Beautiful Idea For Reusing Broken Clay Pot / Lindas Ideias para Reaproveitar Vasos de Flores
Also known as Fairy garden, these mini gardens can make a nice decoration in your garden and also be a very creative and simple solution to give a lifeline to the broken clay pot you have around.

Conhecido como jardim de fadas (fairy garden), esses mini jardins podem embelezar seu ambiente…


Here’s a little sneak peek at what will be available in the shop tonight!

Yep, I had one more Celestial Mandrake hanging around, unstuffed and in need of a slight repair. Now he’s all set and raring to go!

There are also a few cloaks! It’s really therapeutic to make these, especially since these are made out of “office casual” clothes that I used to wear to my full-time job. I was never more miserable than when working at car dealerships, so it feels awesome to turn those clothes into something fun! Don’t worry, they’re clean :)

Last but not last is little red riding root here! She’s an expired mandrake root, wearing a poppy-print cloak and holding a bottle of black salt to absorb any negativity in your life!

I might get a few more things done before the shop update- if not, see you at 7 pm EDT. Happy hunting!



School bus transformed into a charming, fairytale cottage of a tiny house. I love the color palette and all of the craftsmanship and details, from the sleeping alcove to the wood stove, the yellow vintage style fridge and all the odd shaped windows and arched doorways.  It even has a gorgeous private lakeside location to match. I love absolutely everything about it, apart from the lack of privacy in the bathroom, which I‘m sure could be solved with a sliding door or curtain, and on a private lake you probably don’t need much additional privacy unless you have guests.