republican canidates

unpopular opinion ?

i absolutely do NOT like any of the republican candidates. i tried to look for a positive side of them, but when i found any i either didnt like it, or there werent any.

i think obama is a pretty good president. sure he fucked up, but hey he is only human. he promised to end the iraq war, and lookie he did end the war. if you take a look in the past four years, he HAS made change. its not easy to bring a country in rubble back up. its like pulling an obese person up from a chair when you barely weigh a hundred pounds ( YES the obese joke/ reference is made here ) we might be in huge debt, but at least he is trying to get us out of it. PLUS hes hella funny (i.e. his “ birth ” video )  he also is a firm about what he believes in. when most people boo gay soldiers, he loves them because they wear the clothes uniform  that represent the nation. 

in all honestly, if i could vote, i would vote for obama.
obama should serve a second term.