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it was this young man jon snow who took the qall and held it, against all the fury of the north. he has proved himself valiant, loyal, and resourceful.


Their icon wasn’t loading for the person who sent me this, but their icon is the picture of blini cat I used on Twitter for a while: 

This person is apparently sending my fans Skype requests, spamming them and asking for nudes. Something they’ve said is, and I directly quote, “I’ll let you be in a stream if you show me your naked body.”, so we know this person is not a bot and that they actively know who I am, know what my fans are like, and are specifically impersonating me. 

If this person sends you a contact request, block and report them immediately.

Please signal boost if you can, I don’t want any of you getting hurt by this person.

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Bts reaction to their s/o shouting and being really engrosed in a tv show or movie

relatable prompt — (strong power) thank you

NAMJOON : thoroughly entertained by you shouting at the television set

SEOKJIN : “What are you doing, jagiya?” would look at you clueless af but still have a bright and comforting smile.

YOONGI : would keep on watching as if nothing happened or snicker under his breath

HOSEOK : would start screaming or laughing with you

JIMIN : facepalming and laughing at you with his precious laugh

TAEHYUNG : would make it into a competition and begin shouting louder than you

JUNGKOOK : mocks you by yelling the same thing in a high-pitched voice


FXXK IT - Daesung 2/3 // request Info here

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AOMG dates

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Loco; would take you out for a long drive to a neighboring town away from any potential intrusions. He’d take you someone authentic, a little local shop, hidden away from the public. He’s a down to earth guy so being extravagant isn’t in his forte. After dinner he’d drive you up a hill where the stars shine the brightest, he’d pull out a blanket he had hidden in the trunk. You spend the night talking about your aspirations and life’s greatest moments.

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Gray; would surprise you with VIP tickets to a concert you’ve been raving about. The booth he’d gotten was nearly empty and filled with the world’s delicacies. You felt like a queen that is until your mutuals showed up. Gray has a process for things and that may not align you with completely. You decide not to say anything because it’s your first “date”. Once the concert ends and goodbyes are said he leads you to some other place. You badger him with questions but he simply smiles evading your questions. It’s dark out the only thing in your peripheral vision is a pool. He takes hold of your hand and continues down towards the body of water. Near the lounge chairs are bathing suits each to their own, you get the picture. You both go for a midnight swim and a drink to go with it. It was nice and sensual. He explains what happened before bringing you closer to him.

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Jay; is an extravagant guy, he loves to spoil his friends and family just imagine what he would do for you. Jay planned a weekend getaway at a city nearby. A hotel booked for two and a spa reservation with your names on it. He showed you around the most top of the hand shops and restaurants. Nothing came close to his midnight insecurities, forget about the expensive food and lavish gifts they didn’t come close to the vulnerable side of him. You got to see the real him, the one who cries and worries, the nights weren’t completely filled with lust but security and warmth.

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Simon: is AOMG’s foodie. He would take you to dim lighted restaurant maybe even ask for the booth in the far corner for more privacy. He’s a sweetheart with only your comfort in mind and will order everything you want. Simon would hold your hand and listen intently to your every word, it was a nice change from your usual guy. The restaurant was buzzing with conversations and meat sizzling on the grill but all that was tuned out, you two were in your own universe. Until your food arrived, the romantic aura surrounding you vanished, now the air was filled with giggles and sarcasm. Simon wouldn’t stop at a secluded dinner he would carry the date out for dessert. Riding top down to a far ice cream parlor that Simon claims have the best ice cream, you beg to differ. It was ice cream he ate as a kid, it brought back a sea of memories, his eyes lit up as he received his ice cream cone.  The child in him screamed for joy at the bite of his ice cream it was quite a sight.

HanHao (Seventeen) Photo Spam!

@sailorshade requested:  Would you do a photo spam of Hansol and Minghao?? That would be amazing 😭👏🏼✨

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Alright Alright! Enough of Aoi trending! I’m busting out Reita! Screw it! HE NEEDS LOVE TOO!

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Kino as your boyfriend
  • Best friend kind of relationship
  • You found out he had feelings for you when he got jealous over someone flirting with you
  • “Why are you so grumpy?”
  • “Because I should be flirting with you instead.”
  • And you’re like ‘what’ but he’s dead serious
  • And then it slowly progresses into a relationship
  • Nose kisses
  • Ice cream dates
  • Shows you his choreography
  • “Cool right?”
  • Cuddles after schedules
  • He lies in your lap and you stroke his hair
  • Then he falls asleep peacefully
  • Wants to make you smile all the time
  • Looking after kids together
  • Encouraging each other to do well
  • Lots of 'do we really have to let go’ hugs
  • Since he doesn’t have time to talk a lot on schedules, he’ll send a text only saying '❤’ to show you he is thinking about you
  • “Tell me I’m your only one.”
  • “You’re my only one”
  • Lots of backhugs
  • He holds his arms around you
  • You’re stuck now
  • This also happens a lot, he’s just embrace you and you’re unable to escape
  • Btw you should really try tickling him, he’s ticklish
  • He’ll probably cringe and fall to the ground, begging for mercy
  • Coffee dates at cafes
  • You’ll sit at a little round table by the window and talk about mundane things
  • If he brings you roses, he’ll never bring red ones because he feels like that’s a bit too grown up for him
  • He usually picks either light pink or peachy toned ones
  • One time he was away with Pentagon and he sent a giant bouquet to your door with a card saying “I love you”
  • Let’s you wear his giant jackets
  • “Oh my you look adorable!” *more squeezing*
  • You bring out his squishy smile every time you talk about something you’re passionate about
  • He just finds your enthusiasm so amazing
  • Likes bringing you to the dorm to hang out with the members but always stays quite close to you just in case
  • You always jam out and dance to bops together
  • Especially when making food, you’ll use the spatula as a microphone and Hyunggu will make rhythms with two spoons
  • Would always support you through anything
  • Loves giving you compliments and making you flustered
  • He would care so much, he’s always looking after you
  • Slowdances with you to your favourite song, never losing eye contact
  • Lots of dates at the dance studio
  • He would always want to touch you in some way, it could be him holding your hands or having his arm around your waist
  • He’d love to go on late night walks with you, telling you stuff from the most serious to the silliest things
  • You’d bring out his beautiful laugh
  • Loves sending you cute selfies
  • Prepare for lots of make out sessions where he holds you really close to him
  • All over just the sweetest, most comfortable relationship in the world

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Seventeen (Pre-Debut) Photo Spam!

Anon requested:  Heyyyyy~ can I request a pre debut seventeen photo spam? Thank you and have a lovely holiday! Or just a beautiful normal day ❤️

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Late Night [ Sebastian Stan x Reader ]

a/n : hellooo its been AWHILE since ive posted i havent had alot of inspo so i decided to post smth ive had in my notes for quite some time now so i hope u enjoy ( its not the best, but it is cute :-)) ) “I think ‘honey’ is the cutest nickname like you are the efforts of hundreds of tiny bees collaborating, you are made of flowers and love and you make everything so much sweeter.” is from a text post i saw awhile back but i cant find it now but i absolutely loved it :-)) also, requests are open!! go spam me pls x

in which Y/N stays up memorizing a script and Sebastian finds her.

Y/N repeated the sentence again, her eyes droopy and her voice soft. She had an audition for broadway the next day and she really wanted to get the part, but the lack of sleep was taking a toll on her. She took a gulp of her coffee, clearing her throat and starting over.

“Personally I’ve never encountered someone I thought is the scum of the earth? Yeah, scum of the earth.” She hiccuped loudly. She shushed herself, scolding that Sebastian was in the bedroom sleeping soundly. She was growing woozier by the second and she felt her presence of mind edge away from her.

She pinched her cheeks in hopes of waking herself up, compressing them with her hands. “Y/N, focus. Just two more lines and then you can go to bed.” She spoke softly in a determined voice. She looked at the bottom of the page, spotting the next line she was supposed to say. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing but her coffee-scented breath came out. She groaned, folding her arms on the table and resting her head on them. Sebastian, alerted by the thud on the table and of Y/N’s absence beside him, walked out of the bedroom. He spotted Y/N hunched over a script on the dining table, with several empty mugs surrounding her. Her squinted his eyes trying to focus on his girlfriend, stepping towards her. “Y/N?” Her head whipped up with a dopey grin on her face. “Seba, hey there! What are you doing up?” She nearly yelled, making Sebastian flinch. Y/N gasped before speaking again.

“I woke you up didn’t I? I’m so so sorry, I’ve been trying to memorize this page since 8 o'clock and-” Y/N whispered. Sebastian cracked a smile and quickly sat down beside her. He gave her multiple sweet pecks on her cheeks to shut her up.

“You didn’t wake me, dragă. I came out here because you weren’t in bed yet.” He pulled her onto his lap. He rested his chin on her shoulder. “How much coffee have you had?” Y/N snorted.

“More than I need. You see, this is why I don’t drink a lot of coffee. Because coffee does things to my brain and I start acting all loopy—” She cut herself off. “Ohmygod Seba! I need to tell you something!” Sebastian chuckled. “Go ahead.”

“I someone tweet this lyric a few hours that went something like ‘I wanna live with you even when we’re ghosts’ and it got me thinking. Do ghosts live in houses? Do ghosts have houses? I mean, they don’t right? Because they roam around. But then the ghosts that roam around are the ones with 'unfinished business’ right? So hypothetically, the ghosts that are you know, done with their business are like, up above. Do those ghosts have houses? Do you think there are like different kinds of houses for ghosts? Isn’t that like what the Chinese believe in, that the bigger the house you build for their remains the bigger their house is in the afterlife? Not that I know anything about Chinese culture but that’s pretty cool, I guess. But honestly if I was a ghost, I’d wanna live in an apartment thing, you know? I don’t think I nor my ghost self could handle a house. Too many things to take care off. It’s too big— and you’d have to clean it all? I’m way too lazy for that stuff!” Y/N rambled. She leaned back into Sebastian’s rumbling chest, looking back at him and pouting. “Why are you laughing?”

He grinned widely at her and nuzzled his head in the crook of her neck. “You’re so cute, honey.” The girl giggled at the nickname before gasping again. “That’s another thing!” Sebastian lifted his head to meet her bright eyes.

“Lay it on me.”

“I just realized that ‘honey’ is one of if not the cutest nickname ever, like you are the efforts of hundreds of tiny bees collaborating, you are made of flowers and love and you make everything so much sweeter. Being called 'honey’ means so much and we never really think about it, do we?”

Sebastian nodded along, pecking a sweet kiss to Y/N’s nose. “You do make everything sweeter, don’t you?” She shifted to wrap her arms around his neck. She rested her head on his collarbone, taking in the warmth and homey scent of her boyfriend. She immediately sobered up. She huffed. “I’m never drinking more than a cup of coffee again.” Y/N murmured. She felt Sebastian’s chest move up and down as he was laughing.

“You good?” He asked her lowly. She sighed and nodded. “I haven’t finished my lines though.” Sebastian made a grunting noise, his mouth veering to Y/N’s neck. “You can do them tomorrow, it’s already 2:39 am. What time is your audition?” He nipped at the spot where her neck and shoulder met.

“10:30.” She mumbled distractedly, sinking in to Sebastian’s touch. He smiled against her skin. He placed one last kiss before looking into her eyes. “Than let’s go to bed, yeah?” He didn’t give her much choice when he lifted her bridal style to the bed room, nor did she protest. She was on the brink of passing out out of exhaustion, all she needed was a pillow and she would be out like a light.

Sebastian tucked Y/N into bed, bringing the comforter up to her shoulders. Y/N immediately turned to the other side, waiting for Sebastian to get in so she could cuddle with him. Sebastian quickly went over to his side, sliding in and pulling Y/N closer to him.

The coldness of the sheets and the heat radiating off their bodies sent Y/N into euphoria, smiling contently against Sebastian’s chest. “Come with me to the audition?” She mumbled. Sebastian placed a kiss to her forehead. “Of course, baby. You’re gonna do great.” Y/N made a small noise of gratification.

“I love you, Seba.”

“I love you too, honey.”