republican dirty tricks

The masculinization of black women is highly racist and considered a huge insult. The Republicans will stop at nothing in their never ending attacks on Democrats, their spouses, and their women.

Meanwhile Melania is a train wreck who made bi-sexual porn and posed in the nude repeatedly before plagiarizing FLOTUS who is highly educated and a model parent and pillar of dignity.

Republicans have no class, no dignity, and respect only money. Trump and his family are the biggest hypocrites ever put forward by the corrupt Republicans. Barack Obama is the first President in ages not to have a scandal during his two term administration.

Trump’s whole life has been one scandal after another. After the election he will be tried over Trump University fleecing students and in another case for repeatedly raping a 13 year old girl. Something the press avoids, preferring to talk about his “p***y grabbing” instead. They also avoid him appearing in Playboy porn videos as an interviewer and videographer (and mercifully not as an actor).

Mitch McConnell uses fake “violation notice” mailer.

In a move that Democrats are lambasting as a voter suppression tactic, Sen. Mitch McConnell’s campaign and its GOP allies are distributing a mailer to Kentucky voters with the title “ELECTION VIOLATION NOTICE.”

It warns of “a possible fraud” and reads, “You are at risk of acting on fraudulent information.” It says it’s paid for by the Republican Party of Kentucky and authorized by the McConnell Senate Committee ‘14.

The mailer is ultimately a rather creative attack on Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes

Republicans need dirty tricks and cheating. Scum bags. 

National Republicans have waged an unrelenting campaign to exploit every weakness and anachronism in our electoral system. Through a combination of hyperpartisan redistricting of the House, unprecedented obstructionism in the Senate and racist voter suppression in the states, today’s GOP has locked in political power that it could never have secured on a level playing field.
—  From the Republican war on voting rights to outright assaults against public education and the poor, this is a definitive read: How Republicans rig the game