Request: Name

 Anon Request #1: 6/8/17 


count  ➵ 1,403 words

genre  ➵ angst, fluff, a lil comedy, [WARNING: some cursing in there]

theme ➵  bestfriend!jungkook

characters  ➵ jungkook, you



   Jeon Jungkook. It was a name so familiar to your lips that saying it would be no different to breathing air. It was a name you found comfort in, a name you called at times of trouble, misery, despair, happiness, and all sorts of things. It was also a name you screech at the top of your lungs at seven in the morning at a bus stop. 

   “Jeon, do you even use your new phone for the right reasons?” you hissed, fingers crumpling the collar of his blazer as soon as he was in your reach. You drag him up to the bus, scanning both of your cards (which you kept at all times because Jungkook, that darned boy, could never remember to bring his own shit).

   “Duh,” he answered matter-of-factly, panting as he uses your shoulder for support. “Gotta catch all them Pokemons!”

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Request: Name

 Anon Request #1: 6/8/2017


count  ➵ 2533 words

genre  ➵ angst, fluff, a lil comedy, [WARNING: some cursing in there]

theme ➵  bestfriend!jungkook

characters  ➵ jungkook, you


Part 2/2

A few more seconds and you would finally be free from that class. At least, that’s what you would always think. Of course, unlike now, you’d never have to rush your way out. The aftermath was always terrible. It wasn’t just the traffic by the doorway as students pushed each other to leave that dreadful class, it was also the preparation before that, when you’d have to thrust all your things into your bag as fast as you could, resulting in books with folded pages, sometimes folded covers, essays and quizzes torn slightly at the edges and random pencil scribbles over your notebooks. It was a mess, but it was in exchange of not having to see him.

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