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More. Angst. Please.

I was struggling with thinking what to do for this one. So this is a human au where Alfred and Arthur have been married for a few years and they’re happy together. One day, they both get into a car accident and are rushed to the hospital. Arthur doesn’t make it, but Alfred does. However, when Alfred regains consciousness, he has amnesia and has lost most if not all of his memories of Arthur. Alfred has to go home to a house filled with pictures of the two of them, things that belong to a loved one he can’t remember, and he even attends the funeral of his husband while having no actual memories of him. At night, he’ll scroll through the pictures in his phone of him and Arthur, trying his hardest to remember something, anything. It hurts to be surrounded by all of the proof of how much they loved each other and he can’t remember any of it. I haven’t thought this through that much. You guys can decide if his memories ever return.