request from stream


“Pow! Pow! POW!”
Altean Lance is coming to steal yo’ quintessence

200th POST!

And what better way to use that post than what I got for my birthday?

So from my friends (Thank you so much, Megasweet!), I got a birthday request from his art stream, and used that for who we all know, best girl on Teen Titans.

If Tara Strong saw this, she’d strangle me…

UPDATE: Reblogging since I was told it was too small…he, that’s what she said…

sombra! my nerd wife <3
as requested from the stream chat today!

probably going to mess around with her hair a bit more later but for now she’s done.

that hand honestly took most of the 6h this took to paint. why do i do this to myself…

good news is that i haven’t saved over my original sized file so this one will be avaliable as a print providing society6 doesn’t have rules about fanart.