republicanproblems2012 replied to your post: The truth is that the more research I do on Ronald Reagan

I love reading about him. I cried reading his autobiography. lmao.

I’m serious though.

There has not been a single time when I read about something he did and though ‘Wow, I really disagree with that. Why would he do something like that.’

Liberals 'criticize’ him and I turn around and start researching the issue, to see if they have a point for once, and it’s like 'no, nope, you’re wrong again’.

This guy seriously rocked.

I’m honestly curious. How can you reconcile Romney’s energy plan with the devastation it will cause to our environment? In addition, what makes you opposed to Obama’s economic plans? Romney’s economic plans are ‘quick and dirty’, if you’ll excuse the idiom. We’ll see a quick turnaround in the national economy, but at the cost of nearly every social program that millions of people depend on.

I can oppose President Obama’s economic plans because they don’t work. Do you honestly think that his approach is sustainable when we’re about to go broke? 

Look, I’m all for helping those in need— but the federal government doesn’t do it effectively. Mitt will eliminate programs that don’t work. He’s not going to leave poor people in a ditch on the street corner and anyone who thinks that is clearly not paying attention to his track record. 

PS- his energy plan isn’t going to devastate the environment.

His approach is sustainable long term. It’s basic keynesian economics. Romney’s approach, on the other hand, is supply-side economics. Supply-side policies are tremendously effective at first, but eventually supply-side policies become more wasteful than nearly any other marcoeconomic theory. Keynesian theory, while not quick, is expensive first, but eventually levels out to a sustainable rate. 

Romney has said himself that he plans to recind President Obama’s health plan. That’s enough of an elimination for me. 

His energy plan is devistating to the enviroment. What Romney and the Republicans are offering voters this November isn’t a coherent energy plan, it’s a suicide note. Coal, Oil, Natural Gas; these are all non-renewable resources that we should no longer be mucking around with. We should be aiming to create jobs in the energy sector by utilising renewable energy: wind, sunlight, et cetera. Romney actually plans to kill the The Energy Improvement and Extension Act of 2008 (H.R. 1424), a tax subsidy that allows renewable energy to compete with fossil fuels. 

Not to mention the fact that he keeps espousing 'energy independence’. He says it like it’s some grand goal, like reaching the moon or mars. What he’s really doing is using middle america’s fear of foreigners to justify opening up fragile coastlines and wildlife sanctuaries to fracking and drilling. 

I won’t even get into the fact that conservatives have treated global warming as a joke for the last twenty years, despite mountains of evidence showing that we are exacerbating climate change with carbon output. 

Nice solid Mary foundation… oldies but besties at the top…. and country-conservative-Bernadette Peters filling up my insides.

Sounds about right.

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