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Seeing Her Naked for the First Time: BTS


This is the look he would give you because you looked much prettier than whatever he could ever imagine and it was shocking because he already imagined you to be at the level of a Goddess.


If it was by an accident, a not leading to somewhere further, he might as well pretend h didn’t see anything. However, if you willingly undressed yourself in front of him, he would smirk, a deep line of his lips as his eyes roamed over your body hungrily.


Hobi would become so engrossed with you and every minuscule action of yours that his stare would nearly become predatory, prying on you, silently worshiping you and the Gods for giving him you.

Rap Monster:

He would honestly be so surprised he’d have to look down. Why? Because you usually wore baggy clothes and hid your body at all times, so he never expected you to have good forms. Well he was wrong and it hit him harder than whatever he could prepare himself for.


JiMin will make sure to shower you in compliments with the utmost seriousness that he could muster, because to him your body was a holy temple and he had yet to see a sight prettier.


An excited puppy that will never admit that your naked body alone had managed to spring him to life all over again, his blood going south as a certain fire danced in his eyes.


He did not speak upon laying his eyes on your body, but there sincerely was no need for him to speak, as every little emotion was portrayed in his clear and shining eyes. He felt blessed as you stood before him in all your glory.


I feel like Draco is the kind of person who would beat around the bush ridiculously when they’re nervous. Harry probably had to ask him out because Draco literally would just ramble until he was so red he’d just start insulting Harry in embarrassment and then flee. Poor guy. 

Also a note on the genderfluid portrayal, I myself am genderfluid and that’s just how it feels to me. Everyone’s experience is difference and I’m not claiming this is the exact way it is.



                                                                            K I N G

sometimes i feel as though my sadness is tangible
the way it rests beneath my sheets with me
follows me into the shower
drives me to work
drops me off at school
curls itself around me when i least expect it in an embrace i cannot break free of
i can feel it in my bones
inside my chest
i can see it in lose strands of hair
and unfinished meals
and unanswered texts
i can hear it in every “i’m fine”
and “i’m just tired”
happiness, on the other hand
happiness reminds me of true love, of soulmates
of heaven and hell
because i believe it exists but it isn’t something i’ve ever experienced
and most of the time i find myself doubting that it’s real
“i’m not happy,” i say
“so just be happy,” they tell me
as if it’s the easiest thing in the world
and maybe for some it is
but for me
happiness is like falling asleep on christmas eve, waiting for santa claus to come, only to sneak downstairs and find your dad eating the cookies you left for him
happiness is seeing the sun shining from inside and going outside to feel its warmth, only for it to start to rain
happiness is staying up until midnight on your birthday and having nobody text you
happiness is giving your all to someone only to one day wake up and find out they don’t feel the same about you anymore
happiness is fleeting
happiness is momentary
happiness evanescent
happiness is your favorite relative coming in from out of town, it’s your internet friend meeting you for the first time, it’s your old school friend coming to visit after moving away
and then inevitably leaving you
it’s always leaving
—  makenziiann said: I was wondering if you could write about someone who is sad but wants to be happy but they’d rather be sad because being happy can be taken away as soon as they get it?
(cc, 2017)