republican dog

Previously a Republican who ran for and lost two elections, Scott Fistler decided to shake it up and run again, not only as a Democrat, but as a different person altogether. So, the man who once lost a Republican city council seat in Phoenix as Scott Fistler was suddenly running for Congress as a Democrat named Cesar Chavez. Yes, the same name as the famous Mexican labor leader.

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the thing abt kaepernik & the entire discussion surrounding free speech in general is that, sure, people are allowed to voice their opinions, and people who disagree w them are allowed to vocalize it too without the risk of government prosecution, but you have to admit that it’s a little weird that it’s SO taboo to not show complete uncritical respect for vague patriotic symbols like that… even though the feds technically aren’t supposed to punish you for voicing your opinions on politics (which, frankly, happens anyway, but that’s another story) there’s a very deliberate set of social mores in place to ensure that people dismiss you if you call any attention to institutional corruption. to blame a certain group for this country’s problems is fair game––think republican dog-whistle politics & democrats acting like republican antics are the only thing we need to worry about––but to suggest that this nation is unethical at its core isn’t something that’s tolerated. you see this with sitting during the pledge or anthem, more provocative forms of protest like flag burning, and, like, any criticism aimed at the military or police force, and pretty much anything else directly associated with patriotism. so, yeah, we have freedom of speech here, but we also have a lot of propaganda to ensure that no one steps out of line regardless, which is really, really dangerous

i just saw a bumper sticker that said “my dog is a republican” omg…. dogs are cancelled until 2017 when i know who to trust