Hey friends!

I’ve got another PSA about Moana, the new Poly Princess! If you see my last one here it is.

I’ve seen a bit of backlash about the Polynesian Demi God, Maui. A lot of people have called him Obese, and that they don’t like the weight/physical appearance of the character. 

And to be honest, even Moana looks a wee bit heavier set than another Disney Princess. 

For example, look at Repunzels legs compared to Moanas. They’re skinnier, and her arms too! 

You know why Repunzel is smaller than Moana? Because she’s a German fairytale, but Moana? Man, she’s from the islands, we’re from the islands, we eat fish, we eat coconuts, we eat pineapples, we eat what we can (Tongans are known to eat horses), we are BIGGER, we are built bigger, we are meant to be bigger. 

Tongan Men, Samoan men, they’re HUGE, girls are big too. The thing is, is that you will get a mix of big girls and little girls. My cousins out of the states, they’re small I suppose, but then my aunts, they can be quite a bit bigger. 

Also, much like the old days, the bigger you are, the better you seam, you know? Like you can eat, WOW! The king of Tonga and his daughter are big people man, they’re respected, sure, but when I say they’re big, I mean they’re heavy. 

It’s a meaning of respect and power mostly, to be heavy set. So when you look at Maui, a demi god, he’s going to be huge! 

Finally, just look, Disney is just a bunch of story tellers who are trying to tell a Polynesian story, one of adventure and courage, and they’re trying to do it accurately. 

I mean, they’ve casted a Hawaiian girl,  Auli’i Cravalho to voice Moana and The Rock (who’s mother is Samoan) to voice Maui.

They’re trying. Trust me, Disney is trying. And as a Tongan girl, I appreciate it so so SO very much.

Another day, another story. Eh Tumblr? This one is about Rapunzel. A fair maiden locked away in a tower, hidden from ever finding true love. Sad, huh? Well not too bad. See, Rapunzel was born outside of a Denny’s. And through some fairy tale magic that reason and logic could never explain, she was given long, beautiful bacon hair. So, this prince guy was riding by her prison tower one day, when he saw Rapunzel. So he was all, “You’re hawt, why are you locked in that tower?”

“Because of this evil woman that was jealous of my face.” Rapunzel yelled down.

“Alright,” he replied, “Let down your hair and I’ll climb it, because that makes sense and won’t hurt or inconvenience you in any way.” So Rapunzel, without taking into consideration the hundreds of thousands of nerve endings and pain receptors in the human head, let down her long bacon hair so the prince could climb up. But he didn’t. Because there was too much delicious bacon to eat. And enjoying crispy bacon is much more important than relying on a relationship in order to find happiness and validate your existence. The End.