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Your inbox is open, yaaaaay~! May I request headcanons or scenarios where Reaper, 76, and poly!Roadrat have a super small s/o? I'm talking like, 5 feet. You can do just one if you want. I really love my tallbois.


He constantly teases you about it. Like this man is a foot taller than you, he loves to goad that over you

You are amorcito and pollito and chiquita and sirenita, all nicknames that indicate you are small and cute. You wanna be upset about it but they’re sweet and the way he smirks when he says them to you

He doesn’t underestimate you though, he grew up around fierce, short women and even in his teasing he’s still respectful of you. He also knows that if you explode, he better run though

You are constantly in his lap because he likes having his tiny little s/o in his lap and nuzzling the top of your head

Soldier: 76

This overprotective man is so worried about his tiny lover, like can you say mother hen? He fusses and you take it in stride, rolling your eyes at him 

When you are angry he listens to your concerns and listens and when you are calm and he has fixed what was wrong, it’s a gentle teasing of how cute you are when you’re angry

He enjoys throwing you over his shoulder and carrying you around and at first you’ll protest but it’s sweet and he’s holding you close and you love it

poly Roadrat

((So my OC Ava’s height is 5′1″ so this was the easiest one for me to do lol))

When the boys don’t have their weapons on, you are constantly riding their back, they absolutely love to feel you holding onto them. Mako cradles you in his arms a lot, especially if there’s a lot of trekking going on. It’s difficult for your short legs to keep up with their long steps. 

Jamison has a million nicknames for how tiny and cute you are and he never tires of telling you how small you are compared to him and Hog and you just giggle and smile at him. Hog typically calls you shortstuff or shortcake, both said in a very sweet manner

Jamison constantly puts you on his shoulders so you can actually reach Roadhog’s mask or lips without having to beg the man to bend down. Now, Roadhog has absolutely no problem bending over but you like feeling tall and he loves to run around with you on there before giving in for kisses

You can scramble up their bodies with no issue, the vests they wear making that fairly easy to do

In dangerous situations, neither one of them would pause, picking you up and tucking you under their arm and running with you. Mako has taken both you and Jamison under his arms before taking off running

Both love to throw you and toss you into the air, you love it because it’s fun and because you can play a tiny lookout. Mako has no problem throwing you several meters into the air so you can get a look of the environment, you never concerned that he might drop you

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Can I please request Matsuhanaiwaoihina or kiyoyachi?

i didnt know exactly what to draw so i hope you dont mind that i drew this scene from idol au!! (+ some extra dialogue)

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Hi!!!! Oh my, I think you are so beautiful. I can feel your beauty through your words!! I wanted to ask... if you can please write about someone who fell in love, and the relationship is actually so great, but has anxiety and is scared because it's so great? I'm 22 and my boyfriend is 34, he's financially stable, handsome, funny & smart. But I guess after a year of dating, it's clear that it's so serious because he is so.. established and it's scary you know??

hi!!!! omg thank you you’re so nice im gonna weep

here you go, i’m so sorry for making you wait so long but thank you for being so patient with me <3