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a/n: so I got a request for the thicc brothers™️ trip to McDonald’s in the last update (part 28, read that first lol) hope y’all enjoy!!! 💞💞

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anonymous asked:

Could you write a fic about roger being like a softie/sub with reader, please ?!

Roger Taylor x Reader

BoRhap! Roger Taylor x Reader

(it works anyway as usual)

Note: So this was an intense but quick blurb I wrote in one sitting as soon as I saw your request. No editing or anything more *sophisticate*. Hope you enjoy it! Also, it was my first time writing smut in english, lol

And this was actually fun to write!! Easier than writing Bed of Roses, anyway. If anyone wants to send a request, I’m down!

WARNINGS: smut, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, kids)

Roger used to be more dominant with you, usually taking iniciative for anything sexual. Not that you usually wasn’t in the mood for sex, it’s just that he was in the mood for it even in the most innapropriate places, where you’d usually just wait to get home before trying anything. But it never really got to that point - he usually did something about it whenever he felt like it.

But some other days, he’d be tired, maybe when a muscle sprained from playing the drums, maybe when he’d argue with one of the guys but instantly regret it, his pride getting in the way of him apologizing. Those days, when he got home, you’d start to caress his hair, his scalp. He’d lay on your lap and close his eyes, and you’d kiss each of his closed eyelids, his forehead, his cheeks, the edge of his nose. He was completely relaxed, completely in your hands. And the sigh of his vulnerability was so intimate it turned you a bit on. So you’d kiss his lips, a soft peck at first, and as he realized your intentions, your kisses would get longer. He’d sit up, but you were the one who would straddle his hips, sitting on his lap. You’d kiss him more, slow, wet, intimate kisses, and you’d both be excited enough to fuck, but you liked to drag it a bit longer. So you would get off his lap, his eyes opening to check why’d you leave, but he would close them again, a smirk on his lips as he saw you get off the couch and on your knees. You’d suck his dick slowly, and he’d look down to see why were you teasing him, just to find you looking straight back into his eyes. He would try to pull you up to his lap again and fuck you already, but you’d get his hands off your shoulders and slightly move your head “no”. He understood you were in control this time, and relaxed into the couch.

The sigh of him just sitting there, completely under your control, was too much for you after a few seconds. You would then get onto his lap again after you pulled your panties down, and wearing just his shirt, you’d fuck him slowly. When you both came, he would kiss your shoulder and say “I guess I like when you’re in control, too”, and you’d get off his lap, just for him to put his head on your lap again, and you start to caress his hair as you look for something to watch on TV.

- - -


anonymous asked:

Steve to Bucky about the girl on the team he likes "She’s too smart for you" lol

“Give it up, Buck. She’s not interested.”

“How would you know,” Bucky grumbled, shoving the TEC-9 into his bag with a little more force than necessary.

Steve shrugged, scratching at a mark on the back of the shield. “She’s way too smart for you. And she doesn’t date people she works with.” He smirked, deftly avoiding the punch he knew was coming.

“Sounds like you just got turned down,” Bucky replied with a snicker, taking his spot next to Steve on the Quinjet. Sam was already up front, ready to take off.

“Not the point,” Steve shot back, glaring over at his friend. “Besides, she’s gorgeous and lethal, two things you should watch out for.”

Bucky laughed, shaking his head. “Alright, pal. I’m just sayin’, don’t be surprised if she’s all over me at the Christmas party and you’re having to owe Sam that fifty bucks.”

Steve heard Sam cackle from his spot in the cockpit, but just sighed. “I know you really like her, but—don’t get your hopes up, man.”

Little did Steve know that you had been secretly sleeping with Bucky for over two months now, which Bucky had already told Sam as long as Sam agreed to split the winnings of the rigged bet.

Bucky nodded, straight faced. “You’re right. She probably already seeing someone, anyway.”