republican flag

personally i like the chinese republican pride flag but i think we should include a green and a pink stripe for russians and japanese because those two groups have historically not really felt welcome in china

I’ll be in SC tomorrow and I’m not sure I’m ready for all the confederate flags and republicans, gonna have to brace myself

Thoughts on Dublin Pride 2017

Its shite basically. The real essence of it is that If the parade is always physically lead by big corporations and major political parties in order to cash in on LGBT+ people through ‘solidarity’. Always taking up the rear are usually the obscure political groups like WSM and PBP. To be honest the group who annoyed me more was WSM and PBP, They were parading like it was a political rally and not, you know, pride. Its easy to compare them to the big corps and parties looking for support and attention because its what they are pretty much doing, but they go about it in the most annoying and unwelcome way.

Nothing wrong with flags, banners and solidarity but there is plenty of other days you can hold a refugee-solidarity protest, a pro-choice protest and an anti-state protest. These potential days don’t include pride; like the messages are good but come on. Less chanting and more cheering.

In other news someone in the sinn fein portion of the march had a ‘furry pride flag’, I’ve been trying really hard to find a pic of it but have been unsuccessful.

It was basically this pic as a flag. I’m really willing to believe none of the organisers had any clue what the flag actually was though and there hasn’t been any mention of that i can find.