Christian senator launches into homophobic rant while defending the Confederate flag (For more info, visit Friendly Atheist; For a related article, visit Jezebel; For a related video, click here



Ah, White republicans. ..This is why you’re going to lose other than the shear racial demographic shift that you did nothing to prevent and even aided.  You refuse to acknowledge the reality of the political situation and what the divide is really about.  What is it exactly that brings blacks, Mexicans who are vastly Catholic, feminists, homosexuals and MUSLIMS under the same tent of the democratic party?  How is it that these groups, who’s ideologies are so violently conflicted, can even gather in one place to rally for anything?  Hatred of you. 

Yeah, they hate each other too but they can put that aside for the moment because they hate you, white man, infinitely more than they hate each other. They hate you and they want what you have. When you realize that this is the thesis and ultimate purpose of all modern leftism then all of their seemingly contradictory views make perfect sense.  Its whatever will uproot, displace, replace, overthrow and subjugate you.

So trying to win the approval of these people is a bit like letting your wife fuck that body builder guy.  She’ll be really thankful for your self deprecating submission but its not going to make her respect you or fuck you ever again.

djmase asked:

Let's hope against hope that it doesn't come to it...but if it does, would you rather have Sanders of Clinton and why?

I guess the question would be, would you rather have an honest evil like Sanders ruling your life…or the dishonest evil like Hillary ruling your life?

Hillary at least plays ball with big business so I’d expect her to be more or less Barack Obama 2.0.   Sanders on the other hand seems a bit more extreme than Obama when it comes to his anti-capitalist claptrap.  Sure, they’re all essentially Marxists to some extent but at different ideological levels.  Hillary is far more centrist than both.

Sanders is far stupider and radical than Hillary though.  Hillary’s political experience and connections makes her a Lex Luthor brand villain… 

…while Sanders would be more like the Vulture or Captain Boomerang.  Dangerous…but really lame.

Luckily for us, it won’t really boil down to either of them in the general election.  Bernie will manage to get all the true socialist and progressive morons to vote for him in the end, even though he’ll probably get trounced in the debates and the main primary.  The Democrat Party has slipped off the deep end for sure, but Hillary still has more name recognition than Sanders plus she’ll pander to more people; especially women.


Love Gov: An Education in Debt

This is a clever short series about a relationship between a woman and her overbearing boyfriend, called Gov, who slowly starts to control and ruin her business and eventually her life. You may notice a metaphor or two.

Part 2: Protection from Jobs

Part 3: A Remedy for Healthcare Choices

Part 4: House Poor

Part 5: Keeping a Close Eye on Privacy


‘Poverty Pimps’ and American Liberty

So, government has been the enemy.  And government in general is the enemy of the people.  And the founders of our nation recongnized this very well.  That is, if you just look at the Constitution of the United States it shows a deep mistrust that the founders and framers of the Constitution had for the United States Congress.  You find terminology in the Bill of Rights like “Congress shall not infringe…Congress shall not disparage…Congress shall not prohibit.”  Well, the founders did not think Congress wouldn’t do that, then why would it be in there in the first place?  And as I have suggested to many people that when we die and in our next destination, if we see anything like a Bill of Rights then we know that we’re in hell, because the Bill or Rights in heaven would be an affront to God.  It would be saying we can’t trust God.