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Congratulations Trump voters,

You made Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren incredibly relevant on a national level again.

You made Hillary Clinton into a martyr.

You made Barack Obama look like a God in comparison to our future President.

We’ll see you in 2018 and 2020,
‘Whiny’ Liberals

today, i’ve been crying all day. my mother, who is an arab, muslim immigrant and citizen of the united states for 27 years, and one of the strongest women i know, saw me when i was trying to study, but instead of words, there were tear drops on my paper. she sits down next to me and she asks me whats wrong. i tell her that im scared. she takes my hand and she says,
“i know. i know you’re scared. it sucks. it’s going to be hard and it’s up to God now. we’ve done our part. but now, prepare to fight. prepare to fight. your father and i raised three other kids for 12 years during the Bush presidency, okay? trump may be a modern day hitler, but he isn’t the first. it’s happening with the zionists to the palestinians. it’s happening in egypt. in yemen. in syria. but you fight. you know how? you study, you learn, you get good grades, and go to college. that’s how you fight. you beat them with your intelligence. if you die, you die. and it’s because God said it was your time. but you study and you prepare to fight.”

Just an observation

This is a commentary on YouTube comments and the people who post negative ones.

I’m focusing on two channels that I have noticed this in so some of this might not be totally supported but I still found it pretty interesting.

So Franchesca Ramsey and Paul Joseph Watson are two very political figures on YouTube right now with the former being a very socially liberal commenter on race and the latter being a conservative retaliator on social phenomena. Ramsey has her own channel: chescaleigh and is also the host of MTV News’ Decoded, a commentary on racial issues in The United States. Watson has his own self-titled channel that aims to retaliate against liberal media. Both have active following and very large comment sections. However I have noticed that while Watson receives a lot of praise in his comment sections for constantly shouting into a camera and calling people “retards” and “stoooooooopid,” Ramsey receives immense criticism for her attitudes on race relations.

What I find very interesting about this is that it seams that conservative commenters actively seek out liberal speakers and videos to comment and “troll” all over the video. This is seen in the top-rated comments on Ramsey’s videos being rude, disrespectful comments on Ramsey’s subject as well as the ratings bar is heavily disliked with the dislikes often out-weighing the likes. Watson however has many top-rated praise comments and his ratings bar is almost completely full all of the time. Conservative commenters are going out and purposefully find these videos with a liberal agenda to completely harass the talent in the video. I rarely see any liberal minded people fighting against Watson’s videos and I find that very telling of the current conservative and liberal groups in The United States. And if a liberal thinker were to post a comment it is often very respectful and has healthy thought behind it. 

I find Watson’s videos to be EXTREMELY PROBLEMATIC and his agenda of promotion is one so harmful to the current status of American politics. I think he is perpetuating harmful stereotypes and giving people an excuse to carry out a harmful way of thinking. Ramsey is heavily bashed for thinking in way that promotes equality and tries to educate the masses on how to begin to ease racial tension in The United States so I think it’s very interesting and EXTREMELY TELLING how these two commentating groups in different political ideologies are functioning. I’ve met my fair share of problematic liberals but the problematic ones on YouTube come from the conservative side of things and really show how this country is becoming extremely divided in its politics and personally I find it very alarming.

Check out Franchesca Ramsey on YouTube on MTV News’ series Decoded and her own personal channel: chescaleigh.

do not go watch Paul Joseph Watson’s videos. Every view gives him more exposure and the man needs to be stopped.


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By Arun Chaudhary, Digital Creative Director