethereal halo, illuminating your features and giving your eyes an even more vibrant look than usual. His breath hitched a bit as he marveled at how beautiful you were, but when you turned back to face him, he acted as nonchalant as he could.

Shit, he was so screwed.

Eventually you had reached the neighborhood where you lived, and Calum was both sad and relieved. Sad because his time with you was ending, but relieved for the same reason. He didn’t want to fall for you even more when you were so untouchable and, quite frankly, out of his league. Like, way out of his league.

“Thanks so much, Cal,” you said when you reached the foot of your driveway. “I had a really good time.”

“Yeah, me too,” he said with a smile, a genuine smile. He was ecstatic to hear that you actually enjoyed the time you spent together.

“We should do this again sometime,” you suggested, and Calum had to physically stop himself from jumping for joy.

“Totally,” he agreed. “It was fun.”

“I’ll let you know when the soc-football season ends,” you told him, smiling as you corrected yourself. “We’ll make more of a habit out of this. For old times’ sake, right?”

“I like that idea,” Calum said honestly, and you nodded.

“Well, I’m gonna head inside. Thanks again, Calum, really,” you said, placing a hand on his arm and squeezing a bit before smiling and turning to walk up to your house.

Calum ran a hand down his face, letting it linger over his mouth and jaw. Holy shit, he thought as he watched you enter your house. His hand then found its way into his hair, disheveling the dark curls. Holy shit.

He slowly turned to walk back to his own house, almost directly across the street. He couldn’t wait to shove in his friends’ faces the fact that things went so exceptionally well.

Unbeknownst to Calum, you had made your way up to your bedroom. You watched from the window as your neighbor headed home, and you couldn’t help but smile widely, heart still beating rapidly. So okay, maybe you did have practice today, but the coach loved you and you figured you could just tell her you didn’t feel too well.

And fine, maybe you were kinda, sorta, maybe crushing on Calum.

You could only hope he felt the same way.



[NCT] Simplicity

A little babble that kind of sucks but doesn’t suck enough to keep me from posting it 
I’m a tad sour rn and want sleepy kisses from jjh so take this; a product of my bad mood

Originally posted by nctmark

Word count: 585
Genre: fluff
Feedback is always appreciated, 
Thank you and goodnight

The trill sound of you crying out in frustration is what rouses Jaehyun from his mid-afternoon nap. Awake, but slow to rise, he only rolls over, grumbling out a, “babe, be quiet.” It’s when you toss your bag to the floor far more aggressively than needed that he decides to sit up, propping himself up on his elbows. You angrily pace around at the food of the bed, rubbing at your temples and willing yourself to settle down.
“You’re blowing smoke.” Jaehyun jokingly says, a lazy smile quirked on his lips. You shoot him a glare. At this, his look softens, and he beckons you over. You debate shutting him down, giving him the cold shoulder because you want so desperately to take out your pent up aggravation on something and, well, if Jaehyun happens to be within arm’s reach, then so be it. Through your internal dialogue, he’s looking at you, eyes heavy with sleep and hair askew in every direction and his clothes are all rumpled from his tossing and turning and he’s smiling at you and you can feel the adoration he has for you and you’re melting. You breathe a heavy sigh, laced with irritation and exhaustion and you trudge over to him, allowing his hands to completely envelope yours as he guides you down to lie next to him.

His arms are around you and your face is tucked into his chest and you can feel his heartbeat, smooth and rhythmic and so much calmer than your own. He presses a kiss to the top of your head, and you allow yourself to snuggle closer to him, wanting to drown in his warmth.
“You want to tell me about what’s got you so worked up?” He questions softly, fingers loosely carding through your hair. You breathe in his scent, warm and inviting and your knees go weak because this boy is yours and you thank whoever may be listening that he’s a part of your life.
The only response you offer is a minute shake of your head, and he only hums in acknowledgement, choosing instead to begin rocking you the tiniest bit.
Jaehyun will wait with you, hold you until your heartbeat has settled and the heat in your cheeks has died down.

“I really love you, Jaehyun.” You mumble into the fabric of his t-shirt. A laugh sounds deep in his chest.
“I really love you too, Y/N.” Is his response.
You move back to meet his eyes, and you feel like you can lose yourself in endless pools of brown that carry so much love for you; only you.
“No, Jaehyun. I really really am in love with you.” You say, and his smile brightens. He’s idly rubbing circles into your side, and you can feel the tension in your shoulders ebbing away with every feather light caress. He smiles, and your heart swells with happiness. The time for anger and frustration and everything that comes along with a bad day would come later; now, you’re only concerned with the feel of Jaehyun’s lips against your own as you kiss him. Slow and sweet, patient and oh so caring, your eyes flutter shut and you let Jaehyun guide you into a state of contentment that you had been aching for all day.
“I really really am in love with you, too.” He says as he pulls away.
And than you kiss him again. Because you love him, and he loves you. It’s as simple as that.


I’ll say it again, Victor looks great in pink and purple.

Thank you so much for the request @sunburntkeith !

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Not As It Seems

Summary: After a long streak of financial success, you find yourself partnering with Tony Stark, living alongside the Avengers and occasionally helping out with missions. While the team is too intimidated by you and thinks you’re the woman the media makes you out to be, you’re the polar opposite and desperately try to keep yourself in one piece as they unknowingly tear you apart, piece by piece.

A/N: I really have no idea what prompted me to read this, but I wanted a way to make Steve be extremely sweet and show off his affectionate side. This thing is 3,797 words (I got way into the zone). Also, can anyone tell me why I’m literally sobbing @ the thought of someone being this kind towards me???? Because I can’t. Happy reading! 

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.

In the words of the mainstream media, you were a hard woman to impress. Being the CEO of your own company made you the billionaire you are today, and it’s no secret that you wouldn’t just let anyone walk into your life without knowing what their intentions were. But you weren’t really everything the media said. You were somewhat shy and not good at telling people how you felt. 

Tony Stark had proposed a business deal to you not too long go. He had asked you to merge one branch of your company with his. He showed you the statistics on what would happen if you did, and needless to say, you’d make billions upon billions of dollars. You didn’t hesitate to say no, and his plan had made you the money he promised. 

You moved into the tower once Tony found out you could fight almost as well as Natasha. In truth, Tony was the only one who wasn’t intimidated by you. You were his equal, having most of the same qualities the media described him as. Apart from your badass fighting skills on the field, you were often seen with a notepad or your computer, tending to business or giving your money away to causes that were worth fighting for. 

The media didn’t know you spent your earnings on other people. Most assumed you spent it on yourself, but your roots taught you to always help those who cannot help themselves. Growing up, life was tough because your father would spend his money on alcohol and your mother would sell her body to men on the street, desperate to help you through education. The neighbourhood you grew up in was almost promising in terms of making every teenager a drug addict, but a leap of faith changed that for you. You moved to New York City for college and designed an application that would help millions of people. You made your first million by twenty one and gave most of your money to your mother, who had stood behind you when everyone told you how incredibly stupid the idea of making it somewhere was. 

Everyone thought you were intimidating. Maybe they were intimidated because you were a billionaire, or maybe they were scared because you have an active role in keeping New York safe. What you do know is the world is extremely lonely for people who are feared. 

The team knew who you were and treated you like you were fine China. They feared to talk to you in fear of being emasculated or worse - being kicked off the team. You didn’t have that kind of power (and they didn’t know that you didn’t have that power), but they feared that you could find a way to kick them out. You’d never do that, though. 

Friends were a hard thing to come by. Your old classmates pretended to be your best friends and most people who talk to you only care about the amount of zeroes in your bank account. It was ruthless, but you had accepted that the world wouldn’t have a lot of grey areas when you started to make money. In terms of friendship, the world had to be black and white. It was easier that way. 

You sat in the common room’s couch with your laptop on your lap, writing a code that would, hopefully, make collecting data via your computer much faster. Members of the team stepped inside the compound after rate morning run, but their conversation seized when they saw you sitting. 

You looked up from the screen and pushed your glasses, preventing them from falling. “You don’t have to stop your conversations,” you said, urging them to be completely normal around you. 

“No, it’s okay,” Sam said. “We know you’re a busy woman.” 

“Well, you’re welcome to stay, if you’d like. I won’t be distracted.” 

“Can’t take that chance,” Clint said. “You’re an important woman, Y/N. We want you to be on top of your game.” You gave them a small smile and let them leave. 

Steve was behind them and chose not to say a word. Truthfully, he didn’t know how to act around you. He didn’t know you all that well and feared that he too would one day fear the wrath that is Y/N Y/L/N. He knew what the media told him - you were cold, isolated, very cunning, intelligent, and you liked to keep to yourself. Since he was new to the century and didn’t understand the concept of not listening to the mainstream media, Steve opted to listen to what they said in case you were what they described you to be. 

He tiptoed and tried not to make too much noise as he grabbed a water bottle from the fridge. He looked at you as he walked past, and Steve swore he had heard you sigh in defeat. It was something he had caught himself doing a lot when he was unsure of himself, but he shook that thought away. You were Y/N, Y/L/N, for crying out loud. 

Steve walked away and you blinked rapidly to keep yourself from pity crying. A billionaire doesn’t cry, or so the world thinks. 

The team had a successful mission and wanted to celebrate the fact that no one got killed or seriously injured. Collectively, they had decided to dress up and find the most expensive nightclub, and forget the world for just that night. You were in your room because you weren’t needed and you heard heels clicking on the floor and laughter from the common room. You swung your legs from under the blankets and put a pair of sweatpants on before walking outside, seeing everyone dressed up. 

“Where are you guys headed?” you asked. 

“To some nightclub Tony recommended,” Wanda said, laughing. She rested her head on her brother’s shoulders, trying to balance herself. 

“We just thought we should celebrate a good mission. God knows we need to have some fun!” Sam shouted, walking out the door with a bottle of champagne in his hand.  

“Tony’s telling us to hurry our asses up,” Natasha said, not looking up from her phone as she corralled the team out the door. You stood there, gazing at your sweatpants and watched as every team member walked out the door. Steve looked at you in your comfortable clothing and thought you looked adorable, not being in a pantsuit or dressed up for meetings. He avoided eye contact as he walked out the door, shutting it behind him.

“FRIDAY, would you mind playing some jazz music? Preferably instrumental. Nothing too upbeat,” you requested. 

“Sure thing, Y/N.” The music filled the room and you let yourself stand for a moment. Why hadn’t they invited you to go out with them? You already know the answer: they all assumed you didn’t want to. Everyone thought you didn’t like to have fun because the media made you out to be a workaholic who always kept to herself. It wasn’t true, not by one bit. But what’s the use trying to convince the world when they don’t believe a word you’ll ever say, despite it coming from your mouth? 

You walked to the fireplace and let the warmth warm your body. You had let the jazz music fill up your mind, desperate to forget how unwanted you felt. 

James Barnes had arrived at the tower and everyone wanted him to feel as welcomed as possible. You felt bad, him being though all that he had endured, but you hoped that he would have a happy recovery. 

“Y/N, this is James Barnes, but we call him Bucky,” he said. You looked up from your computer and saw the man he was referring to. He offered you a small smiled to which you returned. You stood up from your desk and walked over to him, sticking your hand out for him to shake. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, James, really.” He shook your hand. Bucky wouldn’t tell anyone, but he liked that you called him by his first name. It didn’t make him feel like he was the person who forgot who his best friend was. It made him feel normal. 

“You can call him Bucky, you know,” said Tony.

“It’s okay,” Bucky said. “I’m okay with it.” Tony shrugged and the two of them left your office. 

It was no secret that Bucky had the worst nightmares. He would scream from time to time, and it woke the other Avengers from their slumber. They could hear him and wanted to help, but none of them (other than Steve) knew him very well and thought Steve was the one who calm him down when they heard silence after a thread of screams. Steve thought Bucky had fallen back asleep when the screaming stopped. He never questioned it and thought Bucky was progressing by working things out on his own. 

What nobody knew was you were the one who felt hurt and saddened by Bucky’s nightmares. You could never imagine the magnitude of loss and pain he felt, but you wanted to try your best to comfort him. 

On the first night, it was daunting trying to wake him up. You’d try your best to keep some distance as you woke him up and he did, staring at you like you were a ghost. 

“Y/N?” he whispered. 

“Yeah James, it’s me. You were screaming and I ran in to see if you were okay,” you said sheepishly. 

“Oh, uh, thank you. Sorry for bothering you.” You stood by the side of his bed and shook your head. 

“Please, don’t be sorry. Don’t be sorry for wanting to express how you feel. You’ve gone through a lot and you’re the last person who should be sorry.” Bucky sighed and laid back down, staring at the ceiling. “Uh, I’ll just go,” you said, awkwardly turning your back. 

“Wait,” Bucky croaked. “Please don’t go. Not yet.” He reached out to you and he looked so lost. You frowned and nodded. Bucky let you sit beside him and he put his head on your chest, closing his eyes. You rubbed soothing circles on his shoulder and tried to get him to sleep. 

After what seemed to be the billionth night of Bucky finally being able to sleep without screaming, his voice could be heard from down the hallway. This time, Steve leapt out of his bed and planned to dash down the hallway to comfort his best friend, but he saw you gently open the door. Steve raised his eyebrows and followed you, opening the door just enough so he could see you comfort Bucky in your arms, humming soothing melodies in his ears as Bucky kept apologising and thanking you for being there for him ever since his nightmares began. 

It clicked in Steve’s head that you were the reason the team didn’t lose a wink of sleep. He smiled as he saw you comfort his best friend. Steve never told you, but he appreciated all you had done for Bucky after he had been released form HYDRA. 

Your birthday was coming up and you were excited. You weren’t sure what excited you about your birthday (because you hadn’t celebrated it in ages), but you had people hanging around you every day and you thought it would be a nice idea for everyone to get to know you more. 

The team had been on a mission for a few days and returned. You knew they were never the type to sit around and you thought going out would be something they were willing to do. 

But you tried to ask people if they wanted to accompany you to dinner and it did’t work out quite the way you planned. 

“Natasha and Clint,” you greeted as you walked into the training room. 

“What’s up?” Clint asked, dodging Natasha’s hit. 

“Are you guys busy tomorrow night?” 

Natasha looked at Clint. 

“Oh, yeah, we’re busy,” Clint said. “You know, just trying to catch up on sleep. We barely got shut eye.” Natasha smiled at you before punching Clint in the chest. 

“Oh, okay. Have fun training,” you said, exiting the room.

You passed Sam on your way out. 

“Sam!” you called. “What are you doing tomorrow night?” 

Sam didn’t know what to say and thought this was a test. He didn’t want to fall into whatever trap you were trying to pull. 

“I’ve got a date,” he blurted. On the inside, you grimaced, but you smiled anyways. 

“Have fun, then,” you said and walked by. 

You already knew the twins weren’t able to come because your birthday was the anniversary of a friend they had lost. You didn’t bother asking them, respecting their time to grieve. 

Tony, Steve, and Bucky were in the kitchen, bickering about if chocolate of vanilla was the more superior flavour.

“Vanilla is delicious and therefore better,” Steve argued. 

Tony scoffed. “Of course you would like vanilla, of all people.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” 

Steve noticed you from the corner of his eye and wanted to say hello, but he didn’t trust is voice. He waved instead. 

“What can we do for you, Y/N?” Tony asked.

“I was just wondering if you guys were busy tomorrow night,” you asked, looking at each of them in the eye. Bucky glanced at the ground, guilty that he would rather stay at home. You didn’t blame him because he hadn’t been in Avenger care for that long and still feared the outside world. 

“I’ve got a lot of files to report,” Tony said. “Pepper’s beating my ass and I promised her I’d help her out tomorrow night.”

“Me too,” Steve said. “Fury’s been on my back and I don’t think I can procrastinate anymore. Why, what’s going on?” 

You shook your head and gave a false smile. “Nothing important,” you said. You cursed yourself for being shy around people you wanted to actually be friends with. Strangers? No problem, you’d never see them again. Friends? Well, if they didn’t like you, you’d have so much trouble trying to find new ones. Billionaires are supposed to be popular and confident, right? 

“Are you sure?” Tony asked. 

“Yeah, yeah. Really, there are more important things than a night out.” 

“Damn, now I really wish I was free.” Tony sighed.

“It’s okay, I promise.” Bucky had nodded and left to his room and Tony left when Pepper called his name. 

You and Steve stood awkwardly for a moment before he cleared his throat. 

“So, Y/N, how’s life?” he hesitantly asked. 

“It’s good,” you replied. 

“I don’t mean to pry, but where do you go to on the weekends? I know you don’t work and your offices are closed.” You waved him off. 

“You’re not prying. I go to this nonprofit that helps kids in the inner cities,” you explained. “I volunteer to talk to the kids and get to know them.” 

“Wow, that’s noble.” Steve grinned and thought about you around children. He always pegged you to be good with kids because of how motherly you seemed to your employees and this seemed to confirm his theory. “They must love you.” 

“Oh yeah, that or the fact that I pay for their space and anything they need,” you joked. Steve’s eyes widened. He didn’t know you paid for organisations.

“That’s really cool,” he breathed. 

“Thanks for saying that, Steve.” 

Steve was so happy that someone who was so closed-off and isolated (at least that’s what he thought) was sharing part of their lives with him. You felt happy that someone bothered to listen. 

“I’ve gotta run,” Steve said. “Catch you later?” You nodded and let Steve run out.

The day of your birthday started out like any other. The team greeted you and left you to your wits. You smiled at Steve and he melted inside, loving that you directed your attention towards him. 

You grabbed your bag and head out the door to meet the kids at the community centre. 

“Y/N!” the little girl, Rose, greeted. 

“Morning, Rose. How’s my favourite girl today?” 

“I’m good! I lost my two front teeth,” she said, grinning so you could see. You let out a laugh and ushered her to where the other children sat. 

The meeting went well and everyone talked how they had felt. You resonated when the older kids told you how they felt unwanted. 

“Believe it or not, I felt that way too,” you said. 

“Oh really? You’re a billionaire,” one kid joked. You laughed. 

“Not long ago, I was just a high school senior, like you. My town was infamous for breeding drug dealers and my mother was afraid that I’d go up to be one. Nobody believed in me when I moved out of my house and into the big city. I was told I was worthless and it was useless for me to get anywhere because I’d find my way back to my roots. I haven’t.” 

“Well, you’re still a billionaire. Life must be pretty sweet.” 

“Sometimes. I donate money to places like this and it make me happy to know you’re all benefitting from it. The downside is you don’t know who to trust and people act differently around you.” 

You looked at the ground and twirled your thumbs. “I mean, people think you’re so fragile because the media makes you out to be someone hard to impress. While true, I’m not a monster or someone who only thinks of themselves. People seem to be walking on eggshells around me and are trying to keep quiet. It’s tough.” 

The group of teens gave you sad eyes and one of the boys gave you his condolences. The rest of the meeting seemed to progress onto the teenagers and for once, they all felt like they were being heard. 

The rest of the day was spent shopping, pampering yourself, and wondering museums, parks, and anywhere your legs could carry you. The day was about rediscovering yourself after having been around people who didn’t seem to know who you were. 

You didn’t come home until everyone was sound asleep. You made your way to the kitchen to fetch the cupcake you put in the fridge, grabbed a candle, and a match. 

Steve thought he heard shuffling and went to investigate, holding his shield close to his chest as he walked stealthily to the source of the noise. He was glad that it was just you and was about to turn back to his bedroom until he saw you light the candle. 

“Happy birthday to me,” you said to yourself. You blew out the candle and stared at the cupcake before sighing. “This is stupid,” you said, throwing the cupcake in the trash. “Not even in the mood tonight.” 

Steve’s heart ached. Everyone had turned you down and he realised you had asked because you wanted to celebrate your birthday. He could imagine you dressing up and having the time of your life, but instead, you were greeted by a dark room and silence. 

He heard you sniffle and saw as you wiped a tear from your cheek. He frowned and put his shield by the wall and padded his way to you. 

“Steve?” you asked as he approached. You fixed your eyes, still not used to the darkness.

“It’s me,” he said. You sniffled again and tried to wipe the tears that were falling onto your cheeks. 

“You should go back to bed -” 

But before you could utter another word, Steve wrapped his arms around you until your head was craned in his neck. He could feel your warm breaths on his skin and the wetness from your tears stain his shirt, but he didn’t care. You were in need of comfort. Your body shook and you tried to keep the tears from rolling as well as keep your body from shaking too much. Steve rubbed your back and whispered comforting things. He placed his chin on the crown of your head and listened as you whimpered. 

Steve didn’t like seeing people cry and he definitely didn’t like seeing you cry. Your whimpers became saddening to him and he didn’t want you to cry anymore. He wanted you to be happy, like the person he always thought you were. Now that he had a minute to think about it, he felt awful for assuming you were fine on your own. 

You had let go of Steve and wiped your eyes, composing yourself. “I should go,” you said, trying to walked around Steve. He just wrapped his arms around you once again and you didn’t protest, feeling too tired to move. Steve slowly swayed your bodies back and forth, lulling you to become sleepier. 

“Are you okay now?” You didn’t say anything and just nodded. “Do you want to talk about it?” 

“I’m just tired of people thinking they know me when they don’t. I don’t have very many friends because of my reputation and I just want a friend,” you pleaded, letting your body rest limp against Steve’s chest. “I want to feel like I’m wanted, not because of my status, but because of me. I’ll give away all of my money if it means I’ll be happier. I just want a friend.”

Steve pulled your body from his and glanced over your facial features, cupping your jaw with his hands and wiped your stray tears with his thumbs. 

“I’m going to be that friend, okay?” You nodded. “I’ll be there when you succeed and when you fail. I’ll be the one who remembers your birthday, the one who knows your favourite restaurants, and the one who you can complain to. I’ll be all of that.” 

He used two of his fingers to lift your chin to meet his gaze. Steve bent down to kiss the tip of your nose, afraid he might ruin things if he kissed you on the lips. You appreciated how delicate Steve was with you and wanting this moment to last forever. You removed his hands from your face so that you could interlock them together before guiding him to the couch. Steve got the hint and sat down, guiding you to his lap where you rested your head on his chest.

 “Are you feeling better now?” he asked again. 

“Much better,” you said, nuzzling yourself into his chest. “Thank you, Steve, for wanting to be my friend.” He looked at you and admired your sleepy state, wanting to hold you even tighter than he was. 

“You’re really cute when you’re tired,” he blurted out. You chuckled and sighed happily. 

“You’re always cute.” 

Steve seemed shocked at your bold statement and replied, but he noticed you were fast asleep. He grinned to himself and held you closer to him, falling asleep with the biggest smile on his face. 

“Happy birthday, doll.”

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no way out

kim junmyeon x reader

wc - // rated M for sexual themes. 

author - admin C

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“(Y/N)?” A tired voice sounded on the other end of the receiver, the roughness of the tone raising goosebumps on your skin. Putting down the pants you were folding, you stood rigidly, hearing Junmyeon wince like he was beside you.

“Junmyeon? What’s wrong?” You asked, bracing yourself against the wall of your laundry room, wondering why he was calling you so late. You saw your best friend yesterday, his lighthearted laugh still ringing in your ears as he told you of his latest shenanigans with his members. Hearing him clear his throat, you checked the time.

“It’s half past midnight, what are you still doing awake? Don’t you have practice tomorrow?” You nagged, walking into the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water before going to bed. Admiring your Christmas lights illuminating your apartment in a dreamy and dizzying way, you waited for his answer. He coughed, making you jump a little.

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the tower

In which Nadia and Lucio have a rendezvous the night before his birthday.


He kissed her behind the cover of a rosebush, where no one could see him.

He had plucked a rose from the garden, leaning to tuck it behind her ear, his lips brushing against hers. Nadia could only clench her jaw as a thorn cut her cheek, digging into her skin. She had gripped the fabric of her dress, held her smile.

And as he kissed her again, his claws combing through her hair, trailing down to her waist, Nadia kept her eyes open.

He felt somehow warmer than she remembered.

“Lucio.” she said as he pulled away. “You mentioned Asra, earlier, did you not?”

His charming act dropped. He shifted on the bench. “The magician?” he said. “What about him?”

“You said he gave you a reading.”

Lucio frowned. “I did.”

”And what card did you pull?”

All tenseness seemed to melt out of him then, and he smiled easily. “The Tower.” he said.

“Yes. And,” Nadia knew how ridiculous this was, but she found herself knotting her hands all the same. “what did it tell you?”

Lucio waved his hand. “Nothing of importance.” he smiled. “I have proven myself unconquerable. I doubt one too many glasses of wine tomorrow night will change that.”

He said it as if his face wasn’t unshaven, as if his hair wasn’t tousled, matted against his forehead with sweat. As if she didn’t know the real reason why he had taken the secret passage to meet her there, looking frail and ashen as he did. As if he wasn’t swaying in the night breeze. As if death was the one at his feet.

Nadia blinked as she felt his hand in hers. “Darling?” he said. “No face as lovely as yours should look this upset. Is there anything-”

“Nothing.” Nadia said, too quickly. “Nothing is wrong.” She simply rose and brushed off her nightgown with her free hand, squeezing the other around Lucio’s claw, racking her mind for something to make him lose himself, “Just lost in your eyes.”

Lucio barked laughter and jumped to his feet pulling her in for another kiss, and another. Nadia’s stomach coiled, but still she smiled. “Happy birthday.” she said.

They walked hand in hand back into the light of the palace.

I Get That A Lot

Title: I Get That A Lot

Word Count: 3,906

Warnings: plus-size!Reader, swearing, smut, wee bitof body shaming

Summary: Reader meets Winchesters on a hunt and the Winchesters invite her out for a drink.

Pairing: [Sam x Plus-size!Reader]

Author’s Note: I’m really new at writing smut. This was the second time I actually wrote it so I want to apologize if it’s written horribly. Sorry it took so long to get another one shot out! I just finished the musical at my school so hopefully I’ll have more free time on my hands which means more one shots! Request things!

Y/E/C- your eye color

Y/H/C- your hair color

              You studied the scenery surrounding you, your eyes narrowing at your target. You were currently on a vampire hunt in Columbus, Ohio, standing right before the nest. You had managed to lure in and kill two vampires during your stay and was able to track down the whereabouts of the nest. A small smirk toyed upon your pink lips as you admired the machete in your hand. Your eyes flicked from the blade to the abandoned building once more, beginning your stride towards the front door. If you were taught anything, it was why sneak in when you could make a grand entrance?

              You had been on your own for a while, left alone by your mother at age 17 and your father at age 11, both murdered by something of the supernatural. Your parents had vowed to never allow you to be a hunter like they had growing up, but as they all say, once in the family always in the family.

              You reached the entrance, straightening out your denim jacket and fluffing out your hair from behind the collar, allowing the locks of your Y/H/C hair slide down your shoulders. You gripped firmly onto the handle of the door, shifting your grasp on the machete to tighten it before ripping the hatchway open.

              The large room was dark. Eerily quiet. If you were just a person passing by, you would have sworn it was empty. But your hunter instincts kicked into high drive, raising the machete up into a killing position.

              “Sorry I didn’t knock!” you called out, your voice echoing through the hollow room. “Just thought I’d crash your party for a little while. So come on… let’s party.”

              Heavy footsteps sounded through the quarters—at least three pairs of them. Another smirk formed on your features, your eyes scanning the room until a figure appeared in your vision along with two others. The first one to attack was a female looking around the age of thirty, her teeth barred and ready to strike. Within a few seconds, you swung your blade with ease and chopped the head of the predator off. The other two vampires sneered evilly as they charged faster.

              A sound off in the distance—almost like a door softly shutting—distracted the two vampires for a split second, allowing you to make your attack. You reached into your back pocket and in a swift movement, retrieved a syringe filled with dead man’s blood. Within the few seconds you had, you plunged the needle into one of the vampires—a male who stood at the height of 5 feet and 10 inches—paralyzing him for the time being. He yelped out in pain, his partner darting his attention back onto you. But before he was able to pounce, your blade connected with his throat with a sharp force, his body falling limply along with his disconnected head. While the other one was stunned with pain, you took the opportunity to finish him off as well. Three down, about four more to go, you believed.

              You wiped away the splatter of blood that was smeared across your forehead, admiring your work for a quick second before snapping out of your trance. “Alright, you sparkly bitches! Let’s have some fun!”

              You had sworn you heard a distant murmur but took it as all in your head. You walked forward passed the corpses, your Y/E/C hues flicking around the scene. The soft tapping of footsteps sounding flooded your hearing as if someone—or something—was trying to sneak up to you. You whirled around on your heel, your arm reaching out to your prey with the machete at ready. But a grip was placed on your forearm, twisting your arm, causing you to stumble back and drop your blade. You gritted your teeth in slight pain, reaching in your back pocket for another syringe, only to release you had none left. You sneered at your attacker, ready to pounce when a voice stopped you.

              “Show me your teeth!” your attacker demanded, his grip tightening on your forearm.

              Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. You stared down the man that was holding you tightly, studying his facial features before pushing your attention onto the man standing next to him. Your eyebrow arched as you hesitantly showcased your teeth. Your eyesight was still on the taller man of the two, his shaggy brown hair falling just below his ears. His face had a slight stubble to it. His hazel eyes were fixated on you.

              “Dean,” he spoke, causing the man holding you hostage to turn his head to face him. “She’s fangless.”

              The man known as Dean loosened his grip until he dropped it entirely. “Sorry,” he grumbled, leaning down and picking up your weapon before hesitantly handing it over to you. His eyes scanned your thick body, his eyebrows furrowed in a tight line. “Aren’t you… well… aren’t you a little too-”
              You smirked lightly, shaking your head. “Too fat to hunt? Oo, my personal favorite. Too weak? Yeah. I get that a lot.” You harshly ripped the blade from his grasp. You brushed passed the duo, making your way forward, farther into the warehouse. You recalled times on your previous hunts when other hunters claimed you had an innocent look to you. Too innocent. Therefore, you were far too weak to participate in such gruesome actions.

              You overhead a soft sigh behind you as two sets of footsteps followed in your direction. “I didn’t mean it like that.”

              “It’s alright. Like I said, I get it a lot,” you replied, lifting your weapon of choice into a kill stance once more.

              “They’re all dead,” the other man informed, causing you to slowly pivot around to face them once more.

              You lowered your machete. “You sure?”

              “Positive,” Dean assured. You nodded your head slowly.

              “Well, that’s it then.” You strutted towards the pair once more, halting your stride in front of the two. You reached your hand out to the taller one, him taking your gesture and shaking your hand. “I’m Y/N.”

              “Sam. That’s my brother, Dean.” Sam motioned his head slightly to the shorter one.

              Dean half-heartedly grinned, shaking your hand after Sam was done. “You sure know how to fight. Taking one three vampires alone and leaving without a scratch. That takes skill,” Dean complimented, bidding a nod towards you in approval.

              “Hmm,” you hummed, smiling sarcastically at him. “Well. I appreciate the help, boys. See ya.” And with that, you marched forward towards the exit.

              “Hey, wait!” Sam called after you. You stopped your gait, turning around to face them once more. “Wanna get a drink with us? I mean, you helped a lot on this case and the least we could do is thank you for it.”

              You contemplated on a decision for a moment, a soft smirk playing on your lips. “Yeah. Alright. There’s a bar about ten miles west of here. On the corner of St. James and Jacobs. I’ll let you guys… clean this mess up and meet you there.” And with your final words, you reached for the door handle, pulling the door open and stepping into the night air.


              You drummed your index fingers along the wooden surface of the table. You had picked out a booth in the back corner of the bar, waiting patiently for the two. You had ordered a few shots of bourbon for yourself, downing the drink the moment it was placed beside you. The three empty shot glasses were pushed off to the side, a beer currently in your grasp as you sat there.

              You began to grow impatient, looking down at your phone for the time. It had nearly been an hour since you left the boys. Your mind began to wander, believing that they would never show up. You figured it in the first place anyways. Why would a pair of attractive men want to catch a drink with you?

              You sighed quietly, pressing the brim of the glass to your lips, pondering whether or not you should just leave. You glanced down at your phone screen once more, studying the time. You shook your head, taking another long swig of your beer before beginning to push yourself up from the booth until the sound of heavy footsteps coming your way stopped you. You peered up to face Dean and Sam, a smug smile playing on Dean’s lips where a soft, genuine grin showcased itself on Sam’s.

              “I see you started without us,” Dean joked, sliding into the seat across from you. “Whatcha drinkin’?”

              “Bourbon. Aged thirty years,” you informed, motioning your head over to the empty shot glasses.

              “I like your style.” Dean winked playfully at you as Sam slid into the spot besides his brother. Dean waved down a waitress, ordering a round and a beer for everyone.  

              You gulped the rest of your beer down, setting the empty bottle besides the glasses. You pressed your elbows to the table, looking between the brothers. “Sam and Dean. Brothers.” You pursed your lips together, speculating your information. “Fairly attractive.” Dean chuckled at your comment, Sam merely blushing slightly. “You’re John Winchester’s sons, aren’t you?”

              Both brothers’ eyebrows knitted together in a tight line, Sam opening his mouth to speak, but you beat him to it. “My parents knew your dad. They used to hunt together when I was real little. Used to leave me with some of their hunting buddies.” The waitress returned with a tray full of your drinks, passing them around to the three of you before leaving, but not without a second glance from Dean. “They stopped huntin’ really when I was around eight or nine. That was until-” You stopped midsentence, regretting the conversation you had started. You clenched your jaw slightly, shaking your head. “Sorry. I don’t really want to bore you with my life story.” You reached for your new beer, pressing the rim of the glass to your lips, tipping it back.

              A small silence washed over the three of you, Dean breaking it by clearing his throat a few beats later. “So. You sliced n’ diced three vamps by yourself. That’s impressive.”

              You shrugged, setting the bottle down. “What can I say? I was trained to kill. Nothing’s in my way.”

              Dean’s eyes fluttered shut for a brief moment, before opening and looking directly at you. “Y/N, I’m sorry about-”

              “No need to apologize for your opinion, Dean,” you interrupted, grasping down on the shot glass and downing it in one gulp. You set the tumbler down on the table, sliding it over to the rest of the glasses. You flicked your attention back onto Dean for a split second, before tearing it away and looking over at Sam. You halfheartedly grinned at the man, him returning the gesture.

              Sam opened his mouth to speak, but an unfamiliar voice halted his thought. You gazed up from Sam, looking at a man with a beer belly and a greasy muscle shirt. The man reeked of whiskey, the odor causing your nose to cringe in disgust.

              “Hey, pretty lady,” he slurred, leaning down towards you, his yellow smiling showcasing. You cleared your throat, hesitantly looking at him through your peripherals. “Why don’t you and I get out of here?”

              “Why don’t you get out of here and I’ll stay here?” you proposed, a slight, smug smirk appearing on your features.

              Clearly, the man did not appreciate your retort. He sneered down at you, clasping a hand down onto your shoulder, applying unneeded pressure. You hissed at him, tearing yourself away from him. “All you fat chicks think you’re better than me. I doubt you’ve never gotten laid before. Stupid bitch.”

              You watched Dean stiffen in his seat, Sam abruptly standing from his seat. You looked over at the boys, putting your palm up as if you’re saying ‘it’s alright. I got this.’ You turned your attention back onto the drunken man, smiling innocently towards him. “How nice of you to say.” The man opened his mouth to remark back, but you reeled your fist back, slamming it directly into his nose. He stumbled back, falling against an unoccupied table. He tumbled down onto the flooring, the table following his pursuit, landing on his puffy abdomen. You crossed your arms across your chest, watching as the scene unfolded.

              No one rushed to the man’s aid, all of them overhearing what he said to you. After a few minutes of watching the man struggle on his own, you simply slid back into your seat, grabbing your beer and taking a long sip. “Now. Where were we?”

              Dean gaped at you, his eyes widened and green irises reflecting impressive. You directed a tiny smirk at him.

              “Um. I’ve been meaning to ask you. I… Dean and I have another hunt lined up and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to look over some of the research we have? I mean… so we can get another perspective on it,” Sam requested, looking at you with a glint of hope in his eyes. You peered over at Dean, noting his confused stare, but brushed it off.

              “Yeah. Alright.” You took another sip of your beer, polishing it off.

              Dean caught on with what Sam was doing, smiling cheekily at his brother. “I’ll meet up with you two later.” he informed, stretching back in his spot, taking a swig of his beer.

              You nodded towards Dean, looking over at Sam. “We can take my car.”

              You and Sam stood from the booth, Sam ushering you through the maze of tables and people, his hand laying on the small of your back. You smiled slightly to yourself, a small hint of blush tinting your cheeks at the next comment Dean had made.

              “You kids have fun!”


              You followed Sam into his motel room, glancing around the unfamiliar surroundings. Sam threw off his jacket, tossing it onto one of the two beds, looking back at you with a soft smile. “Make yourself at home.”

              You took up on his offer, shedding your jean jacket and tossing your car keys onto the desk by the door. You ruffled a hand through your locks of hair. “So. What research do you wanna show me?” you inquired, plopping your weight down onto Sam’s bed.

              Sam paused his movements, peering over at you. “Can I confess something?” You simply replied with an arch of your eyebrow. “Um, I just said that there was research to get you over here.”

              You fake gasped, exaggerating it to the extreme by placing a hand over your mouth. “Really? Oh, I am appalled!” You stifled a laugh, removing your hand from your mouth and gently biting your bottom lip. “Well. You got me here.” You set your elbows down onto the mattress, leaning back.

              Sam looked over at you, pursing his lips together before waltzing over to where you were sitting, plopping himself down beside you. “That I did.” He smiled widely towards you. You returned the gesture, a bashful grin spreading across your features.

You both sat in silence for a few moments by simply staring at each other. You noted the way Sam’s eyes danced across your skin, admiring all your features from your angelic face to your thick thighs. He didn’t quite understand why he was so attracted to you, but he couldn’t shake the feeling of lust and loving that coursed through his veins. He scooted his body closer to yours, his legs pressing into yours. Sam’s hazel eyes were soft though a speckle of craving and desire sparkled within them. He reached a steady hand out to cup your cheek whereas the other hand soothingly rubbed your upper arm. Sam slowly leaned forward, his lips grazing yours slightly. You couldn’t contain yourself anymore. You crashed your lips upon the hunter’s, hungrily moving them against his. He playfully toyed with your bottom lip with his tongue before he forcibly slipped his tongue into your mouth. You sensed a smirk growing along his features as you pushed your tongue against his.  

He groaned in pleasure, breaking the kiss in order to trail a wet pathway of kisses down your neck. Sam snaked his arms around your waist, pulling you into his lap. You leaned your neck back to give him more access to your flesh, a satisfied moan passing through your lips.

Your instincts kicked into high gear as you straddled him, your legs wrapping around his torso. A low groan rumbled within his chest, his hands roaming your body. His right hand slipped up your shirt, trailing up your abdomen before finding your bra, slowly massaging your left boob with his massive hand. An immediate reaction to his actions, you quickly tore off your shirt, revealing your exposed flesh and a simple, black-laced bra. Sam stopped kissing you for a brief second, admiring your curves before a soft smile played on his lips. “You’re so beautiful,” he murmured, staring up at you before crashing his lips onto yours before you were able to reply.

Sam reached around your bust, easily removing the hooks of your bra, flinging it across the room with ease. You broke away from the kiss, hurriedly pulling his gray t-shirt over his head, unveiling his large muscles. You trailed your index finger up and down his torso, teasingly biting your bottom lip. You had a hard time containing yourself now. The heat within your core was becoming unbearable. You fumbled with the button of his jeans, noticing his bulge straining against the denim. You unbutton them, quickly unzipping the zipper and aiding him as he shimmied out of his jeans. His boxers were quick to follow his jeans’ pursuit. You flung the fabric into a pile of your discarded clothes, taking a sweet pause to admire his member. You lazily traipsed your gaze up his bare chest, arching your eyebrows flirtatiously when you reached his face. You stood from your position, unbuttoning your own jeans and pulling them down your legs along with your underwear. You viewed Sam as he studied you, the feeling of lust burning in his pupils.

Without warning, Sam reeled you into his long arms, shoving you down onto the dingy bed. His large frame loomed over yours as he leaned his head down into the crevasse of your neck in search for your sweet spot. He nibbled love bites against your skin, sucking down hungrily whenever he heard you moan his name. Sam blindly searched for a condom in the top drawer of the dresser. He cursed under his breath when his attempts failed him, realizing that Dean had taken the last one.

“It’s okay. I’m on the pill,” you assured him breathlessly, arching your back and bucking your hips against his. He groaned loudly, placing two large hands against your hips, his nails digging into your soft flesh as he positioned his throbbing cock at your waiting lips. And without a single heads up, he slammed into you.

Your breath was caught in your throat. Your eyes widened in sheer pleasure, moaning loudly as he continued to thrust. Each movement of his brought an immense amount of bliss to your being.

“Fuck,” you mumbled breathlessly, arching your back and pressing your torso into his chest. One of your hands laid on his ass, your hand clawing up and down his spinal cord while the other hand fisted the cotton sheets.

Sam moaned in your ear, feeling your walls clench around his shaft. His thrusting became sloppy; no real rhythm to his movements. But his large member pushed against your spot every time, creating a wave of pleasure that coursed through your core.

“Shit, Y/N,” he grumbled in your ear, digging his nails deeper into your plush hips.

A rush of sensation flooded your lower area. Your body clenched and relaxed as the rush of your orgasm filled you. Your body felt numb with the electrifying feeling your orgasm left you. You felt breathless. You barely could overhear your own cries, let alone Sam’s moans as he rode out his orgasm. You felt Sam collapse down on top of you, both of your chests rising and falling rapidly as you both tried to inhale the oxygen you both desperately needed. Sam rolled off of you, his body resting in the spot beside you. You shifted your body to lay on your side, facing him. An angelic smile grew on your lips as you opened your mouth to speak. “That was the best time researching I’ve ever had.”


              You awoke lazily, your eyes squinting as the sun poured through the transparent curtains. You recalled the events that occurred last night, a large grin appearing on your lips. You turned your head to face the sleeping Winchester, sighing happily. Careful not to wake him, you wiggled from his gentle grasp, and hoisted yourself out of the bed. You felt the aftermath of his thrusting as you stood, laughing lightly to yourself. “Damn,” you whispered to yourself, looking back at Sam.

              You leisurely walked over to the heaping pile of clothes that was thrown from your urges. You picked through the pile, retrieving all your belongings and putting them on. You glanced around the motel room for a pad of paper and a pen, finding it on the top of the dresser. You waltzed over to it, picking up the pen and uncapping it, scribbling down your number along with If you ever need help with some more research, call me. ;)

              You took in one last glance of Sam’s sleeping figure, smiling to yourself as you picked up your keys to your car and draped your denim jacket along your forearm. Cautious not to wake him, you opened the door and stepped out into the morning air, gently closing the hatchway behind you. You pivoted around on your heel, almost colliding with a man you later recognized as Dean.

              A smug smile toyed on his pink lips as he saw your disheveled state; your hair was a tousled mess and your makeup was smudged. “I figured you spent the night,” he spoke. “So, I bought you this.” You noticed that he was carrying a cup holder that contained three styrofoam cups you presumed were filled with coffee.

              You picked out a cup, pressing the rim of the cup to your lips, tipping it back and allowing the hot liquid to slip down your throat. You slightly smiled at him, lifting your cup in the air, the gesture meaning thanks. “I hope to see you boys around.”

              And with your final words, you strutted out to your car, unlocking it and opening the driver side door. Your actions were halted by the sound of Dean’s voice. “I’m sure Sammy would love that!”

              You laughed quietly, waving goodbye to Dean with your freehand as you slid into your car. You shoved the key into the ignition, turning it and allowing the engine to roar to life. You put the gear shift into drive, pressing firmly down onto the gas pedal, zooming out of the parking lot.

              Little did you know, Sam would call you just an hour after you left, proposing the idea of hunting together for a lead they caught down in Illinois. And little did both you and Sam know, that one night sparked a wonderful relationship between the two of you.

I wasn’t really sure how I wanted to end it so I’m sorry for the weak ending! As stated before, I am very new at writing smut so again, I’m very sorry if the writing wasn’t too good. I really wanted to get this out there so I’m sorry if it seems rushed. Request things


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“y/n?” Nancy looked up, surprised to see you as you approached her. “What are you doing here?”

“Look, Nance,” you sighed, stuffing your hands in your pockets. “What you’re saying is all crazy. I mean, a monster? But you’re my best friend, so I’m not letting you do this alone.”

A small smile appeared on Nancy’s face, and she gratefully said, “Thank you, y/n.”

“If I die, I’m going to haunt you, okay?” you raised and eyebrow, and she nodded, laughing. “Alright, where do we start?”

Can’t blame me (the heart knows what it wants) 

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Prompt:  Can I request an angst-y thing? Like really sad about Jhope… he breaking up with his s/o? But with a happy ending? Please? 💜

Genre: Angst, Fluff (If you squint)

Words: 5k +

Author: JP

Tags: Long distance relationship, cheating, breaking up

Summary: Your long term boyfriend Hoseok is moving to Korea for his master degree, and you are trying to make the long distance work

A/N: I’m sorry if this isn’t the happy ending you wanted! I think rather than happy… the ending is bittersweet? It also probably turned out to be more angst than you wanted I’m sorry

A/N 2: This is not the way the school calendar in SK works, but I adapted so it’d fit the timeline of the fic better

August 29th

It really had been fate, you and Hoseok. You met each other in High school, and were inseparable ever since then. Together, you had the perfect story book teen romance that grew into a love that you held onto no matter what. He was much more than your first love, he was one of your best friends. Someone you could trust in, someone to rely on.

So, you couldn’t help but feel sad and misoriented as you watched him place the last of his carry-on into his car, all ready to leave for his master’s degree. In fucking Korea. It was the other side of the world, and although you didn’t like it, you knew it was a great opportunity. He had received a full scholarship for a music program in the Seoul Institute of Arts. It was an unpassable opportunity, a one in a lifetime chance, and you were both very aware of it. That’s why you hugged him tightly, kissing him gently one last time. He had asked you not to drive him to the airport because it’d be too much, too hard on you both. You had agreed, even if it did hurt a little, mostly because you didn’t want anyone to see you cry.

“I love you”, he said, resting his chin on your shoulder with a sigh. You held onto him even tighter, not wanting to let go, hoping that the moment would last forever.

“I love you too”, you whispered through the tears that were already forming in your eyes., and He smiled moving away from you a bit to thumb at them.

“Don’t cry. I’ll be back”, he softly pressed his forehead to yours, hand roaming lightly in your hair, and you couldn’t help but sigh.

“I know”, a deep breath, “I know”, your eyes met his and he smiled reassuringly. Everything would be okay, you thought to yourself. You would make it work.

“Okay”, he said, softly, then took a deep breath. “I have to go, can’t lose the flight”

You only nodded in response, choking up on your tears, and walked him to the door. He scooped you up one last time, kissing your face everywhere, and you both giggled in relief. Your hands gripped his shoulders subconsciously, and, even as he settled you back on the ground, you didn’t let him go. He laughed lightly, removing your hands and intertwining your fingers together, then hugging you once more.

“I’ll miss you”, he confessed, voice muffled by your hoodie, and you stifled a cry.

“I’ll miss you too”, he ran a hand through your hair, kissing your forehead.

“Skype me everyday?”, he smiled, getting into the car.

“You know it”, you answered, promptly, because you knew you would, and he looked relieved knowing the same. “Good luck there, I’m sure it’ll be amazing”

“Thank you, Y/N”, he said, holding your hand in one of his, the other one twisting the key in the ignition, “For everything”

You nodded, caressing the back of his hand with your thumb, “You too”

He nodded as well, and took a deep breath. You smiled, softly closing the door for him, and waved as he left the curb, entering the highway. You tried your best not to focus on the fact that you wouldn’t see him again for at least one year as you watched the car disappear on the curve out of your apartment complex, and walked back inside feeling number than you imagined you would. It was real now, not just a spoken intent. He was gone.


September 1st

“Hey babe!”, his voice rang through the shitty speaker of your computer, not matching the image being displayed on the screen.

“Hobi, I can’t see you! The image is delayed!”, you exclaimed, looking at the frozen image of what you assumed was Hoseok, but looked more like a blur of pixelated white and orange.

“Oh crap”, you heard him swear, and then a thud. There was more fumbling around and a few more swears, and suddenly he appeared on the screen, smiling widely at you. The quality of the video still wasn’t perfect, but you smiled anyway contently. It was him, he was there, he was safe.

“I can see you now!”, you said, just as he asked if the video was working, and you both giggled, “How was the flight?”

“It was fine, my back hurts a bit but other than that, it was actually pretty good. I got a window seat”, he fumbled around with what seemed to be a speaker, plugging it into his computer.

“I’m glad. You should’ve called me when you landed! I was worried sick!”, you scowled, and he cackled.

“I wanted to, babe, I swear, but I had no signal and no internet for hours after I arrived”, he explained, twisting the cord of his earbuds as he spoke,  and you felt your heart warming.

“I miss you already”, you said, tears threatening to spill from your eyes, and he looked at you with fondness.

“I do too”, his voice was heavy with unshed tears, and you both fell quiet for a moment, relishing in the bittersweetness of the situation.

“But it’s too good an opportunity for you to pass it, Hobi”, you smiled softly, and he nodded, smiling too, a mix of sadness and knowing in his lips.

“I know”, he sighed, shoulders slumping, “But I miss you. One year is too long”

“It is”, you agreed, “And I’ll die of loneliness probably, but we can make it through!”

“Of course we can!”, he cheered, laughing loudly, and you felt your heart swooning through the stinging. Whatever happened, you knew you and Hoseok would be okay.


September 15th

“I’m like, super late, I’m sorry”, you told him, finally sitting down and pulling your laptop onto your lap. He shook his head, waving you off, and smiled.

“Don’t worry!”, he perched up, sitting back against the headboard of his bed, and sighed.

“Tell me about university! What’s it like? Do you like your classes?”, you chirped, excited to hear it all about his first week.

He bounced up and down on the mattress, big smile spreading on his face, “Yes, oh my god, Y/N, everything is so beautiful! The studios are amazing and the teachers are super nice. Everyone in the program is too.”

“I’m so happy to hear that, Hobi! I’m glad you’re enjoying it”, you said in earnest, body untensing. You were more worried about his first day than Hoseok himself, too scared about possible cultural shocks, people not getting along with him, him feeling alone…things like that. He laughed when he noticed that, shaking his head.

“You’re unbelievable. You were that worried? Do you not have any faith in me?”, he asked, pulling an over dramatic pose, and you giggled.

“That’s not it and you know it. Of course I knew you’d be okay! You’re the most outgoing person ever”, you joked, although it was the truth, and le laughed, pleased.

“I know. Hey, want to see how I organized my room?”, he asked, out of the blue, and you clapped.

“Yesss! Show me around, give me a tour!”

Hoseok laughed and picked the laptop up, walking around the room, and you smiled as he showed you every part of his new life, beaming proudly at your boyfriend.


October Seventh

“You don’t understand, she really doesn’t cut us any slack”, Hoseok whined, for the thousandth time, about his new teacher. Apparently she was a legend in the korean music industry, but a cold bitch to her students. Hoseok had five different assignments, all of them involving groups, and he was tired. He had called you, eyes droopy, voice rough with sleep, and you felt bad for holding him up.

“You should rest, then, Hobi”, you said, as sweetly as possible, and he nodded, head lolling from side to side. You wanted to spend more time with him, but knew his well being was more important.

“I know, I know. I just really wanted to see you before I went to bed”, he pouted, smiling tiredly at you, and you wished you could cuddle him then.

“I can stay until you fall asleep, if you want”, you promised, and he perched up at that.

“Would you really?”

“Of course, babe”, you answered, and he nodded, too tired to keep talking. Hoseok settled down on the bed, laptop focusing on his face only, and you spoke softly to him, smiling to yourself when, not even three minutes later, you noticed he was already out like a light.


October 24th

“Hey, sorry I haven’t been able to talk much lately… things are… hasty right now”, Hoseok said, avoiding your eyes. He rubbed at the back of his neck, black beanie covering his newly dyed black hair, and you sighed.

“That’s okay, don’t worry”, you dismissed him, waving a hand, “I just missed you, that’s all”

“I know you did. I… missed you too”, he casted his glance down, twisting his fingers, before he took a deep breath, “I have something to tell you.”

Your heart jumped, for some reasons those words seemed nothing but appealing to you, but you nodded anyway, letting him speak.

“I’m… not going home for the new year”, he said, fast, getting it out of the way, “I can’t”

You felt your heart fall from your body at those words. “What? But why? You had it all planned out, you even had the money!”, you exclaimed, not understanding. “Do you… need more money? I can help you babe, you just…” You felt defeated. Hoseok and you had planned for him to return to your city for the new year, and you would go back with him to Korea for your summer vacations. You had both been saving money for it since the day you found out about Hoseok’s scholarship. It just made no sense, and you watched as he fidgeted around, settling the laptop down on the bed before speaking again.

“Something came up. Something important. I’ll have to stay here for it”, he explained, vaguely, and that in all honesty annoyed you.

“What is so important that you’ll have to throw away our plans?”, you snapped, making him flinch slightly. His eyes ran around the room nervously before he looked at you.

For a second, it seemed like he would begin tellling you what it was, a mix of resolve and questioning tangling in his features, but he only shook his head slightly instead, “I can’t tell you. But it’s important”, his eyes met yours, “I mean it”

“Fine, Hoseok”, your voice was harsh, and you crossed your arms in anger, pouting at him.

“I’m sorry”, he said, honestly, and then glanced to somewhere in his left, “Uh… listen, I gotta go”

Your eyes widened at that, “Already? But it’s barely been ten minutes since we started talking!”

“I know. I’m sorry”, his eyes met yours. He looked nervous, almost worried,and you huffed, still a bit annoyed and entirely confused. You simply waved him off before ending the call, not even bothering to say goodbye, and guilt flooded you as soon as you shut your laptop.


November 3rd

“That’s really cool”, Hoseok said absentmindedly. He was clearly uninterested in whatever topic you talked about, only glazing them off and humming along to your words. Your chest felt heavy. There was something wrong with him, you were sure of it, but he wouldn’t tell you what. He pulled his phone out, glancing at it for the thousandth time before slipping it back into his pocket. He checked the thing every three minutes or so, and every time he did, he looked more worried, and his mind slipped even further away from you. Every Time he did, you felt worse. Your head was filled with possibilities of why he was doing that, each one worse than the other, and you couldn’t take it anymore. Hoseok had been getting colder, more distant with every call, and it only served to make you more and more unsettled.

“I’m gonna hang up”, you said, after minutes of you silently watching Hoseok, checking his phone like he was waiting for something, not even noticing you had stopped speaking.

He looked up then, after you spoke, and looked shocked. “What? Why?”

“You have barely spoken to me and I have to get some things finished before tomorrow. For uni”, you explained, trying not to be too harsh on him. His expression changed, guilt clear on his face, but you waved him off before he could apologise - it seemed to you that, in the past calls, all he did was apologize -, “It’s cool, Hobi, don’t sweat it” There was a hint of tiredness in your tone that you couldn’t hide. You were nervous, unsure of what was going on with him, and all you wanted was for you two to reconnect.

“Okay”, he said, simply, “Can we talk later? I’ll call you? On the phone”, he looked ready for a flat out rejection, but you cackled lightly.

“Sure, that sounds good”, you said in a softer voice, and he smiled. “Goodbye, then”

“Bye, Y/N, good luck with your stuff”, he smiled, looking relieved - whether it was about you not being angry at him or the call being ended sooner than expected, you didn’t know -, and waved back.

“You too, Hobi”, you said, voice breaking, and you turned the call off before he could notice. Your chest felt heavy once again as you settled down the computer, your mouth tasting like iron and your mind spinning with thoughts you never knew you’d have.


November 25th

“Y/N, I gotta be quick, my group will be here soon for the project”, Hoseok explained, going about the room and tidying it up, hiding socks and just about anything that was in the way in the closet.

“That’s okay”, you lied. It wasn’t. You really missed Hoseok, having barely spoken to him the last few weeks, and you felt horrible for feeling jealous but you did. You felt like something wasn’t right, like it was the calm before the storm, and that unsettled you. But Hoseok had more important things than you being (possibly) wrong at that moment, so you let him be.

“I swear I will call you tomorrow and we’ll speak for hours, but right now I really can’t”, he said, panting slightly from running around, and you sulked.

“Sure, it’s no problem”

“Thanks, Y/N, you’re the best!”, he threw you a flying kiss, coming closer to the screen, and you smiled at him.

“I know, Hobi”, you said, and he laughed before saying goodbye and turning the call off, a feeling of emptiness flooding you as you did so.


December 7th

You’ve been chatting with Hoseok for a little over forty minutes, and honestly, you were extremely relieved, glad to actually have a proper conversation with him again. It wasn’t the greatest of the talks you’ve had, he kept dodging certain subjects and checking his phone every now and then, but the fact that he seemed to be paying at least some attention to you, answering accordingly, asking you questions, commenting on little things, seemed like a positive sign to you. Hoseok rubbed the back of his neck as he explained the antics of the book he was reading to you, saying it was one of the best works he’s ever heard, when his phone rang. He stopped mid-sentence, glancing down at it, and his eyebrows shot up when he saw the caller I.D.

“Who is it? It’s everything okay?”, you asked, noticing his sudden discomfort, and he looked back at the screen, as if just remembering you were there.

“Oh! It’s nothing, I… Y/N, I have to take this, so… I…. I have to go”, he tripped over his words, getting up from the bed. You watched his head pop up on the corner of the screen as he answered the call with a quick, “Hello?”, and mouthed an “I’m sorry”,to you before closing his laptop.

You sat on your bed, still surprised, looking at the black screen announcing the call had ended. Hoseok had never before ended a call because of a phone call, always preferring to either take them while still talking to you, or ignore them and call back later. You felt sick to your stomach, the recurring sensation that something was wrong coming back to you with full force as you stood from your bed, still thinking of what happened. You stilled, head swirling, and walked down to the kitchen. You needed some painkillers and sleep, thoughts settled on ignoring the strange sensation that you were still feeling.


December 22nd

You watched as the three blue dots on the screen jumped up and down, waiting for the call to connect. It had been nearly three weeks since you last spoke to Hoseok, and you missed him immensely. You ran a hand through your hair, adjusting your headband, trying to calm down your nerves. It had been months since you started to notice the change. Hoseok called less, talked less, and was less enthusiastic. During your (rare) skype sessions, he kept glancing away, stumbling over his own words. He seemed to rethink everything he said before saying it, and was constantly shifting places, changing the theme of the conversation and ended the calls earlier than you’d expect. You knew something was wrong, and your chest felt tight, a small voice in your head giving you a pretty good idea of what, but you didn’t want to accept it at first. You spent weeks convincing yourself that he was probably just nervous from his papers, or that he missed you, or maybe he was too tired, but in the last call, that he ended abruptly when he received a phone call, you started to see the truth.

Your heart lapped when the call finally connected, Hoseok’s face showing up in the screen, and smiled nervously, fixing your posture and taking a deep breath, ‘Hi!”, you exclaimed, waving at him. Maybe if you pretended not to see something was going on, everything would be fine in the end.

“Hi, babe”, he said, shoulders slumped. His eyes were filled with emotion, but not the one you wanted to see in them.

You bit your tongue, cursing yourself internally, but you had to know. “Is there something wrong? You seem a bit off lately”

Hoseok stiffened, eyes flying to somewhere off the screen. they lingered there for a second, and he nodded lightly. He looked at you and took a deep breath. His eyes were fixed, confident, and he had that ‘this is the right thing to do’ look on his face, “Y/N… we need to talk”

you shivered, his words cutting through you like a cold blade, but you kept your facade on. “Oh no, I know what that means”

He nodded once more, slowly, and finally spoke. His voice was clear, like he had practiced the line over and over again, but his expression showed more emotion than you’ve ever seen him display before.  “Y/N, I… there’s… someone else”

The words come like a slap. You thought you were ready for them, were expecting them, even, but you weren’t. Your head spins, tears immediately gathering in your eyes, but you bite them back. “What?”

“I wanted to tell you before, I just… I didn’t know how”, he said, voice tainted with sadness and blame, “I’m sorry”

“You cheated on me”, you said. You could feel your blood going cold with the weight of his words. It wasn’t unexpected, you saw it coming from a mile away, but the words still hurt you, still made you want to crawl out of your own skin.

“Worse. I’ve fallen in love”, he said, voice heavy. He was looking at you with so many emotions that you felt dizzy, but you didn’t doubt his words for a second. Your heart thumped loudly against your rib cage, because you weren’t expecting that, but you also knew he wouldn’t lie about it to you. Hoseok had always cherished love above all things - it was one of the things you admired most about him, those words were as true as they would ever be, and knew that. You opened your eyes again, unsure of when you had even closed them, and watched him. His eyes were downcast as he tumbled with the charm of the necklace his mom had given him. You recognized the motion as a nervous tick of his.

“Who is she?”, you asked after a quiet moment, despite your inner voice telling you to not do it, and watched as his shoulders visibly slumped, eyes moving side to side nervously. His hand, that was still playing with the charm of his necklace, stilled, and he bit, his lower lip, as he always did when unsure of what to say. “Don’t tell me…”, you let your voice roam off, mainly because you didn’t want to finish the thought that lingered in your mind. As a response, Hoseok took a deep breath.

“I… his name is Yoongi, I’ve met him in the university. He… he is good to me, y/n”, he answered, refusing to make eye contact with you for more than a second. He was playing with the necklace again, and, in the silence that had made its way between the two of you, you could see that he was looking at something off the camera.

“Hoseok…”, you wanted to curse, to be mad at him, to turn off the call and cry your eyes off, but you didn’t do any of those things. You stayed, quiet, because you didn’t know what to say, couldn’t know what to say, but he spoke instead, filling the gap that quickly formed between the two of you as he voiced everything that, you knew, had been eating him alive for the past months.

“I know I screwed up. And I know you might never forgive me, and I don’t blame you for that, y/n, but I want you to know that I did not plan this, I didn’t know it would happen nor I wanted it to happen. But it did, and…I’m really happy. Happier than I’ve ever been before. He’s… wow, he’s just… amazing”, your heart shattered slowly, you could feel every piece of it falling down with every word he said. You kept quiet, unable to do anything about it, too focused on grasping the situation and keeping all your emotions at bay - too scared you would explode if they all came at once. Hoseok’s voice had a fondness that you’ve never before heard, his eyes were glimmering and he was smiling his dummy smile, even though you were sure he hadn’t noticed. You took a deep breath and swallowed the tears threatening to spill from your eyes as you felt your first love slip away from you and fall into someone else’s arms.

“I…”, you tried out but the words didn’t come. For once in your life, you didn’t know what to say. You didn’t know what to do or how to be strong. You wanted to scream, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to be mad at Hoseok. It’s a harsh truth of loving someone: you want them to be happy, no matter how much it hurts you.

“I’m sorry”, it’s all he said, and you know it’s all he could say. He fell in love, and even though you wanted to blame him for everything, it wasn’t his fault. There’s somethings you can’t control.

“Can… can I meet him?”, you asked, surprising not only Hoseok but yourself. Why would you want to meet the person who took from you your first love? But, as Hoseok looked at you, dumbfounded, you understood why you asked it. “I… I want to make sure it’s real”, you whispered, and whether Hoseok heard you or not, you didn’t know, he simply nodded and dodged behind the computer, muffling the speaker with his hands.

Although you couldn’t make out the words, it was obvious that a conversation was being held. Your heart sank a little more when you realized that the guy - Yoongi - had been there the whole time, listening to you and Hoseok talk. You wondered, sluggishly, if Yoongi had been there in your past video calls, if, during the times he looked away from the camera, Hoseok had been looking at Yoongi.

There was a thump, some shuffling, and a boy showed up in the screen. He was shorter than Hoseok by a head, dark hair falling over his eyebrows. His eyes were drawn, beautiful and slanted, adorned by thick dark lashes that contrast his milky white skin. He was gorgeous, you had to admit, and you heart shattered a bit more at that. He looked nervous, picking at the sleeve of his black sweater. It had the logo of the university in white, and you thought you’ve seen Hoseok wearing it on a skype session you had a few weeks before, but at that moment, you weren’t sure of anything. Hoseok slipped into the frame, next to the boy, and looked at him, deep affection seeping through his facade. He looked uncomfortable and unsure, fumbling with the charm on his necklace, and cleared his throat before speaking.

“Y/N… this is Yoongi”, he glanced between the both of you, biting at the skin on his bottom lips, a small cut bleeding in it, but he licked it away.

“H-hi”, Yoongi said, cautiously, waving slightly at you. He fixed his posture, moving away from Hoseok slightly - probably for your comfort -, and smiled shyly, stealing glances at you, but mostly keeping his eyes on the floor.

“Hi…”, you forced the word out, trying to remember how to speak, and he seemed a bit more relieved to see you weren’t screaming, “N-nice to meet you”, you said, even though it wasn’t the truth, but you knew Yoongi wasn’t at fault for falling for Hoseok - you knew how easy it was to be charmed by the boy, and how nice and caring he was - and was even less at fault for Hoseok falling for him.

There was an uncomfortable silence, the almost palpable tension lingering in the air, before Hoseok cleared his throat again, smiling at Yoongi, “Uh… Yoongi is in the music program too”, he said, obviously hoping to break the ice. You tried thinking of something to say to that, mind going blank, but before you could answer, Yoongi cut through the silence that was settling again.

“I’m sorry”, it’s all he said, but you understood. You nodded slowly, fixing your eyes on his for the first time.

“It’s okay”, the words flowed out of your mouth before you could think them through, raw and sincere. As much as you were hurting, and you felt like you’d never be okay again, Hoseok looked happy, the happiest you’ve seen him in a long time, and that’s what mattered.

Yoongi nodded, lips pursued, before mouthing a soft “Thank you”. You found yourself smiling, even if it was a sad one, because they both looked genuinely relieved. Hoseok didn’t say anything, watching the exchange quietly, glance shifting from you to Yoongi and then back. He didn’t even move. It was the quietest you’ve ever seen him, and even though it only helped settling the realness of the situation even more, it seemed fitting. You all glanced at each other, none of you speaking. Yoongi’s eyes lingered in Hoseok and he smiles automatically, before batting the other’s hand away from the charm. He mumbled something that you couldn’t understand completely, but sounded like a light scowl, and Hoseok chuckled lightly, catching Yoongi’s hand in his. He seemed to realize that, then, looking back at you in shock. There was a dead second before lowered their hands - Yoongi looking sorry and ashamed, and Hoseok looking apologetically - but even if they were out of frame, you knew they kept them together.

“Y/N, I…”, Hoseok speaked up, then, but seemed to not know what to say. He took a deep breath, looking at you, “I’m so sorry”

“I know”, you said, smiling softly, and his shoulders slumped visibly, “But I also know it’s not just a fling. I know you”, you spoke truthfully, and he looked at you, thankful.

“I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me someday”, he said, slowly. His eyes didn’t leave yours, and for some reason, you thought that was better. You wanted to see the emotion in his eyes, one last confirmation that this was real, “You’ll always be a special person to me, and a huge part of my story. I love you. But…”

“But not in the way I love you”, you concluded, and he glanced down, taking another deep breath.

“Not anymore”, his voice was whispered, soft, low and intimate. “I did, though, love you in that way”, he added. It was a confession, even though his eyes are still glued to the floor, “But…”

“Life changes, Hobi. I’m not gonna lie to you and say I’m okay, because I’m not, but believe me when I say I wish you both luck”, you glanced at him, and then at Yoongi, “I hope you’re very happy together”

Hoseok smiled, then, as big and bright as you remembered his smile to be, and thanked you. Yoongi smiled too, although more reserved, and you nodded once more, looking through the both of them one last time.

“You’re welcome”, you pulled the computer closer to you on your lap. It was a bit rude, but you were ready to put an end to that conversation. Your limbs felt heavy and you could already feel a headache forming. The tears you were holding back and exhaustion the of the past half hour finally catching up to you, making your throat sore and sight foggy, your hands trembling as you unplugged the computer from the wall, and faked one more quick smile at them, “I should go”

“Yes… one more time, I’m sorry”, Hoseok said. He looked apprehensive, maybe wondering if you’d be okay but too scared to ask, and you shook your head lightly.

“Don’t be”, your voice was already heavy, stained with the tears that would fall as soon as you shut your laptop, and he nodded knowingly. You took a deep breath, biting your lip to keep from crying as you turned off ended the call. The screen went black, announcing that you had been disconnected, and you shut the app as quickly as possible. teras logged up in your throat as you were met with the picture of you and Hoseok smiling happily that you had as screensaver stared at you, mockingly. You shut your computer with more strength than needed, holding back a shriek, and threw it on the armchair next to your bed. It landed with a loud thud, but you didn’t bother checking it, it could break for all you cared, you didn’t want  to have to look at the picture ever again. You breathed in on your bed, head replaying the entire call over and over in a numbness moment before the pain came, all at once, hitting you in the face with cold, gruesome truth. Your head lolled down as you hugged your pillow,  no longer having the strength to hold back your tears.