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EXO Reaction #3

EXO reaction to reader liking skinship & cuddling but not in public or around the members because she gets shy.

Yixing: Most would think that he would be clueless but really he’s not, he’s actually really sweet about it. He’s going to respect you not wanting to cuddle in front of the members because he would rather you feel comfortable. If you don’t want to cuddle then that’s okay because when you guys are alone your shyness wouldn’t be a problem anymore. 

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Jongin: Poor nini is confused. One minute you’re both cuddling inside the dorm & the next he’s on the floor with an aching bum. The boys had just come back from their schedules which triggered you’re reaction to push him off the couch. He’ll just give you a look of betrayal anytime you decline any skinship in front of people.

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Sehun: Now this maknae is going to do everything in his power for you to adjust to cuddling in front of the members. He’s not doing it out of mischief, he just wants you to be more comfortable around his hyungs. He won’t force either because it’s not that big of a problem, you both cuddle a lot when no one is around. But he can’t help but smile at your blushing face every time he initiates small skinship in public.

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Baekhyun: He’s going to low key tease you about it. Seeing you blush while he has his arm around you while you both are walking in Hangang park in front of a lot of people will give him joy. He’ll feel like that because if no one was around you’d probably hold onto him. This is also his way of trying to break you out of your “shyness”.

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Chanyeol: He understands you … but he sometimes forgets that. Since he’s so tall and you’re so small he tends to give you bear hugs as his way of greeting you. So without thinking he gave you a bear hug and a long one at that, in front of the members. Not knowing that you were sporting a really red face of how shy you were that the members were looking at you guys. He’d quietly apologize after realizing it. 

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Minseok: He’s fine with it. He’s also that kind of person that doesn’t like showing skinship in front of people. Occasionally though, he would at least want to hold your hand out of instinct since you guys touch and cuddle a lot when you’re by yourselves. He’d just give you his signature gummy smile when people are around as if telling you that soon you guys can cuddle when everybody leaves.

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Jongdae: He finds it cute that indoors, when no one is around he can’t seem to get you off him. When in public or around the members you manage to distance yourself 1 ft away from him. 

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Suho: Poor Junmomma just wants to hold your hand but he’s going to understand why you get shy. Even if you’re a cuddly bug indoors, he can adjust to your shyness of the publics eyes.

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Kyungsoo: He actually prefers it that way. He personally doesn’t like doing any skinship in front of people and especially in front of the boys due to him also being shy about it. But sometimes he would hold your hand under the table if you are all eating, little like that so he can show affection towards you and to maybe see you blush (hehe)

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AN: I’m sorry anon for putting this reaction up really late. As a token for my forgiveness here’s a chibi dinosaur Chen. Also, thank you for requesting.  :)

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College AU

Requested by @centurieshuman, where this adorkable dorks meet in the same collage tour. Forgive me for the background, idk how to do them right.