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If you choose to accept it. Give Donald Trump the Bennigans Cummerbund and Icky Azaghâl treatment and come up with increasingly ridiculous plays on his name. And (this is critical), NEVER USE HIS REAL NAME AGAIN. Can you imagine the Twitter meltdown if he found out that everyone had taken to calling him ridiculous names? It would be glorious.
Opinion | This is what you get when you elect Republicans
That combination of malice and incompetence of their health care debacle? It's only the beginning.

“It goes much further than their repugnant and disastrous effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but all the contemporary GOP’s pathologies could be seen there: their outright malice toward ordinary people, their indifference to the suffering of their fellow citizens, their blazing incompetence, their contempt for democratic norms, their shameless hypocrisy, their gleeful ignorance about policy, their utter dishonesty and bad faith, their pure cynicism, and their complete inability to perform anything that resembles governing. It was the perfect Republican spectacle.”
Republicans are counting on a quiet recess in their home districts. That’s where you come in.
Here are the top five ways you can drive the #IStandWithPP message home while your members of Congress are nearby.

When members of Congress go home, they have to answer for their positions on women’s health and rights.


anonymous asked:

If y'all had tumblr accounts, what kind of blog would you have

Whisper: She would have a studyblr with lots of black and white aesthetic photos.

Blaze: He would have a mostly aesthetic blog but would have lots of “i wanna die, whos with me” type jokes

Icarus: A personal blog they never reblog from others just post there own stuff and selfies.

Jessie: A sexy pic blog also lots of explicit fan fic

Ace: Just whatever they feel like. mostly memes tbh

Ivy: Lots of quotes their blog can get a bit much becasue its always fairly depressing vague posts a lot of people

Ares: A full vent blog except its also their main blog is constantly calling people out

Cressida: Lots of rich kid aesthetic posts reblogs republican shit

Temperence: Foodie blog, also lots of vaping videos and tips on getting through a hangover

On Election Day

If Trump Wins: *Stares nervously at the democrats, fully expecting them to riot and attack their fellow countrymen violently*

If Hillary wins: *Stares nervously at Russia, fully expecting them to start posturing for WWIII immediately*

The entire day before and after a winner is announced: *Starring in to space, sweating nervously*

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When I hear those stories about people getting fired from their jobs and doxxed from not being ‘politically correct’ its just awful.  These people aren’t even speaking for their job, or in their company in any way, yet people somehow manage to get them fired.  So basically once I get hired, that infringes on my freedom of speech, even when not in the workplace??  

anonymous asked:

U fuckin republicans make me sick. U REPUBLICANT TAKE PEOPLES RIGHTS AWAY

I think you have the wrong blog or are confused. There is absolutely NOTHING “Republican” about this blog. My blog title reads-

science, politics (fuck the GOP), LGBTQ, humanism, pro-choice, skeptic. Please vaccinate your children. The “afterlife” we should be worried about is the future we leave our children.

That doesn’t sound very “republican” to me.

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As we prepare for the first night of the RNC, let’s all take a moment to reflect on 4 years ago, when we were all naive enough to believe that the most ridiculous thing that could happen at a Republican convention was Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair.