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3 thick, creamy milkshakes for ya~


slow and steady wins the race Emmy lmao

((thanks for all the suggestions you’ve been sending! keep em coming !!!))

Wow, that was unexpected xD like I was planning this to happen a couple of years from now but now is great xD

To celebrate 100+ Followers I’d like to do a art Request for three lucky winners! Examples of art is in the picture above! The three lucky noodles will get a drawing of their choice and yes I will color it even the background haha xD
I can color with watercolors or colored pencils or both, it’s up to you! No outline or outline, what every you’d like sugar! :D

All you have to do to enter is:
✨Heart this post!
✨Reblog and answer this question! XD What’s your favorite anime character and why?

It’s that easy! XD Three clever noodles with the most coolest response will win! Good luck and thanks to all who participate!


As @pomrania requested, an Inquisitor baking contest with Vader as the judge.  (Hope you don’t mind, but I couldn’t resist throwing in some Kylo too, as it’s been too long since I made fun of him.)