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how would the whole rfa react to mc's father being a dangerous mafia boss and being very protective of his only daughter

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  • Lord help the boy he’s frightened
  • “Please don’t kill me Mr. MC’s dad”
  • Your mom would LOVE HIM and get your dad to calm tf down
  • “He’s a sweet boy just give him a chance”
  • Your dad would eventually come around
  • Still doesn’t trust him fully trust the boy and the games he plays


  • Your dad hates him
  • H A T E S HIM and his hair too
  • He’s too popular and vain and what if he gets famous?
  • You’re too precious MC a movie actor’s wife and a mafia boss’s daughter??
  • Zen would be crestfallen but you two would still date bc fuck you dad
  • Your dad would eventually give way and give his blessing
  • Still thinks his hair is stupid 


  • “MC, is this a good idea?”
  • It’s a terrible idea but just go with it
  • Your dad immediately decides a woman can’t defend his only daughter and that’s when you go into BEAST MODE
  • It ends with your dad grumbling apologies and Jaehee sitting there like /my girlfriend just yelled at a mafia boss/
  • There would be no robberies, loiterers, any kind of bad things at your café
  • Your dad would make sure of that 


  • Would literally know EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR DAD
  • Would prove to him that he can protect you and save you from any situation
  • Lord help the boy he’s showing off lol
  • Would send him gifts and information about your dad’s enemies to prove his loyalty
  • Your dad doesn’t approve of the redhead? TOO BAD HE KNOWS YOUR DAD’S BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER SUCK ON THAT GRAMPS
  • Please don’t suck on that


  • Would know your dad already
  • Would not like your dad but would try to get him to gain his trust
  • Would make sure you have security 24/7
  • They would BOTH be overprotective of you
  • Like you need that you are a STRONG CAPABLE MAFIA BOSS’S DAUGHTER
  • Shush MC we’re doing this for you


  • This is dangerous MC…
  • You father’s dangerous.
  • But V isn’t afraid of any of that.
  • You father can hit him, threat him, nothing would make him give up on you
  • Your father realizes that after some time
  • That boy loves you, and would die for you.
  • He’s worth it.


  • Ohhhhhh boy
  • This will be trouble
  • Literally BRANDISHES A KNIFE the first time he meets your dad and swears he’d give his life for you
  • Your dad respects his grit, might even let him join the mafia gang
  • Saeran no
  • Only one to get close to your dad because they’re both violent-souled men

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can you do severide/brett for #17? :)

Sure, hope you enjoy :)

#17: “stop getting crumbs all over my bed”


Okay so in hind sight she probably shouldn’t have allowed him in her bedroom, never mind her bed. But the fire that day had been had, and she knew he was upset. So fine, she thought, she could let him relax with her.

Which was how they ended up having a James Bond marathon discussing what would happen if Bond was in Chicago.

“Yeah, but some gangbanger would just shoot Bond point blank. No epic for fight scene, he’d just walk behind him and bang,” Brett explained.

Severide slumped against the bed, “Well yeah maybe. But how cool would Q be in Chicago?”

“Isn’t he afraid of flying?” Brett mocked.

“Okay so maybe he’ll be jealous of the fact that Bond is in Chicago,” jeez Severide was persistent. But then again she knew he was a stubborn bastard. Who was just as stubborn about letting her heart go.

“I can imagine him now,” she playfully sighed, leaning against his chest, “mocking from Q Branch ‘tried any ginormous food yet Bond’ ‘bring me back a fried envelope.’”

Of course she said this in a horrible British accent that made him chuckle. Oh well. Mission accomplished. He was feeling better at least.

“Hey we’re not that bad,” he said playfully.

“You’re getting crumbs all over my bed. That speaks for itself,” she responded. Playfully poking him in the arm.

“Not my fault you keep on poking me and making me lean over,” he responded playfully, kissing her on the forehead.

For a while they lay there happily. Neither one of the mm speaking.

Just as he was about to fall asleep he heard Brett mumble, “I meant it. Stop getting crumbs all over my bed.”


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