I’m no one special, just another wide eyed gay who’s desperately in love with you

Since coming out to more people and cutting my hair I’ve felt so much so much comfortable in myself. I can’t wait for the next part of this journey and to have TS7 be the soundtrack to it.

@swiftiesofcolor thank you for organising these nights

Alright guys, I took one for the team. Because I don’t think I can sleep if we don’t figure this out.

Left are the rep eyes, on the right are Taylor’s eyes from previous era (99.9999999% sure these are actually hers, haha), in a similar pose.

I used the same filter on them for good B/W contrast (especially because the right one was coloured). I have to say that I don’t really have a conclusion for this but I want to say this: if you cover the left eye on the right picture, then the right eye ALSO kind of reminds me of Karlie. It’s no secret the two of them really DO look alike. It could be the uneveness of Taylor’s eyes and the fact that Tay and Kar look alike. We can’t say anything about the eyebrows tho.


Here is me taking one (actually two) for the team. I will start with a picture of my own in rep pose.

What I want to point out is that, the space between eyelid/eyebrow (red) and eyebrow/forehead (blue) should be almost the same. If anything, the space between right eye/right hairline) should be SMALLER than on the left because of the slightly turned pose. However, in the rep picture this is the other way. The “Taylor” side has a smaller forehead which seems weird to me. Also, I measure the eyelid/eyebrow space and it different between the eyes. Which is also weird. (Sidenote: my eyebrows aren’t shaped and of course my eyes are different from Taylor’s/my one eye might be a bit smaller. Also ignore my fat fingers.)

Speaking of fingers, it is true in my picture that there SHOULD be a shadow wherr finger touches cheek (orange arrow). This shadow is missing in the rep picture.

What I do like to point out is that the cheek shadow what convinced me of Tay/Kar combi is also different on my left/right cheek. So that cheek shadow is another point for “maybe we’re wrong”.

Okay the last thing I want to point out. I traced the left/right eye on transparant plastic (I use this sometimes for my art so it was easy to do this). I tried to trace as precisely as possible.

This is the result:

It looks like 2 different eyes like this. You can see again that the spacing between eyelid/eyebrow is different between the eyes.

So what I did next is trace the left eye again, but then draw the “Karlie eye” myself based on measurements/proportions of Taylor’s eye and the line of her nose. This is the result:

It’s not perfect. It’s for you to decide if it even looks like Taylor’s. (I think it kinda does.)

Also I found this picture from the same shoot:

If you turn it around it looks like this:

Which to me DOES look different than the rep picture with Tay/Kar. Here, her eye is more round and the spacing makes sense (tho we don’t see her eyebrow).

So my conclusions why this can definitely be a Tay/Kar combo pic:

- the spacing on the rep picture is definitely weird compared to a picture of my own face and compared to other magazine pics

- when I draw it based on experience (fun fact I spent 3 hours last night drawing Taylor’s eyes from Elle Magazine pic but that’s another story haha), it definitely should be higher up and more round

- the shadow of the fingers isn’t there which can be photoshop “error”

Why this may not be true after all:

- the cheekshadow that convinced me previously might always be there if I look at my own picture

- Karlie’s eyebrow is more arched and the right eyebrow is not.. and I don’t believe they photoshopped multiple pieces

- on the old pic of Taylor with the same pose her eyes also look slightly different

- if you move your hand over the left eye on the old picture, the right eye also screams Karlie to me

- Taylor and Karlie really DO look alike!!

So what do I believe??

I believe the picture might most definitely be Taylor/Karlie. It makes sense with what we saw earlier (the photoshop files), it makes sense with the lyrics. It makes sense A LOT and the two eyes do look different..

Also I am a sucker for Kaylor so YES.


okay but can we talk about the fact that taylor probably approves things like this before they go up like

todricks probably all like “hey taylor is it cool if i tweet this”

and she says “yesssss theyre gonna absolutely lose their collective fucking shit” and throws her head back and cackles and goes back to frolicking in a field of butterflies or whatever she’s up to these days


And Tay throws her head back laughing like a little kid

We think it’s strange that Tay thinks Our theories are funny ‘cause we never did

We’ve been spending the last few months

Thinking all Tay ever does is laugh at our theories and bake and pet cats

But on 4.26 in a new era we watched it begin again

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