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Sneakerslave domination : le gabber kiffe les skets

ADULT-BUSINESS culture sexe La Gabber Expo vient tout juste de fermer ses portes. Du 1er au 13 mai, ce « mini-festival » a proposé des expositions, des conférences, des soirées et tout un tas d’autres événements au Point Éphémère en hommage au mouvement gabber, qui revient doucement d’entre les morts-vivants recouvert d’un joli vernis hype tout propre. C’est déjà le prochain truc qui […] generation blog

Dear Lovely Followers,

Hi lovelies, I’m not gonna be making the requests anymore because an anon msged me not to but don’t worry i will still be editing but I won’t take requests anymore. But if ever i’m bored and i don’t have something to do i might finish requests? ideka! :)

Ah Ok.

Combining two of my favourite things here. Good street art and good beer (OK you can’t really see the beer in this pic but trust me this is a great pub.)

I had the pleasure of watching this go up as it’s just opposite where I work and at the risk of sounding like I’m showing off, I know one of the guys who did this peice too. Req1 has been around in Brighton for ages and is still putting out some of the best stuff you can hope to see.

Bonus points if you can name all the greats on the wall.

Pic by me.