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Sally Yates Details Warning The White House About Michael Flynn
Kansas Democrat Proudly Wears Support Of Bernie Sanders Group In Unexpectedly Close Race
Republicans seem to be worried.

A Democrat running for a congressional seat in an ultra-conservative district is touting support from a Bernie Sanders-aligned group in the final days before a Kansas special election on Tuesday that appears to be unexpectedly close.

There’s been a swell of support for James Thompson, the Democrat running to fill the seat vacated by Tea Party congressman Mike Pompeo, who was tapped by President Donald Trump to lead the CIA. Republicans have stepped up spending in the race, signaling they could be worried about the result.

Along with the Kansas race, Democrats are looking to special elections in Georgia and Montana as early bellwethers of enthusiasm for candidates under President Donald Trump.

As Tuesday approached, Thompson ― running to represent the district that is home to Koch industries ― embraced support from Our Revolution, the progressive group that grew out of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Early vote numbers aren’t necessarily an indicator of final turnout, but Tom Bonier, CEO of Democratic electoral data strategy firm TargetSmart Communications, noted that the closeness of the race could signal larger problems for Republicans.

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Revolution is not a one time event.
Don’t just go to a protest and ask what’s next afterwards. Create the next step yourself. If there isn’t a group in your area then create one.

Calling your congressman does work especially when you flood their local office. Yes voting does work or else they wouldn’t be making it so hard for you to vote.

Everyone has a part to play in the revolution. You don’t have to be involved in everything. Everyone doesn’t like protesting or organizing or calling representatives. Do what works best for you. Even if it’s just donating $5 to progressive and local radio. Or just sharing their information online. Even making art and videos.

Anything big or small is helpful in this resistance to Trump and the Republicans.


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svfferign  asked:

ok asshat half the country has the era 3 test within the next week so tell us The Important Things in the shittiest meme-iest fashion ever go

Aight lets do this!!

1754-1763: French-Indian War - a mess, it’s England and France back at it again with the war thing

1754: a Young Wash™ loses Fort Necessity, goodbye General Braddock 😵

1763: Treaty of Paris pt. 1 - France loses A Lot of land (Canada, the Mississippi) but keeps the Money Islands in the Caribbean

1763: Proclamation of 1763 - the colonists can’t move to the land they fought for, they do it anyway because they are strong independent Americans who don’t need no rules

1764: Sugar Act - makes The Bostonians salty, but not much else happens, gets repealed

1765: Stamp Act my dudes, England needs The Monies™ and we gotta pay

1765: The Sons of Liberty gets lit, organized boycotts

1766: Declatory Act - “we rule you shut up” - parliament to the colonies

1767: disbands NY Assembly to make everyone agree not to mutiny, also starts the new taxes for the tea☕️, lead⛓, paint🎨, and paper📑(don’t anger the lawyers)

1770: The Boston Massacre - not really a massacre, but that’s not important once it hits Georgia (🖕🏻🖕🏻England). Like 5 people died. John Adams reps the soldiers

1772: The Sons of Liberty gets lit again, burns down the HMS Gaspee

1773: The Boston Tea Party 🐸☕️- because causing millions of dollars in losses is the American Way (Sam Adams burns down more boats), mostly because of the Tea Act

1774: The Intolerable Acts - stops the govt, closed Boston, lets British soldiers sleep in houses. ITS TIME FOR REVOLUTION!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

1774: the First Continental Congress, wants reconciliation, sends list of receipts on Britain, starts low-key making an army, really doesn’t do that much after that

1775: shots fired 🔫🔫Lexington and Concord. Paul Revere does the thing (HE SAID THE REGULARS ARE COMING NOT THE BRITISH ARE COMING MY DUDES)

1775: a New, Older Wash™ is appointed Commander in Chief, only bc he promised to fight for free (also, him big™)

1775: Bunker Hill, a loss for America, a mess, Siege of Boston, a win for America, but still a mess

1776: The Instigator Year, everything goes down. Common Sense, Washington loses New York, Battle of Trenton, Cross the Delaware,

1776: The Congress says “suck it England” and signs the Declaration

1777: Saratoga, General Burgoyne surrenders to Gates, France begins to notice (also, Lafayette gets shot in the leg at Brandywine and doesn’t notice)

1777: A gay Prussian saves the Army (von Steuben)

1778: Sugar Daddy France agrees to give us money and huge boats, with guns….gunboats

1781: British surrender at Yorktown, Cornwallis is salty and doesn’t come to negotiations

1783: Treaty of Paris pt. 2 - Adams, Jay, and Franklin end the war

1785: Northwest Ordinance, sets out how to become a state, how to divide land (why a lot of western states are squares)

1786: Shays’s Rebellion, the grand old tradition of hating taxes is back, they close the courts at Boston to stop them taking farms

1787: The shitshow that is the Constitutional Convention begins. Federalists v. Anti-Federalists is big govt. vs. small govt. Hamilton talks for 6 hours, cannot shut up

1787: The Federalist Papers, 85 essays defending the Constitution. HAMILTON WROTE. THE OTHER 51!!!

1787: The 3/5 Compromise for reps in the house, finally gets the constitution passed

1789: a Very Tired Wash™ is elected president

1791: Ham man wants his financial plan passed (National Bank, whisky tax, assume states debts, industry), but the Democratic Republicans don’t want it. Only gets passed because they agree to move the capital south (the room where it happens)

1790s: political parties happen divided over the French Revolution (Republicans love it, the Federalists hate it). Republicans led by The Jeffs and Jemmy Mads

1793: The Neutrality Proclamation gets tested by Citizen Genet. Wants to recruit for fighting for France. A Mess™

1794: Jay’s Treaty sort of fails, but gets us trade with England. He’s burned in effigy, Ham is stoned by a mob defending it

1795: Pinckney’s Treaty gets access to the Mississippi

1796: His Rotundy (Adams) gets elected, The Jeffs is VP. It’s messy.

1797: The XYZ Affair, they want the money, we don’t want to give them the money to negotiate. Messy

1798: The Alien and Sedition Acts - don’t be mean to Adams, it makes him cry. It’s harder to become a citizen

1798-1799: The Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions want to nullify the unconstitutional Acts, which in itself is unconstitutional, so…..

1800: The Election “Revolution” of 1800 is probably the messiest election ever. Adams says Jefferson is dead, Jeffs retaliates, its awful

1800: The Electoral College has a tie with Jeffs and AyyAyyron Burr, Hamilton ends up breaking the tie. This works out great. (It doesn’t, he gets shot 4 years later)

Look, Barack Obama is a friend of mine, and I think he and his family represented us for eight years with dignity and intelligence, but I think at a time when we have so much income and wealth inequality … I think it just does not look good.

IRISHMEN AND IRISHWOMEN: In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom…

Signed on behalf of the Provisional Government,

Thomas J. Clarke.
Sean Mac Diarmada.
Thomas MacDonagh.
P. H. Pearse.
Eamonn Ceannt.
James Connolly.
Joseph Plunkett.

Tonight’s accomplishment (and the reason for lack of internet presence) is a big tupperware container full of cookies in the shape of the state of Virginia. Why, you ask? Because my Sister District group is hosting our first fundraiser for the VA house of delegates race candidate we’re working with, and Combeferre friend and I spent the evening making those despite the uncooperative dough. The plan is for people to gerrymander them with different colored icing :D 

Anyway, we’re nerds. 

LEARNING HISTORY WITH CAT PARAGRAPH 1 (france from republic to empire)

i decided to make this because it will actually help me learn history rather than procrastinating and failing the exams so yes ovo

remember that im reading this from a georgian book and i might not translate everything correctly- (and i added some more comedy and words that i can associate the places with so it could be easily memorable- with all that said have fun uvu also it contains swear words so ye)

18 briumers “rotation” (lol i just mean it being thrown down or something) in the year 1799 9 november later

the new constitution has equipped the first consul with a lotta powa-

jacobin,revolutionary and republican first consul said :  “revolution is over bitches,napeoleon out- “  “ citizens,revolution is over”

representative bodies  composition was provided by napoleon (notsureifisaidthatrightbutheck-)

the most important thing to napoleon was his ppls support

so to get that support napoleon preserved the plebiscite institution  

on the year 1802 the social referendum supported napoleon to be the

“the forever first consul”

he was blessed as the emperor of france (loldaddylowercasebcshort-)

the people also supported napoleon because he had a “big army” which inspired french people to be a “big nation” and because of something else too which i cannot for the love of god translate-

while napoleon was ruling a money reform and french banks establishment has stabilized the country financially

the bread had a low price and that kept the people from whining about their restriction of rights

in the year 1801 with  the registration of conkordat

the frienship with the catholic church happened

most of the french citizens accepted Catholicism  as their religion

the emigrant highbloods nobles were allowed to get back into the country only on one condition

if they would agree to swear on constitution  

napolions main support was  new elite that was created by him and it consisted of army and high officials (???engineers i think??goodgleainttranslatingwell-) 

in the year 1805 in edition of neapols governance, napoleons brother jonephy- was announced as the ruler of two sicily,in reality,jonephys power only spread across neapol 

the emperor started giving away his conquered lands to his relatives which were known as the “napoleonids” and enthroned them. 

at the same time,in the year 1804 the social codecs that was introduced strengthened the revolutionary gains,to be precise, equality to the law and private property contract (ignore the writing on the drawing- )

and alas

that was all that is written in my history book for paragraph 1 uvu hope ya’ll enjoyed it

I am risking my life bringing you this information from an anonymous source who claimed to be a CIA agent. The information is extremely reliable and factual. This is extremely important information.

Donald Trump is a Russian hacker spy KGB sleeper agent who colluded with the Zodiac Killer, Netanyahu, to oppress women with the glass ceiling at the presidential level by the order of the patriarchal white supremacist Bohemian Grove run by Israeli occupation so that Vladamir Putin could poison the water crisis of Flint Michigan and cover his tracks using Peepee the frog while rigging the US presidential election by proxy of 8 degrees of separation by killing Palestinian children and rapping girls on college campuses so that Fox News and CNN can have stories to camoflage fake news written by (badgAlt-Right uys) to make you believe this is fake news, which is only to distract from the fact that Trump exploited rape victims for his campaign to secure the presidency as a puppet for Valdamir Putin. This is a reliable source confirmed by many people. This corruption by the new establishment is rape culture, nothing matters, nukes, protests, republicans, the election is rigged, the popular vote, it’s the current year, BuzzfeedWar Room.

Rape. Russia. Adolf Hitler. Memes. Adolf Hitler.

Please, someone save this information and get it to the social media walls, it is vital to keeping Hitler from fully reincarnating from his cheeto horcrux. Black kids are dying. Donald Trump is ugly. I fear I have no time left. Be as absolutely primed and groomed for participating in nationwide unrest as you possibly can… No reason, just be prepared in case anything happens and you want to start a disorganized revolution that I, the media, corporations, or various factions within the government can manipulate… or…. something -ehem… Dont worry about it, just be very angry and hate Trump to the point of violence and confusion, that is the only way to save America from… bad things… terrorism, white supremacy, satan, o00ooh ghosts, whatever we’ve been blasting on the news that are badguys.#NotMyPresident! We must demand a birth certificate from Donald Trump. Do it for #her #stillwithher

Hitler. Rape. 2016. Lena Duham. Trump supporters.

In October, 1793, the Convention decided to adopt a new Calender, beginning the year with September 21 — the day on which the monarchy had been abolished — and renaming the days and months on republican principles. Fabre was made reporter of the Committee which carried out this idea: his literary fame, and the skill with which he had improved his own name, were his qualifications.

Leaders of the French Revolution by J.M.Thompson

“The skill with which he had improved his own name” though.

French Republican Calendar

Since you guys liked the clock post so much I decided to make another post about France’s Republican time system. For a few brief years from 1792 to 1806 France dramatically reorganized its dating system and decimalized its calender. The changes included:

  • Making 1789 the year of the French Revolution year 0 on all calenders
  • Dividing the year into 12, 30 day months
  • Each month was divided into 3, 10 day weeks
  • All the days were associated with a type of plant, mineral, tool, or animal( today’s is the box tree)
  • Renaming the months after nature and the weather (here’s a chart of their meanings via Wikipedia)
  • Autumn:
    • Vendémiaire in French (from Latin vindemia, “grape harvest”), starting 22, 23 or 24 September
    • Brumaire (from French brume, “fog”), starting 22, 23 or 24 October
    • Frimaire (From French frimas, “frost”), starting 21, 22 or 23 November
  • Winter:
    • Nivôse (from Latin nivosus, “snowy”), starting 21, 22 or 23 December
    • Pluviôse (from Latin pluvius, “rainy”), starting 20, 21 or 22 January
    • Ventôse (from Latin ventosus, “windy”), starting 19, 20 or 21 February
  • Spring:
    • Germinal (from Latin germen, “germination”), starting 20 or 21 March
    • Floréal (from Latin flos, “flower”), starting 20 or 21 April
    • Prairial (from French prairie, “pasture”), starting 20 or 21 May
  • Summer:
    • Messidor (from Latin messis, “harvest”), starting 19 or 20 June
    • Thermidor (or Fervidor) (from Greek thermon, “summer heat”), starting 19 or 20 July
    • Fructidor (from Latin fructus, “fruit”), starting 18 or 19 August