repurposed craft


Thinking outside the box…. Paid $1 for this at a thrift store. Took it apart. Will use the tiny stem flowers for a different arrangement. Can clean up the frame to use as a ceiling detail. The curved glass? I dunno yet, but maybe it could be used for something (maybe some other project, if not this one).

If the characters of FRIENDS had tumblr blogs

Phoebe, username-regina_phalange: BDSM, pagan magic, song lyrics (all hers), repurposed arts and crafts, daddy kink, massage business promos, proud owner of the French Nestlé Tollhouse cookie recipe.

Monica, username-cheflife: Food porn, fitspo, cleaning tips, OCD posts, personal rants about everything especially low fat mayonnaise.

Rachel, username- charge_it : Selfies, pictures of her coffee, pictures of Emma, fashion art, female and male models, vague posts about not having been on a break.

Joey, username- howyoudoin: Reblogs Monica’s food porn, reblogs Rachel’s female models, New York Knicks, penthouse posts.

Ross, username- dinosaurlover: Is unknowingly followed by dinosaur fetish blogs, reblogs Rachel’s pictures of Emma, pictures of Ben, quotes about true love with a not-so-vague tag about Rachel, facts about paleontology which makes him lose followers.

Chandler, username- chandlermurielbing : Continually apologizes for the username that he can’t figure out how to change, funny cat gifs, sarcasm, Broadway musical clips, dry humor, pictures of true love Monica and their twins.