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4 o’ clock

Request: Tae scenario? His escape from the idol life is a spot where he takes pictures and he notices a girl there? He wants to talk to her but she’s a foreigner so they have trouble talking

Words: 2K 

Genre: Fluff; drabble

It was 4 ‘o clock in the morning when he said farewell to his buddies after a long night of partying and fooling around. His friends were still singing jolly songs toasting to their friendship when Tae-hyung turned around and started to walk away with a smile on his face.

“Ya! Taehyung-ah! Where are you going?” One of his friends screamed in his drunken state and then immediately everyone around him started laughing. Taehyung kept on walking, having gone through this routine more times than he could count on his fingers. His friends tend to find everything funny under the influence of alcohol.  So he kept on walking until the laughter died behind him and all he could hear was a nameless bird singing into the dawn. Another smile broke out on his face as his haven came to mind. He hadn’t been there in the long time now. Perhaps, it was time to pay a visit.

The sun continued to rise as he walked miles leading to a deserted colony. As he closed in, he fixated his eyes on an abandoned isolated apartment tower standing 45 floors tall. From what Taehyung had heard, years prior to his debut as an idol, the colony had been a project by one of the largest real estate investment companies. However, not long after the colony was ready to be sold and resided in, some of boards of directors were found guilty of monetary scams and thus the project was abandoned after being fully completed. The loss the company suffered was too great to ever think about reclaiming the colony. It was left for the dead.

However, for Taehyung it was a blessing. It was the place where he could come at any time of the day without restrictions and at the top, on the terrace the world would fall away in a brilliant mix of starlight and photosphere. Day or night, this was the only heaven he wanted to be in, at certain times.

He stepped out of the emergency elevator, which surprised him by working every time, since this was an abandoned spot and technically electricity supply was should not be present but he wasn’t about to complain.  He climbed the last bunch of stairs and pushed the terrace door open.

His face broke out in a grin. The time was perfect. The sun was on the brink of escaping the holds of horizon. Taehyung hurriedly put his things down and took out his camera. Putting it to his eyes, he waited patiently for yet another breathtaking sunrise he could capture in his lenses.

There it was, the sun, peeking from its blanket that were the hazy clouds in monochrome- but not for long. As it rose, the blankets changed color in ombré from a tangerine orange to a lazier one. A few more seconds and he would have the perfect shot.

“Alright…” He whispered to himself as he counted seconds. “Now.”

Just when he clicked the picture, a sudden noise- like a person’s leg dragging across a surface caught him off guard. Someone was there. He quickly removed the camera from his sight, ready to scare away who ever it was. This is was his place. Not to mention, his shot was completely ruined and now he’d missed the timing.

He opened his mouth to reprimand the miscreant but stopped midway. The sun was half out of bed when Taehyung saw her. She stood in front of him in an elegant overcoat, her hair cascading down her back in dark waves synchronizing with the wind. In her hand was a half empty large pint of Corona. Her eyes were beautiful and mysterious and they were fixed on, well…him.

“I’m sorry if I ruined your shot, I didn’t know someone was here.” She said with a polite smile on her face.

Uh oh.

She was not Korean.

He just stood there, opening and closing his mouth like a fish trying to form a sentence in English so she could understand but somehow whatever little he knew of the language, flew right out of his head. She must have caught on because the next thing she said was this:

“Oh, I guess you don’t speak English.”

Taehyung shook his head up and down to confirm his affirmative. “I only speak…” He brought his index and thumb together to gesture ‘little’.

She smiled and said, “I see. Well, thank god for smartphones.” She took out her phone and started looking for something and typing.  When she finished typing , she brought phone closer to Taehyung’s ear.

“I’m sorry I ruined your shot.”

Ah, a translating app.

“No-No, it is okay.” He said. She brought the phone next to Taehyung mouth and encouraged him to speak. He spoke slowly and carefully. She then brought it next to her own ear.

“It’s completely okay. I come here quite often so I can take it again.”

She smiled and then pointed one finger to herself. “My name is ___.”

By this time, Taehyung couldn’t stop the smile that was forming on his face. He similarly pointed to himself and said, “Taehyung.”

“Alright Taehyung, would you like some Corona?” She brought her bottle up and shook it a little.

He gave a nod.

“Good.” She said and then turned around. “Come on, follow me. It seems like we were meant to meet.” She said more to herself. “I’ve got exactly one pint left.”

He started following her towards edge of the terrace. When the turned right Taehyung saw two empty pints of beer and exactly one standing. She bent down and grabbed that pint, handing it to Taehyung who took it with a thank you.
She smiled and just sat down, without caring for her clothes. He followed and sat down at a respectable distance as well. In front of him, the railing was not covered so even though he was sitting down, he could see everything in front of him. He smiled at the hazy blanket, which was disappearing, and the bright blue sky that was conversing with a sun in a beautiful contrast.  

“You’re a photographer?”

He jumped at the sudden voice right beside his ear. Her phone.

She laughed a little and spoke again into the phone and brought it next to his ear. “That was funny.”

He scratched his head in embarrassment and looked up to see her looking ahead with a calm smile on her face. Taehyung never knew he would describe someone like this but she looked unreal. It’s almost as if he was dreaming and he had made someone up in his dream. He silently prayed for his assumption to be wrong.

In a sudden bout of boldness, he gently took her hand with the phone in it, and placed it near his mouth, all the while not breaking eye contact with her. “I’m a singer.” She looked at him surprised and didn’t move her hand so he moved her hand with his own and brought it near her mouth. She blinked twice and then stuttered, “O-oh, huh?”

Taehyung laughed and let go of her hand as the translating app crashed after a few seconds of being unable to understand her words. She blushed and clicked her tongue pretending to fix her app. Sure enough, after a few curses and hits to her phone, the app started working again. However, before she could speak into it, her phone started ringing and she picked it up.

At that moment, Taehyung could swear she was speaking gibberish because that’s what it sounded like to him. She was speaking English so fast that after the initial greetings, Taehyung couldn’t understand anything at all.

After a few awkward seconds (for him), she cut the call and sighed. She put her head against the wall and closed her eyes as if she was really exhausted. Taehyung studied her side profile with curiosity. The steady rise and fall of her chest, her tongue that she ran over her slightly curved scarlet lips, her hands-one resting on her thigh and the other one shielding her eyes from the sun.

She looked ethereal.

“I must really be something to look at because you haven’t taken your eyes off me for quite a while now.” She suddenly wondered out loud, catching Taehyung off guard. He couldn’t understand what she said but he was pretty sure by the playful smirk on her face that she had caught him staring. Taehyung blushed and looked away.

He could feel her gaze on him but he daren’t look her way. What if he was staring too much and she ended up thinking he was creep? However, his resolve broke in two seconds as she got up and started collecting the empty pints of beer in a cardboard box kept to her side, which he surprisingly hadn’t seen yet. After she was done, she came back to his side but didn’t sit down. Instead, she put her hand forward as if asking him to take it and get up. So he did.

“I have to leave.” She spoke in her phone and placed the phone near him so he could hear.

As soon as he understood, his heart fell. It was strange, even to him. They had met for less than an hour and not even conversed that much, just sat around and watched light fill the air. She was a stranger.

So why wasn’t he ready to leave her company yet?

She coughed and once again, he broke out of his trance. The microphone was at his end. It was his turn say goodbye.

He opened his mouth to bid farewell but what came out instead was, “ Can I meet you again?”

He observed her patiently as she listened to the translation and her features changed to show her surprise. She looked at him with a surprise bluntly written on her face but as seconds passed, her lips curved into a smile. She stepped forward, not breaking eye contact with him. At a half a foot’s distance she stopped. Taehyung couldn’t bring himself to break the eye contact. He wanted to know, he had to know the meaning behind her smile. Was it a polite smile meant to reject his offer? Or was it affirmation of her interest in him too?

Without warning, she stepped forward with her hands joined behind her back and before Taehyung could move, kissed him lightly on the cheek and rushed back into her place with a shy smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. Blood rushed to his face and his hands went up to touch the side of his face where her lips had been moments ago. He looked at her in time, crimson and suddenly out of breath, to see her giving him a fond nod.

She would meet him again.

A while after she was gone, Taehyung stood against the railing of the terrace looking at the accidental shot of he had clicked of you. You stood there, blocking the sunrise with your frame. The clouds were emerging from behind you lighting up in the wake of the sun. Your eyes were wide; your mouth slightly open (probably because of Taehyung’s sudden appearance) and there was a bottle of beer in your hand.

Taehyung smiled at the candid and automatically his hand went to his back pocket to retrieve the small scrap of paper you had written your personal number on. His smile widened. He whistled and put the paper back in pocket and stretched his arms, finally planning to leave for work.

“Ah,” He said out loud, looking at the city lying before him from the 45th floor for the last time that day.

“What a beautiful day it is.” 

much love,


Part II of requests and my journey to figure out believable digital watercolor, tumblr user spicypoop’s OC Robert. Sorry dude, you just get a boring naked headshot because he ended up being my “how the hell do I do skin and hair” test. I’m kinda getting there, but the wet edges on his face are just a little too hard for good watercolor, I think? They looked good at first but the more I look at them they seem just a bit too harsh, especially for the paper texture I’m using. The ones around his mysteriously unpainted shoulder/arm are way more accurate.