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[Ten uses the restroom]
Johnny: Make sure to put the toilet seat down.
Ten: Okay.
Ten: [to toilet seat] You’re worthless and nobody likes you.

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If you're not comfortable writing this, I'd understand if you ignore it but BTS reactions to when they find out their SO (who is recovering from anorexia) wasn't eating well when BTS was on tour because no one would eat with them. Ty 💕💞

Sorry this took awhile my love! 

**trigger warning**

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Jeon Jungkook: 

“Is that my shirt you’re wearing?” Jungkook asked. You just picked him up from the dorm, you knew he was tired from his flight, but still he insisted on coming to your place. “No? It’s mine.” You replied, glancing over at him in passenger seat. Jungkook was studying you, his dark eyes sweeping over your face, then your arms, and finally settling on your collarbones.
“Pull over.” He says, catching you off guard.
Even though its sudden, you pull over on the shoulder of the road. After a few minutes of you two staring each down Jungkook finally says, “I thought you were wearing my shirt because it looks two sizes too big.”
You tapped the steering wheel nervously. Nothing gets pass him. “You said you’d be fine when I left baby.” He says softly. “You told me you wouldn’t make me worry.”
Reaching out he takes your hand into both of his. “I couldn’t eat without you, kookie.” You reply quietly.
After watching a few cars pass by Jungkook suddenly let’s go of your hand. “Let’s trade seats.” He says with decidedly. Curiously you unbuckled your seat belt and hopped out, as you pass by each other, Jungkook suddenly reached out and pulled you close, then wordlessly, gives you a peck on the lips. Flustered, you sit in the passenger seat. He still wasn’t talking, but he was humming along to the radio with his hand on your thigh. “Here.” He says. Looking out you noticed it’s the restaurant where you two ate at during your first date.
“Be healthy, jagiya. I love you.“ 

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Kim Taehyung: 

"Go to sleep, I will see you soon!” Taehyung urged over the phone. Hanging up, you closed your eyes and fell into sleep. Hours later you feel the bed shift, followed by a warm hand on your back. “Honey, I’m home!” A voice whispered teasingly.
“Tae!” You said sitting up and reaching out for him. Immediately his arms circled you.
“Oh?” He says. You try to look at his face, but his expression is unreadable.
“You’re thinner!” His hands started to move across your back.
He sighed heavily, “you promised me jagiya.” Feeling a tear slip, you say, “I know, Tae. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t eat alone. I didn’t have an appetite.”
Taking your face into the palm of his huge hands, forcing you to look into his eyes. “You’re never alone. I’m always with you.” He whispers, pressing his forehead against yours. “I brought us snacks, let’s eat and play!”

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Jung Hoseok: 

“Jagiya! Haven’t you eaten anything good lately?” You’ve only been reunited for 5 minutes and he’s already trying to subtly ask about your health. But of course, he knew you weren’t. “Um, of course!” You say hesitatingly. You were walking hand with Hoseok, down the street from his dorm. 

“"I remember when I first met you, you were going through a really hard time.” He started, “"I told you I’d always be there for you, no matter what the case may be.” He was right. He’s always been there, supporting me, cheering me on.

“Jagiya, why haven’t you been eating?” He asks, a touch of sadness laced in his voice. It broke your heart to hear his voice that way. You took a deep breath. Before you could even begin to explain, he had already taken you into his arms.

“i couldn’t do it. I had no one to eat with, i didn’t want to be a burden on anyone. And I missed you so much…” you explained tearfully. Hoseok placed his lips firmly upon yours. “"It hurts me knowing that you were suffering while I was away. I promise baby, I’ll never let you go back to that point.” You nodded tearfully. 

“"Now let’s go have jin-hyung cook us something yummy!” He said practically dragging you to the dorms.

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Park Jimin: 

It’s late into the evening, but you came to the airport to surprise Jimin anyway. Thankfully his manager thought it’d be okay, only if you waited in the van. As the minutes ticked by you could feel the anticipation. Then suddenly the door swung open. “Ah! What?”
Jimin said in quiet shock. He had shades and a mask on so you couldn’t see his face.
“Jimin!” You reached for him excitedly. Realizing it was you he took his shades and pulled his mask down, showing a bright smile. “Jagiya! You startled me!” He quickly sat next you, throwing one arm around your shoulders. “You came all this way for me?” You nodded shyly. As the other members started to file in, they greeted you warmly but you can see their eyes surveying you. “Have you eaten?” Jimin asked quietly. He knew. He knew the answer without you even saying anything. The car ride to your apartment seemed to take eternity. The tension in the air, mostly coming from Jimin was thick. So when the car stopped you didn’t hesitate to jump out. What surprised you was turning around and seeing Jimin grab a couple of his bag and telling the others bye. Once inside your apartment, he immediately started cooking. “Why haven’t you been eating? Is because of me?” He questioned. He’s sounded hurt. You hugged him from behind.
His back tensed.
“Because I couldn’t eat without you here. Food just doesn’t taste the same without you here with me.” You say into his back.
“I love you jagiya. Let’s eat.”

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Min Yoongi: 

As soon as you’d run into Yoongi’s arms he’d place both his hands on your arms and push you back, holding you at arms length. “You’ve lost weight.” He’d say flatly. Then his hands would slip away, he’s upset. “Have you been eating properly?” He’d ask, studying your face, waiting for you to lie. Yoongi knows you better than anyone. While away he’d call everyday, making sure you were taking care of yourself. And of course he knew you were lying.
“No. I haven’t been able to-” you started,
Yoongi huffed in frustration, interrupting you.
“I couldn’t eat without you. I’m sorry.” You blurted in a rush closing your eyes.
After what seem like an eternity of silence, you felt his arms wrap around you.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” His voiced filled with emotion. You shrugged tearfully. He held you tighter, then released you. You looked up at him curiously.
“Lets go eat.” He’d say, offering you his hand.

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Kim Seokjin: 

Right before his flight back home, he’ll FaceTime you. “Jagiya, we’re about to board. I just wanted to see your face-….have you lost more weight?!” You tried to hide your face with your hair, but of course Jin’s sharp eye couldn’t miss anything. “I will see you when I get home. Wait for me.” He says suddenly ending the call. Hours later he you here a knock at the door. You knew it was Jin before opening the door. He came in with bags full of groceries, giving you a hasty hello. You watch him as he prepares a meal, still not saying a word. Finally you walk behind him and hug him. He sighed, “why haven’t you been eating? You promised-” you cut him off, “I couldn’t eat because no one would eat with me!” You blurted, you felt his whole body turn stiff. “I was so lonely. You weren’t here…I didn’t want to bother anyone else…” you didn’t realize tears were streaming down your face until Jin’s hand softly stroked them away and held you in his arms. He didn’t say much, but you can feel the regret radiating off of him. “From now on, I’ll eat with you everyday, my love." 

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Kim Namjoon: 

"Baby!” You’d hear the door open and Namjoon’s loud, excited voice. Wrapped in only a towel you quickly grabbed clothes out of the closet. Before you could get your shirt on, he’s standing in your doorway. “Did you miss…..” he started. Your back was to him so you couldn’t see his face. You didn’t want to see the look of disappointment on his face after seeing how much weight you lost again.  Then gentle hands turned you around. Namjoon gazed down at you with round eyes.
“Baby?” He’d ask, striking your arms, “what’s going on? You’ve gotten thinner, are you okay?” His words sounded rushed, you can tell he was worried.
“Um…” you started, trying to come up with an excuse.
Namjoon shook his head, “talk to me. Don’t shut me out.”
Taking a deep breath, “I missed you. We’ve always eaten together, but after you left, I had no one to eat with. I was alone.” You hung your head in shame.
Namjoon took you in his arms and held you tightly. “If I had known jagiya, I would have FaceTime you with every meal, no matter what time it is.” Pushing you back to look into your eyes he says, “we’re in this together. Depend on me." 

Note: I hope this was good for you guys! Remember if anyone is going through anything, I’m always open to talk and help in any way I can!


Group Chat || You’re Dating Yuta And Your Brother Jaemin Doesn’t Approve

Justlex Pool Scene Headcanons

Request: Justin seeing Alex falling into the pool but this time Alex doesn’t try and go up for air (justlex obv ensues)

A/N: Thanks for the request, I really enjoyed it!

Warnings: Alex throws himself into pool scene from show. I tried not to make it seem like Alex really intended not to surface, because I didn’t feel like it was right to romanticise a potential suicide, but please still be careful.

Justlex Pool Scene Headcanons…

  • Alex wasn’t sure if he intended to come up from the water or not, all he knew is that the cool and calm of it felt better than he thought, and he wasn’t about to throw away such serenity so soon
  • Justin wrestled his way out of Bryce’s hold, knowing full well that with how high/drunk they all were no one should be swimming, but he didn’t really think anything of it until his eye caught Alex at the bottom of the pool
  • His heart sank, and he tripped over Bryce’s figure on the floor before he sprinted to the pool and jumped in fully clothed

  • Alex noticed the stillness in the water was gone, but he was numb, he didn’t feel anything anymore. He was happy to just stay there absently floating in the nothingness
  • Justin grabbed him, and swam them both to the surface where Zach had appeared. Justin desperately called out to him, and after a few seconds Alex groaned at him and weakly tried to fight his way out of Justin’s arms
  • “Stop fighting me”
  • “Justin? …okay”

  • Zach taking Alex and dragging him out of the pool, carrying him to the nearby chairs while Justin pulls himself out, ditching his shirt on the pools edge to get away from the freezing water
  • Justin sitting at Alex’s side and checking over him while Zach runs for some towels, because it’s cold out and they’re both going to freeze
  • Justin keeps cursing him while Alex still just lies there motionless with his eyes closed, quietly breathing
  • “You gave me a heart attack” Justin admits once he’s sure Alex is okay

  • “What do you care?”
  • “Don’t start with me, Standall”
  • Justin wrapped Alex in towels before he even bothered to dry himself off. The gesture encouraging Alex to open his eyes, and their gazes met before Alex looked away again
  • Justin lazily wrapped himself up in some towels before he scooted closer to Alex, desperate for the boy to get warm again

  • “I’m fine, dry off”
  • “Alex, you need to warm up. You should get these wet clothes off you”
  • “You’re not going to leave me alone, are you?”
  • “No”

  • Alex sat up, pulling off his shirt as he tried to hide his shivers while wrapped himself back up in the towel. Justin of course wasn’t satisfied though, and so he pulled the towel tighter while Alex rolled his eyes
  • Justin then pulled Alex down into him, holding him close to try and get their body heat to radiate between each other. Alex didn’t have the will to pull away, he actually liked being held protectively to Justin’s chest, so he just stayed there
  • Justin gently rocked the two of them back and forth as he kissed Alex’s hair. The blonde noticed but didn’t say anything, for once he was actually somewhat content. Instead he just looked up to Justin, his usually blue eyes a little red from the chlorine of the pool
  • Alex and Justin held eye contact for a moment, before Justin leant down and pressed their lips together. Alex just let him guide their lips and kissed him back, forgetting that this was Justin Foley, and he shouldn’t even be so close to him let alone kissing him

  • Justin broke the kiss, but then peppered little kisses across the corner of Alex’s mouth and across his cheeks. Alex tried, and failed miserably, at not smiling at the gesture, but eventually gave in and just melted into Justin
  • Justin left one final kiss on Alex’s forehead before they looked back at each other again. Justin smiled gently, and Alex returned it, but they stayed silent as they just looked at each other, Justin bundling the blonde up more in the towel as they huddled together out of the breeze, warming up

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Art challenge by @soupery:

I’d really, really, really like to do some more of these!

Just tell me a pairing with the pose (for example Daisuga - C4) per instant messenger (im still struggling with the ask box…) and hopefully I’ll draw ‘em!

Clony With Sick!Clay and Caring!Tony

Request: Could you do headcanons for sick Clay and Tony taking care of him? I love your blog btw :)


A/N: Thank you so much! Sorry for the delay, I hope this is what you were after :)


Warnings: Joking mention of death, use of medication


Clony With Sick!Clay and Caring!Tony…

  • Clay is the type of person to know when they’re getting sick, and they power through it without doing anything to prevent it

  • Then overnight they have the full blown flu and make it out like they’re dying
  • If it were one of his brothers, this would annoy the shit out of Tony, but when it’s his Clay it breaks his heart

  • You can guarantee his mama had a soup recipe for when he or his siblings were sick, and Tony absolutely makes it for Clay
  • He even feeds it to him, and helps him sip on some water

  • Clay will just whine be entire time though, and Tony falls for it
  • He’ll cuddle up in bed with Clay

  • And give the boy back tickles
  • He’ll even do a Lord Of The Rings marathon with him

  • The hardest part though is Tony trying not to laugh at Clay talking with his blocked nose
  • His voice changes so much and Tony just thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world

  • Clay is down for so many cuddles when he’s sick
  • He’ll literally just lay on Tony and cling to him

  • And when Tony tries to leave he’ll whine and won’t let him
  • Clay will blow his nose once per tissue

  • And Tony will tell him off for it when Clay just throws them on the floor
  • Clay remains in a state of half asleep, half awake

  • And Tony even has to help him shower, because Clay just doesn’t want to do any things for himself
  • Tony will sit with him while he naps

  • And strokes Clays hair
  • And he’ll kiss Clay’s warm forehead gently

  • Tony is also super strict on when it’s time for Clay to take his medication
  • When Clay’s asleep Tony will occupy himself by helping his parents fix things around the house

  • And when Clay wakes up he fake cries until Tony comes back
  • And Tony will wrap them in the blankets like a burrito and softly hum to him while they cuddle away from the cold


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Allura and Keith have a day outing and lance and shiro are texting each other about it and showing how badly they are pining


(also lance and shiro started texting each other on a daily basis to theorize about keith and allura’s shenanigans after this)

(hilariously enough, the whole reason keith and allura are hanging out so much is so they can talk about lance and shiro lmfao)

  • johnny: i wasn't ready to debut w/ exo
  • exo: *awe struck by johnny's beauty while looking at his photo shoot pics* boi, do you mean we weren't ready to debut w/ you?
  • Johnny: that works lol

Make Me Choose:  Luna x Ginny or Harry x Pansy | Be Mine Challenge 

“you will forever be my always” 

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