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Akashi and Hayama with their s/o on nice romantic walk in a pretty garden (hehe I hope that made sense. ily sweetie<3)


Akashi: The cold breeze brushed across your arm, sending you shivers down to your spine. You were regretting you decision about wearing a sleeveless dress on a very chilly evening  (you didn’t expect the temperature to drop) since it turned out to be a not-so-wise one. You tried to distract yourself by the beautiful lights around you as they illuminated, shining down on the beautiful flowers surrounding you. Both of you just finished having one fancy dinner and Akashi told you that the garden of the restaurant you went to was A++.

Akashi would still notice your uneasy feeling though. “Are you alright, my dear?” he’d ask, stopping you from your tracks. You didn’t want to ruin the wonderful moment you two were in so you just lied as you shook your head. But the redhead didn’t buy it. Soon enough, he noticed the goosebumps on your skin. He ran his warm hands along the cold skin of your arms. It made you flinch at first due to the contact of his warm skin and your cold one, but it soon turned into something that felt really good. Without further ado, he took of his coat and placed it around your shoulder.

“S-sei…you’ll get cold,” you mumbled, pretty embarrassed since there was your boyfriend again, doing those chivalric stuff he usually did.

A gentle smile appeared on his face before pulling you in for a kiss on the forehead. “Your comfort is my number one priority. Besides, I have this.” He interlaced his fingers with yours and held your hand a little too tight, though you didn’t mind at all. He’d hold you really close as you really enjoyed the different attractions in the garden. Seeing you smile was more than enough to keep him warm, after all.

Hayama: It was one of those Friday nights again and your boyfriend decided to take you to the new park around the block since people said that there’s a café there that served good artisan coffee. You two didn’t expect that before you could actually reach the café, you two would pass a very beautiful flower garden. Though it was already dark, the moon illuminated over the garden and still managed to give some highlight to the different butterflies present there. The concoction of colors amazed you so much that you just had to stop and stare for a while.

“(f/n)-chaaaaaan,” Hayama called you out the moment he noticed that you weren’t walking beside him anymore.

“Oh sorry Kotarou. I-I was just in awe,” you admitted shyly since from the beginning, Hayama told you that he’s pretty excited to go to the café.

He jogged back to you and gave you that adorable smile of his before lowering his head so that your foreheads could come in contact with each other. Well the garden was truly awesome and since you two were the only people there, so why don’t you make the most out of the serenity you were in?

“You’re so beautiful, (f/n)-chan,” he whispered as his eyes softened, admiring each feature of you being highlighted by the moonlight shining upon you. Finally closing distance between your lips, he gave you one hell of a sweet kiss that you knew not even the desserts waiting for you in the café could beat.

After the kiss, you two decided to walk around the marvelous place you were in before visiting the cafe. 

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hello ! do you have any relationship headcanons about Kuroo, Ushijima, Tanaka, Yamaguchi, Sugawara and Daichi, please ?

Of course! though im really bad with headcanons oh well


  •  A mama bear. Definitely a mama bear. 
  • Have a huge family or friend problem? Expect him to listen to all your rants. And you can definitely trust him with whatever you told him. He will do his best to understand your situation and won’t be reckless with his judgment. If he sees you in the wrong, he’ll have a very nice approach to tell you what he thinks about your problem.


  • S/o or not, he’ll definitely tease you until your engine is all revved up. He loves it whenever he sees you blush with all the teasing he did and so he’ll be more motivated to continue the act.
  •  He loves lazy weekend mornings with you when you two would just lie down on bed with all those cuddles and stolen kisses. Whenever you try to get up for a shower or maybe breakfast, he’ll do anything in his accord to pull you back to bed with him until he’s pretty satisfied with the moment you two are in (probably will take him until noon).


  • If Daichi’s a mama bear, this cutie is a more mama bear. Actually the mama-est of all. 
  • Expect him to give you those good morning and good evening/night text messages together with the question “have you eaten already?” and whatnot. Whenever you attend their practice or games, he’ll make sure that he has something for you so that you wouldn’t get bored (just in case). Usually he’ll pack up cookies, sandwiches, or any other snacks that you really want so that you won’t grow hungry while watching them.


  • Someone’s bothering you? A pervert maybe? Or some bullies? Well forget about 911 or any other emergency hotlines because this boy really reliable in scaring whoever’s bothering you. He won’t resort to violence right away so he’ll most likely give them his oh-so intimidating face (and believe me, it will be more than enough). 
  • This dude won’t really be ashamed of PDA since for him, it’s a good way to tell the world that you’re his and no one has the right to lay a finger on you.


  • He’s not really the type to initiate anything and is really good in restraining himself whenever he feels the want to embrace you. But sometimes, he loses his chill and you’ll just be surprised if he has his arms around your waist as he nuzzles against your neck. 
  • Like Daichi, he’s more of a listener and sometimes he just really listens, knowing that listening to you and your ramblings about your problems in life is already a big help.


  • He allows you to draw patterns on his face using his freckles. Usually sessions like this happen before bed time or sometimes during lunch breaks when you two eat under some tree.
  •  A sucker for cuddles. Like totally. He loves to whisper sweet nothings to you before you finally fall asleep while having you trapped in his arms.