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can you do a fluffy blurb of dad!tom doing skin to skin with his newborn 🥺 I’m so soft for dad!tom 💗

this concept >>>>>>

blurb night!

you were exhausted from hours upon hours of painful labor, but in the end everything was worth it. you now had a healthy baby boy, who was currently in the arms of your husband, tom.

tom had taken the sweet boy into his arms when you told him you needed some rest, pulling him into his chest. he kissed your forehead, mumbling something about how proud he was of you and that you could relax now, he’d be here when you woke up.

tom thought you were asleep, your eyes had closed minutes ago and your breathing had evened out. he took the opportunity to focus all of his attention on the little bundle in his arms, rocking him back and forth.

soon, the boy began to sniffle, and tom assumed the child was cold. so he stripped his own shirt off and held him closer to his chest, one hand supporting his head gently against him, and the baby soon calmed.

you listened as tom whispered words of love to your newborn.

“’m gonna love you so much, bubs. me and your mum, we already do. love you, i mean.”

“gonna play catch with you in the yard, like my dad did with me. gonna take you to the movies and buy you ice cream after.”

“you’re gonna have the happiest family, my boy. mummy and daddy, uncle harry, sam, paddy, twaine, and haz. your grandparents. we all love you so much.”

“you’re gonna be so happy, just like you’ve made me.”

tom didn’t notice you smile from your place in the hospital bed, too focused on the infant in his hands. my perfect boys, you thought. nothing could be more perfect than the family you’d created.

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Hello! May I send in a request? How would the brothers react if one day mc just broke down from all the problems they had to solve in the House without actually thinking about their own mental health? Like one day another problem came up and they just started crying whilst falling to the floor. Thank you if possible!

Angst and Fluff incoming, I love it❤ @justapotato16

Request: How would the brothers react if one day MC just broke down from all the problems they have to solve in the House without thinking about their own mental health?

⚠️❗ Mention of mental health problems, self harm and burnout❗⚠️


  • He is super worried
  • wonders if it’s all to much
  • takes them to his room to calm down
  • makes some tea for them and sits down next to them on the bed
  • “Breathe, my dear…breathe…”
  • strokes their back slowly
  • knows how a burnout feels
  • cares deeply about them
  • “I’ll free you from school for a few days.”
  • “I’m deeply sorry, MC.”
  • orders his brothers to do something nice for them


  • it nearly freaks him out when they break down and start crying
  • “I’m sorry, sorry, sorry sorry–”
  • nearly starts crying too
  • takes them in his arms and holds them
  • he only wants them to feel better
  • “Damn it human-please stop crying-feel better again!”
  • demands to stay by their side the whole day and night
  • gets emotional when MC falls asleep
  • fears that they’re going to leave now
  • he loves them. They’re the only one that cares for him and listens to him.


  • he’s overwhelmed
  • why wasn’t he paying proper attention to them?!
  • “I-I’m a terrible friend, Mc–I’m sorry-”
  • cries in shame and anger
  • disappointed about himself
  • hugs them tightly
  • brings them a lot of his favorite anime and manga and video games
  • he doesn’t want Mammon that close to MC but he knows that he can’t cause another problem right now
  • this is about MC
  • listens to them while in bed
  • he and Henry 2.0 are damn good a listening

*Asmodeus*: ⚠️❗

  • normally he likes drama but this is just terrible
  • “Oh no darling!! We had no idea!”
  • pouts very worried and brushes their tears away with his thumbs
  • announces a two day break to his followers from devilgram and other social media platforms to take proper care of MC
  • “Mental health care also works with coconut oil!”
  • will take MC to his room and will blast their favorite music to make them feel better
  • sleepover/ “ladies night!”
  • a lot of cuddling
  • if they self harm he will kiss every cut and bruise
  • “My love…You’ve been so strong all the time. You can rest now.”
  • really tries his best


  • he feels so bad not gonna lie
  • how couldn’t he sense that?!
  • he’s so cautionous all the time-
  • like Lucifer he apologizes over and over again
  • reads to them when they’re in bed
  • listens a lot
  • holds their hands the whole time
  • “If you feel worse, please tell me. And if you feel better…please tell me too.”
  • he hates things where he doesn’t have the control
  • kisses their hands
  • “You’re so important to us, MC…you may not even know how important. You make us better…”


  • he’s so confused when MC breaks down and starts crying
  • kneels down and embraces them in his strong arms
  • “I’m here…”
  • asks them what’s wrong while carrying them into his and Belphie’s room
  • wraps them into a soft blanket until they look like a burrito
  • lays down with them between with legs so that they can lean on his chest
  • massages their head softly
  • “I’m sorry we know we can be hard to handle…ask Lucifer…”
  • he just wants everything to be alright again
  • makes cute little cupcakes for them
  • seeing them breaking down scares them so bad.
  • he still remembers how he lost Lillith…he doen’t want to lose MC next


  • he doesn’t understand in the beginning
  • maybe because he’s shocked
  • “Why didn’t you tell us how you feel?!”
  • Beelzebub needs to remind him to be more empathic
  • “I’m sorry…that sounded rougher than it was supposed to be-”
  • knows how it feels to be left alone with your own problems
  • is mad that he couldn’t help MC earlier
  • takes them into his and Beelzebub’s room
  • cuddles them into his pillow fort
  • naps with them until they feel better
  • holds them close and listens to them

I don’t want to trivialise self harm, depression and other mental health problems. If you feel like self harming, please seek out for help. Stay safe.❤

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sorry to bother but i have a request, could you write a peter parker! x reader, with the reader being the protégé or adopted daughter of the strange doctor? I searched a lot but I didn't find

Must be magic.

Peter Parker x Strange!Reader

Requested: Yes by @celenajulie

A/N: hope you enjoy this! I tried my best- and there will be a part 2 out soon, where Y/N introduces Peter to her dad, stay safe out there! Xx


Originally posted by antoniivs

Y/N never knew her birth parents, she had only been a mere few hours old when she had been left outside of a New York orphanage.

The owners took her in, fed her and let her grow. She was a generally happy baby.

Until one day, a few months later, Y/N took a turn for the worst. She was no longer that happy girl with the gummy smile, she wasn’t herself.

She slept more, she cried more, she vomited more despite eating less and she didn’t interact with the social workers at the house like she used to. She just wasn’t herself.

Soon they found out why. Y/N had a brain tumour, the doctors called it pineoblastoma.

It was rare, it was aggressive and it was killing the young infant- causing her to waste away.

There were several options, the majority of which were expensive and risky. The staff at the orphanage were considering placing Y/N into the care of a hospice.

After all, time was limited and their options were coming to dead ends. What else could they do? They needed a miracle, a doctor something magical if Y/N was to survive and thrive again.

Keep reading

back off ~ machine gun kelly

word count: 1511

request?: yes!

“Jealous reader and Mgk finds it cute💞 ….fluff and smut plz😌(love ur writing)”

description: when an interviewer gets a little too flirty with your boyfriend, you can’t help but feel a little bit of jealousy

pairing: machine gun kelly x female!reader

warnings: swearing, smut



Seeing people thirsting over my boyfriend was nothing new. I mean, how could you not? He was one of the hottest guys to ever walk the planet. However, I was used to seeing his fans thirsting over him online - commenting on his pictures and making posts about how attractive he was. To me, that was fine. I was also a fangirl of other celebrities, I understood. But it was a whole other thing to actually watch a girl try to flirt with my boyfriend in front of me, knowing fully well that I was his girlfriend.

Colson had been scheduled for an early interview one day. I was tasked with actually getting him up out of bed and to the interview on time. The interviewer, a woman that had to be in her early 20s, was wearing a short dress with a neckline that plunged so low that her tits were basically popping out of her shirt. This was the first clue that she wasn’t here for just another innocent interview. I mean, who wearing a dress like that before noon unless they’re trying to impress someone?

She smiled brightly (a little too brightly) at Colson and extended her hand. “Hi! It’s so nice to meet you.”

“You, too,” Colson responded, shaking her hand.

She completely ignored my presence, but Colson made sure she was aware of who I was. “This is my girlfriend, (Y/N). I hope you don’t mind that she’s joining us today. She keeps me from being too crazy.”

Her eyes looked at me briefly and a look of slight disgust and disappointment crossed on her face. “Of course, nice to meet you (Y/N).”

I just nodded in response. The rest of the interview went downhill from there.

The interviewer insisted that Colson’s chair be pulled close to her so that they were “both completely in frame”, however Colson’s close proximity made it easier for her to touch him during the interview. And boy, did she ever touch him. She couldn’t keep her hand off of him. Colson, being the polite and oblivious person he is, either didn’t notice or didn’t want to be rude and tell her to stop.

She kept leaning forward, making sure her cleavage was on full display for Colson to see. I could see slight irritation in her face, that she was trying to mask with a smile, at the fact that Colson didn’t even actually look down at her chest. I couldn’t help but smile cockily to myself at this.

Finally, the cameramen called for a brief break before they returned so that Colson could perform. He went to the dressing room to get dressed for his performance while the interviewer approached the snack table, which was where I was stood. She kept ignoring me, but I decided to make myself known.

“The interview seems to be going really well,” I said. She hummed in response. “You must be really cold, though. That dress is so short.”

She looked up at me long enough to glare. I smirked in response as I picked up something from the table. “Stop trying darling, he only has eyes for me.”

She raised an eyebrow at me. “We’ll see how long that lasts. You are just a no one after all, not even an attractive no one. At least I would be able to keep up with his busy lifestyle, not to mention I’m actually hot.”

Anger and jealousy was bubbling up inside of me, but I knew I couldn’t let it show in front of her. Instead, I said, “Are you sure about that? You seem sort of desperate looking to me.”

She glared as I turned to walk away towards Colson’s dressing room. I started slow, but when I knew she could no longer see me, I quickened my pace until I was nearly running to Colson’s room. I opened the door without knocking and found him in just his underwear with a joint to his lips. When he heard the door open, he quickly scrambled to grab a pair of pants that was discarded on the floor.

“Fuck, haven’t any of you heard of knocking!” he snapped. He turned and sighed in relief when he saw it was me. “Sorry babe, I thought you were one of the producers.”

I let my eyes wander over his half naked body, reminding myself that, no matter what that bitch said, the man stood before me was mine and mine alone, and he always would be.

“How long until you have to be back on set?” I asked.

Colson shrugged. “About ten minutes now I think.”

I nodded. “Okay, that’s enough time.”

“Enough time for what?”

I nearly tackled him in response, wrapping my arms around his neck and roughly pressing my lips to his. He didn’t question my sudden urgency, he simply wrapped his arms around my waist and held me to him. I could feel his bulge already pressing against my leg.

With ease, Colson lifted me and placed me on the makeup table that was in the room. Without breaking the kiss, he slid his hands down to my pants and roughly pulled them, and my panties, down until they were around my ankles. I slid his underwear down his legs and wrapped my around him, bringing him close to me.

He lined himself up with my entrance and pushed himself into me. I let out a moan that Colson quickly had to muffle with his hand as he began to thrust quickly and roughly. My fingers curled around the edge of the table, my knuckles white as Colson pounded into me. Part of me was afraid that we would start shaking the table and making enough noise to be caught, but the other part just didn’t care in that moment. I was more focused on how good Colson was making me feel.

I moaned into his hand, which was still placed over my mouth, as he wrapped his free arm around my waist and pressed my body against his. He was basically grinding himself into me at that point, the sensation of his body against mine driving me crazy. My eyes were rolling in the back of my head as I felt a familiar feeling growing in my stomach. Before I knew it, my cries of pleasure were being muffled by Colson’s hand as I hit my climax. The feeling of my walls contracting around his dick cause him to groan before he finished as well, wrapping both arms around me and holding me tightly to him.

We stayed pressed together, a panting mess, for some time. I held him tightly to me, reminding myself that he was mine and mine alone, and that he would never just leave me for someone like the interviewer.

We both started when a knock came at the door. “Hey, Kells. It’s time for your performance.”

“I’ll be out in a second!” Colson responded, slipping himself out of me. I had to hold back a whimper from the lack of contact. As he started pulling on his clothes, he smiled at me. “What was that about? I don’t think we’ve ever done it in a dressing room before.”

“Something to cross off our bucket list,” I responded with a shrug.

“Right, it has nothing to do with the interviewer basically feeling me up and trying to shove her tits in my face, right?”

My cheeks burned at his words, which was answer enough for Colson. He cupped my face in his hands and tilted my head back to look at him.

“Baby, I could care less if that interviewer was sat in front of me, completely naked, begging me to fuck her. I would never even look in her general direction, and you know that. You own my heart, and you’re the only one who does, or who ever will.”

I smiled at him and snuggled my head into his chest. “I know, but I still just didn’t like the way she was acting around you. She’s so desperate, I just want her to back off and put some clothes on to cover herself up.”

Colson chuckled and kissed the top of my head. “I know, babe. It’s almost over, after my performance we can go home.”

I smiled and kissed his cheek. “Let’s go get that over with so we can go home then.”

We exited his dressing room, only to come face to face with the interviewer. I tried to suppress an eye roll as Colson wrapped an arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him, as if proving a point to her before she even said anything.

“You’re late,” she told him, her eyes glaring at me with disgust. “The producers were looking for you.”

“Sorry, I was busy fucking my beautiful girlfriend,” Colson responded, squeezing my shoulder.

The interviewer’s mouth dropped open as we walked past her. Over my shoulder, I flipped her off before continuing to walk with my amazing boyfriend, who was mine and only mine.

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Blurb request: you and Tom are working out, outside and it’s an unusually hot day, you faint and maybe he panics at first but takes care of you :) hope you have a lovely day/night

finishing up requests from blurb night (no more please!)

you were at his place, out in his spacious backyard doing squats and stomach crunches when it happened.

you began to feel lightheaded, the feeling washing over you incredibly fast. before you could even say something about it, your eyes were rolling back into your head and you were falling to the ground.

tom had managed to catch you before your head hit the pavement, worry instantly consuming him. what just happened?

when you woke, you were greeted with a familiar scent, your favorite: tom. which made sense to you upon realizing you were laid on his bed, in his room, with him right next to you, your hand enveloped in one of his. his other hand pressed a cool washcloth to your face.

“hey, pretty girl,” he said. “how’re you feeling?”

you ignored his question, electing to ask your own. “what happened to me?”

tom’s eyes softened a little as he told you about how you passed out due to dehydration, trying to get you to take a sip from the water bottle on the nightstand next to you as he did so.

“oh… i guess i underestimated the heat and amount of water i was gonna need….” you smiled sheepishly.

“yeah,” he laughed, “but don’t worry, darling, i’m taking great care of you.”

“what happened to ‘i’m not a doctor, i’m an actor’?” you quoted the time he told the airplane story on a talk show.

tom laughed heartily at your remark, eyes shining.

“for you, my love, i’ll be anything you need.”

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helloo, can i ask for a blurb (actually idk the difference between blurb headcanon and concept sorry 😅) anyway, a blurb where y/n comes out to her boyfriend, tom, as bisexual? xx

blurb night!

you fiddled with your fingers in your lap, holding your breath as you waited for tom to say something to you. you couldn’t meet his eyes from across the table, nervous energy flowing through you as you bounced your leg up and down.


you hummed quietly in response.

“look at me, darling.”

you hesitantly glanced upwards, eyes not quite meeting yet, falling instead upon his lips.

tom noticed. “y/n.”

you bit your lip, swallowing thickly as you blinked up at him. when he caught your gaze, he smiled, and you felt a weight lift off your shoulders when you realized he wasn’t upset.

“my love,” he spoke softly, placing his hand palm-up in the middle of the table, a signal for you to place your own in it. you did, and he squeezed lightly before brushing his thumb against your knuckles.

“it’s okay. darling, it doesn’t matter if you like girls the way you like boys. what kind of a person would it make me to resent you for that? i love you, y/n. that means all of you. if this is a part of you, then i love that, too.”

you smiled, casting your gaze down to look at your hand in his. then your eyebrows furrowed.

“you’re not mad i didn’t tell you sooner?”

tom sighed. “no, angel, i’m not mad. you can’t rush these things. you had every right to be nervous and every right to keep that information to yourself.”

you hummed again, closing your eyes for a moment.

“hey,” tom’s knee bumped yours under the table, and you opened your eyes to look at him.

he smiled again. “i’m happy you told me.”

you bit the inside of your cheek, biting back a grin.

“love you, tommy.”

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Opinions on Dark Souls? Maybe Shade Lord could hang with Artorias, bond over the fact they are both Abyss?


I’ve only played DS for about 2 hours and never finish it so I don’t really know anything about the game, but from what I’ve heard I think it’s a neat game. I have a friend who is a DS fan, so I asked him about Artorias for a brief info. I gotta say Artorias sounds so cool. I like his design too!