republican dog

  • Play as Marcus: gets an entire game to himself
  • Play as Wrench: combat mission with explosives
  • Play as Ray: gets his own DLC mission
  • Play as Josh: control a drone with your friends
  • Play as Wrench Junior: infiltrate a robotics facility
  • Play as Sitara: 30 second puzzle then spy on some guy who's gonna get some hardcore pegging from his republican mistress

This picture is Steven King! He is a republican! Just sent death threats to his opponent. She dropped out. Wants to make dogfighting legal. Please help !!! 2018 election !

This is what the Republican Party has become, legalizing dog fighting. Republican’s  love to hearken back to the Victorian era.

How Mo Brooks’ ‘War on Whites’ gaffe became worse by several orders of magnitude.

You probably heard about Alabama Republican Rep. Mo Brooks’ accusation that Democrats are waging a “war on whites.” If not, the story is here. Suffice it to say that he reached for the racist dog whistle and accidentally grabbed a megaphone.

What happened afterward was wonderfully disastrous. Step one in this cascading PR disaster was entirely predictable; liberals used the hashtag #WarOnWhites to make fun of Brooks and Republican dog whistle racism in general.

But it turned out that the hashtag was already being used by the sort of batshit crazy racists you’d expect to use it. These are white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and other lifestyle racists who are convinced that immigration and “race mixing” is a form of “white genocide.” Never mind that as these genocidal minorities are supposedly watering down whiteness, it stands to reason that they’re also watering down their own ethnicity with the whiteness they’re supposedly trying to wipe out. In other words, if mixed race people represent a white genocide, they also represent a self-genocide of the people doing the genocide. The whole thing makes no sense because these people are a). stupid and b). see A.

Anyway, #WarOnWhites trended for most of the night and people visiting for the yucks were also treated to the occasional butthurt Nazi trying to convince everyone that what Mo Brooks said was the truest thing ever.

Especially funny were the conservatives who joined in on the hashtag, only to run screaming after they slowly (very slowly in many cases) realized that those they were slapping on the back and agreeing with were klansmen and skinheads. This is especially fun because the 'baggers have convinced themselves that racists are all lefties, for reasons far too long and stupid to go into with any great detail here. Here they found actual Nazis decrying liberals and “Marxism” and they were confronted with the suddenly undeniable fact that these clowns are conservative to the core.

And of course, there’s all the praise Mo Brooks is getting for his racist statement from the white supremacists. It would’ve gone under the radar – few pay attention to these crackpots unless they hold a sad little rally someplace – if it weren’t for the fact that people used their hashtag to make fun of them.

As I tweeted to the particular KKKlown who posted the image above, “You think you’re helping, but you’re SO not!” If Alabama dems don’t use Brook’s popularity with Nazis against him, it’ll be a case of political malpractice.

Most cruelly, many of the states that have refused to accept the Medicaid expansion are those where Medicaid benefits are most stingy to begin with. Each state sets its own eligibility levels, and not too surprisingly, states run by Republicans tend to set them extremely low. So for instance, if you’re a single parent in Alabama with two kids and you earn a princely $3,221 a year, the state considers you too wealthy to get Medicaid. In Texas, which has more people living without health insurance than any other state, that figure is $3,737. Millions of the working poor could have gotten coverage from Medicaid through the expansion, but their state legislators and governors quite literally believe that it’s better for a poor person to have no health coverage at all than to get coverage from the government.
By one analysis, 5.2 million Americans who could have gotten Medicaid if their states had accepted the expansion will remain uninsured. And if you asked those people in a poll whether Obamacare had helped them, they’d quite reasonably say no.
So Republicans in those states can laugh all the way to election night. They got to screw the poor, which, let’s be honest, they were inclined to do anyway, and in doing so they also did political damage to the Obama administration. Quite a trick.
Racism 101: Understanding the dog whistles

Listen, when Republicans say “secure the border” what they’re really saying is “CLOSE the *southern* border”…as in 100% Completely. Seal. It. Off…to all the black and brown bodies

Please understand: they won’t be satisfied with anything less than that