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(BYSOTI[D]) Drabble Suggestion: Yuuri and the (skating, or otherwise) gang play Truth or Dare, and innocent cinnamon bun Yuuri really isn't. Insert freaking out Vitya and/or Chris.

How about instead of Truth or Dare we have them play Never Have I Ever.  (Cutting it since it’s a lot of dialouge and dialouge can get long)

“Never have I ever been kissed.”  Guang Hong Ji blushed to the tips of his ears.

Pretty much everyone in the hotel room took a drink.  “This is absolutely precious.”  Chris butted shoulders with Viktor.

“This could get problematic.”  Leo de Iglesias was sipping from his drink.  “Actually.  Yeah.  Guang Hong, we should probably go.”

The small Chinese skater flushed even more.  “OK.  Next time, though?”

Leo nodded and gave Phichit and Yuuri a look.  “Yeah, next time.  Who started this game anyway?”

Everyone pointed at Phichit who was documenting the whole thing on snapchat apparently.

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Character design assignment where the challenge was to design a team to fight against a swarm of monsters. So I decided to set the story in a haunted mansion full of enchanted furniture and murderous ghosts  Featuring:

A Woodcarver, who’s been breaking apart pieces of the animated objects and repurposing them into a wooden child.
His Wooden Daughter, is still a work in progress and she needs a few more limbs until her completion.
A Thief, with a set of magic keys, who broke into the mansion to steal its riches.
A Priest, who used to be quite adept at exorcism until his Bible was possessed and he lost his faith.

The four of them have become trapped in the mansion and must work together to escape.

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Do you think the mcfeasting thing was something the war boys added to the Valhalla thing or did Joe say it himself?? Bc I can't stop laughing how seriously Nux says it in the movie :Dd I'm just cracking up in the car atm bc of fucken mcfeasting :d

Lmao! A quick search in google did not yield anything beyond

“One of the things is that everything in the story has to have some sort of underlying backstory. Not just every character, but every vehicle, every weapon, every costume – and the same with the language. So (the concept) was always found objects, repurposed. Immortan Joe is a slight adjustment to the word “immortal.” The character Nux says “mcfeasting” instead of using the word “feasting.”

It’s apparently something super telling about Nux? What that the boy can freaking read and picked up this word in some McDonalds advertisement?? Does it mean Nux is literate? Or in the case of Joe, if he was the one to introduce the concept (which to me is more likely since Nux talks about it like it’s a practiced prayer/pledge) did HE pick it out of some kindda newspaper for his bs religious vocab? Was there a brainstorming session with Bullet Farmer and People Eater about what kind of words they will be using and what kind of creation myth they will be planting into these young was pup’s minds?

And one of the just HAD to be Mcfeasting.

Real smooth there Joe.

Unless I’m completely fucking up some kind of Celtic/Viking mythology thing. I’m really sorry.

Stretching Canvas

Painting on canvas can be costly, but you can achieve the same effect by repurposing some old fabric. Plus you’ll get great satisfaction from building your own foundation to paint on. Sort through some old clothes to find a t-shirt for your “canvas”, make sure it’s big enough to fit around your frame, cut down the excess fabric, and staple it on. There’s a finesse to finding the right tautness to your canvas, making sure not to leave it too loose or pull it too tight. From there all it needs is a few coats of gesso, and you’ve got a blank canvas to make a masterpiece on.

What else?
By repurposing old fabric, we can build and stretch a new canvas to use for painting. Consider the environmental impact made by repurposing objects that otherwise might just get thrown away. More curriculum connectors can be found here.

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I see the headcanon going around that Levi made his cravat out of his mom's shirt, prob based on the idea of having a piece of her close to him at all times (like Mikasa w/Eren's scarf). But I have a hard time seeing him cutting up the last whole thing he has of his mom's, even to wear every day (as it would get worn out and fall apart eventually). I kinda think he'd keep something that precious tucked away safely in a drawer. What do you think?

Yeah I get what you mean, but people take sentimental objects and repurpose them all the time. For example, most women aren’t going to actually wear their mother’s wedding gowns on their wedding day, BUT it is common to rework them into new things like veils, gloves, broaches, shoes etc,. so they still have that memento of their loved ones, but it is fastened into something new that they will actually use. So I can’t see Levi ever having a need for his mother’s shirt again, but I do actually think it’s in his personality to make it into a nice cravat, which he would wear with pride.