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AP Exposes Bill Clinton’s Secret Company

A new report by The Associated Press has exposed Bill Clinton’s until now undisclosed company, WJC LLC:

The newly released financial files on Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s growing fortune omit a company with no apparent employees or assets that the former president has legally used to provide consulting and other services, but which demonstrates the complexity of the family’s finances.

The company, which was set up in 2008, has not appeared on a single Clinton financial disclosure filing, including the form filed this month by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. And while the Clinton campaign claims they were not required to disclose the company because it lacked assets, the AP found that a number of Bill Clinton’s consulting agreements flowed through the secret LLC.

And as Bill himself says…

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The Cure for Obamacare

This is your alternative to the abysmal legislative nightmare that is the Affordable Care Act.


Should America Be the World’s Policeman?

While I do not believe the United States should be the world’s policeman, our influence on the world’s stage is undeniable.  We are far better at defending and overseeing other countries than the United Nations.


Bad News for NASA (and You)

The Senate committee on Space (led by Ted Cruz) has just passed a draft budget for NASA that drops funding for the study of Earth sciences by $300 million below current levels and half a billion below the president’s request.

This is almost a third of the funding for Earth sciences and the study of climate change disappearing overnight and being funneled instead to the space launch system and Orion capsule.

Know this: there’s no planet more important to us than Earth. Not only does our knowledge of Earth complement the understanding of planets elsewhere but in days like this we’re effectively geo-engineering the planet into unknown and deep waters. We need to understand our home.

This funding was cut under the stated pretense that NASA’s “core mission” is to explore space, not Earth. The problem is, the funding for agencies dedicated exclusively to exploring Earth (NOAA) have also had their science cut.

Fact time: 

- Climate change is real.

- Climate change will be deadly.

- It’s our fault.

- We can do something about it.

(Image credit: Data: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Some description adapted from the Scripps CO2 Program website, “Keeling Curve Lessons.” and NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory, Robert Simmon)