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Do you support free or at least drastically reduced college tuition? I'm more Republican alinging, but I'm also living just above the poverty line, so on that particular issue I tend to side with the Democratic thinking.

I don’t support free college tuition and here is why:

  • The average person goes to college for a 4-year degree, usually starting at age 18
    • Since I couldn’t find the amount of US citizens aged 18-22, let’s assume they take advantage of the free college system and go for a 6-year degree instead. 
  • The US census says there are  27,143,454 people in the US aged 18-24. 

Let’s say that we provide a free 6-year degree for all of these people. 

  • The college board reports that a "moderate" college budget  for an in-state public college for the 2014–2015 academic year averaged $23,410.
    • This includes room & board, various fees, tuition cost, and books to name a few. 
    • Does NOT take into account that some majors cost significantly more than others 

Now we need to find out how much it would cost to provide these people with a free 6-year degree

  • We multiply the amount of the education per person by the  27,143,454 people aged 18-24 (to get the total cost of educating all these people for 6 years), and you get the grand total of $ 635,428,258,140 per year
    • Assuming that all these students attend an in-state public college with a moderate budget. 
  • Distribute that cost among all 117,00,000 US taxpayers and it amounts to $5,431 per taxpayer per year. 
  • According to basic math and the current US tax brackets, taxes would be raised between 17.1% (lowest range of the middle class) and 83% (highest range of middle class). 

That’s WAY too much of a tax increase on our middle class, assuming that the students go to in-state public colleges with moderate budgets. Not everyone will go to in-state public colleges, and not all of them will have moderate budgets. 

This statistic doesn’t take into account the following:

  • Private colleges, which are around twice as expensive.
  • Cost of building new colleges and dorms to accommodate the greatly increased amount of students
  • Dropout rates


There’s no real way to do that without drastically raising taxes on everyone else to pay for it. In theory, it would be nice, but in reality, it wouldn’t work because it’s too expensive. However, I would support going through the university systems and eliminating excess costs. I’m sure that there are many things that the university system spends money on that are unnecessary and I’m all for eliminating those inefficiencies. But I am not for spending taxpayer dollars to reduce college education when it’s so expensive to do so.

My parents are both very conservative Christians with run-of-the-mill jobs as an administrative assistant and a computer programmer.

Their children however are another story.

One is starting a company to design video games and is marrying a Mexican girl whose Wiccan.

One is going to be a nurse and identifies as an Atheist and a Socialist.

And the last one is a gay, tree-hugging socialist going into interior design.

What the hell happened to cause this?


[[ Image Description: A photo featuring tuxedo cat huddled down on a deck, with an article title on it.

The title reads: “Wisconsin GOP Passes Bill Banning Poor People From Buying Shellfish, Potatoes And Ketchup” ]]

Wisconsin Republicans are following through with their plan to be the cruelest state in the nation when it comes to the way poor people are treated by passing a bill that would ban them from eating a multitude of foods.

On Wednesday, Wisconsin Republicans in the statehouse took the first step in their agenda to punish people who use Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

Assembly Bill 177 seeks to ban people who rely on food stamps to survive on a daily basis from buying a huge list of products deemed unworthy for the mouths of poor people and their children.

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I cannot understand anti-abortion arguments that centre on the sanctity of life. As a species we’ve fairly comprehensively demonstrated that we don’t believe in the sanctity of life. The shrugging acceptance of war, famine, epidemic, pain and life-long poverty shows us that, whatever we tell ourselves, we’ve made only the most feeble of efforts to really treat human life as sacred.
—  Caitlin Moran

Back to the greatest mystery in politics right now: Who the hell are these Republicans who support Donald Trump? Who are they in Iowa, in New Hampshire, in Kentucky, in Michigan, across the nation? Are they dumb, racist, both? Close: They’re old. From the new CNN national poll write-up that has Trump in second place, at 13 percent, behind Jeb Bush’s 19 percent. 

Old conservatives simply cannot get enough of Donald Trump. Here’s why

Louisiana Refuses To Obey Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Until Lower Court Tells Them To Do So

Louisiana Refuses To Obey Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Until Lower Court Tells Them To Do So

The Supreme Court is the highest court in our nation and it has the final say on our Constitution, but Louisiana seems to think the opposite is true. Same-sex marriage officially became legal in all 50 states last Friday when the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that state marriage equality bans violate the 14th Amendment, which says: No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the…

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Weyrich died in 2008, but the GOP is still applying his lesson today. If voting really didn’t matter, then why would Republicans constantly try so hard to block so many people from voting?


 How Jeb Bush disenfranchised 94,000 legally registered and eligible Black & Latino Florida voters in the y2k Bush v. Gore presidential election

 Voter ID laws: a Republican tool for mass voter disenfranchisement

 Why people who claim that voting doesn’t matter are WRONG

 Black, Latino and Asian people targeted on voter “crosscheck” lists

 Fox News - the propaganda wing of the Republican Party

There is a history and a methodology to voter disenfranchisement in America. So the next time you hear one anyone claim that “voting doesn’t matter, why even bother,” please understand that not only is such advice wrong, but through inaction, disaffected voters who refuse to vote are actually helping to elect regressive right-wing politicians…just as Paul Weyrich knew

Civil Rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr, Fannie Lou Hamer, the Black Panthers, and James Chaney all understood the importance of registering people and getting them to the polls to vote. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise: Voting still matters. It always has