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2 Weeks to Nagranowrimo!

This year’s Nagranowrimo session is just under 2 weeks away, so it’s time to sign-up for the challenge!

Nagranowrimo stands for “National Graphic Novel Writing Month” and it’s a month long challenge to work on a graphic novel.

What’s the page goal for Nagranowrimo? You choose! Nagranowrimo is more or less a pledge that you will spend a month focusing on a graphic novel. You are encouraged to choose a goal that is challenging for you but not overwhelming or unattainable. Don’t meet your goal? No worries, at least you got a start on something! You are also free to go into Nagranowrimo without any set goal. This is your time and effort!

Sign-up is easy!

  • Send an ask or a fanmail stating you’ll be participating.
  • If you know what your goal is for the month, you may include that (read the rules for more about setting a goal)
  • I will add your name to the participants list with a link to your tumblr.
  • If there is a website you would rather have me link to than, please include it in your fanmail (URLs do not work in asks)

That’s about it for sign-up! Please reblog and spread the word! Also feel free to post anything related to your project and tag it “nagranowrimo”.

Quick FAQs!

  • You CAN sign up after September 1st. If you learn about Nagranowrimo and/or decide to participate after the month has started, you can still get on the list and partake in the graphic novel fun! I’m not going to set a cutoff date to join, if you can devote a significant amount of the month to Nagranowrimo then we want to you join!
  • Any sequential art is fine! Nagranowrimo’s focus is on graphic novels, but if you would rather work on a comic strip, or a series of shorter comic stories, that is absolutely okay!
  • Working on pre-existing projects is okay! If you already have a graphic novel in the works, or an existing comic series or comic strip, you can work on that for Nagranowrimo. This is meant to be a challenge though, so challenge yourself to get more pages completed than usual, even if it’s just a couple!
  • Questions/Requests are welcome! I post a variety of resources/references/tutorials on this blog as well as many writing tips. If there is any topic you would like to see more about, send in a request. And vice-versa, if you know a resource that you think would be handy for sequential artists, send it it!

Don’t be shy, sign up today!