2PM’s Christmas Greeting

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exos-reaction-when-you-tell-them-that-you-love them

exos-reaction-to-their-girlfriend-baking-them-a cake

exos-reaction-to-their-so-being-fluent-in spanish


how-would-bts-react-to-their-girlfriend-being-good with kids

btss-reaction-to-seeing-their-girlfriend-bake with their little sister

bts-reacting-to-their-so-wanting-to-go-to-a historic place for a date


seventeens-reaction-to-hearing-their-girlfriend fart for the first time

seventeen-reacting-to-their-girlfriend-reading-a book peacefully



monsta-xs-reaction-to-seeing-their-girlfriend wrapped in a blanket



monsta-x-finding-their-girlfriend-crying-after-a fight



got7s-reaction-to-watching-their-idol-girlfriend debut with a cute concept

-got7-reaction-to-seeing-their-idol-so-wearing wearing green contacts to hide their brown eyes



how-btob-would-react-to-their-girlfriend-walking in on them showering

how-btob-would-try-to-get-their-girlfriends affection back






what-would-girls-generation-be-like-on-a-shopping trip


girls-generation-giving-you-the-5-minutes-into “Netflix and Chill” look

girls-generations-reaction-to-their-friend screaming over a spider

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2PM 7th Anniversary (September 4, 2008 - September 4, 2015): “ Let’s Stay Together Forever”

Today marks 7 years since the debut of 2PM! They debuted with heir single “Ten Out of Ten,” and have been running ever since with 9 full albums across Korea and Japan, over 100 concerts, 3 solo music debuts, and 5 solo acting careers.

While most Korean boy bands at the time adopted a “pretty boy” (kkonminam) image, 2PM constructed a tough and macho beast-like image when they made their debut. By emphasizing their masculine images, 2PM created the “jimseung-dol” (jimseung means an animal or beast) phenomenon in 2008, which was a refreshing change in the K-Pop world.

Discography (Korean & Japanese Albums)

  • 01:59PM (2009)
  • Hands Up (2011)
  • Republic of 2PM (2011)
  • Grown (2013)
  • Legend of 2PM (2013)
  • Go Crazy! (2014)
  • Genesis of 2PM (2014)
  • No. 5 (2015)
  • 2PM of 2PM (2015)


photo credits: Chansung of 2PM / JYPentertainment

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I’ve been a k-pop fan for 4 years now and never slipped to miss out on any new releases in the genre. Ever since I’ve had this blog, I have always wanted to compose an end of the year countdown list combined with all my favorite k-pop songs of the year. Well finally I’m doing it. This is my top 50 list of all of my favorite songs of the year. (It is 50 + songs long because there were a lot of good songs that were released this year.) I understand, some songs  deserve to be higher in rank but 50 songs are a lot to go through. 2014 was a year no k-pop fan will ever forget controversy wise, but the music that came out of this year has certainly been fun. Anyway, please enjoy my list here.

||1. 2NE1- Come Back Home || 2. MBLAQ-Be A Man || 3. Block B Her || 4. Taeyang- Eyes Nose Lips || 5. Junggigo & Soyou- Some || 6. Got7- Girls Girls Girls / A ||7. Winner-Empty / Mino- I’m Him || 8. Sistar- I Swear || 9. Crush- Sometimes ||10. BEAST- Good Luck  || 11. Taemin- Danger/ Ace ||12. Infinite- Back || 13. Kara- Mama Mia |14. BTS- War Of Hormone |15. Boyfriend- Obsession |16. BTOB- Beep Beep | 17. B1A4- Lonely |18. EXO- Overdose | 19. Jay Park- Metronome |20. Girls Day-Something | 21. Super Junior M-Swing | 22. 15& - Sugar |23. AKMU- 200% | 24. Vixx-Eternity | 25. NU'EST-Goodbye Bye |26. F(x)-Red Light | 27. AOA- Short Hair|28. CN BLUE- Can’t Stop | 29. Boys Republic- The Real One | 30. 2PM- Go Crazy | 31. Teen Top- I’m Sorry  | 32. Sunmi-Full Moon | 33. Gain Feat. Bumkey- Fxxk U | 34. 2AM- Days Like Today  |35. ToppDogg- TopDog |36. MAMAMOO- Mr. Ambiguous/ Piano Man |37. SNSD- Mr Mr. |38. Orange Caramel- My CopyCat|39. TVXQ- Spellbound | 40. JYJ- Backseat |41. K.Will- Day 1| 42.Zhoumi Ft. Tao- Rewind | 43. Hyolyn & Jooyoung- Erase |44.  History- Psyco | 45. IU- Sogyeokdong |46. Madtown- Yolo |47. BTS- Danger/ Just One Day | 48. Epik High- Born Hater | 49. Lee Michelle- Without You | 50. Fly To The Sky- You You You|

- About Jun. K -

Birth Name: Kim Min Jun
Stage Name: Jun. K
Birthday: January 15, 1988
Blood Type: A
Religion: Buddhism
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Zodiac: Capricorn
Education: Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts, Kyunghee University’s Media Information Graduate School (2013 - present)
Hobbies: Composing, Fashion, Collecting accessories & shoes
Ideal type: Woman who is pretty when smiling
Favorite Food: Sour patch, Sushi
Position: Main Vocalist of 2PM
Occupation(s): Singer-songwriter, Composer, Producer, Rapper, DJ, Musical Actor, Dancer
Official Color: Pink
Official Symbol: NO LOVE (crossed out heart)
Nicknames: Pan. K, Panda, Daegu Gangster, Broadcast Man, Jundyu and Daegu Grandpa
Pre-debut: He originally auditioned for YG and was accepted into both JYP & YG. He chose JYP as his final decision(2004)

Compositions (solo)
[2009] HOT (2PM’s 1st Korean Fanmeeting)
[2011] Alive (Korean Digital Single)
[2011] Hanarete ite mo (Japanese)
[2013] True Swag (Korean/Japanese)
[2014] NO LOVE (Love & Hate, Korean Digital Single)
[2014] Love & Hate (“Love & Hate” Japanese Solo Album)
[2014] No Music No Life (“Love & Hate” Japanese Solo Album)
[2014] With You (“Love & Hate” Japanese Solo Album)
[2014] Mr. Doctor (“Love & Hate” Japanese Solo Album)
[2014] Real Love (“Love & Hate” Japanese Solo Album)
[2014] True Swag Part2 (“Love & Hate” Japanese Solo Album)
[2014] Writing a letter (“Love & Hate” Japanese Solo Album)
[2015] Work Hard Play Hard (2PM of 2PM)
[2015] Love Letter (“Love Letter” 2nd Japanese Solo Album)
[2015] Better Man (“Love Letter” 2nd Japanese Solo Album)
[2015] Good Morning (“Love Letter” 2nd Japanese Solo Album)
[2015] Walking on the Moon (“Love Letter” 2nd Japanese Solo Album)
[2015] Hold Me Tight (“Love Letter” 2nd Japanese Solo Album)
[2015] Sorry (“Love Letter” 2nd Japanese Solo Album)
[2015] Love Game (“Love Letter” 2nd Japanese Solo Album)
[2015] Everest (“Love Letter” 2nd Japanese Solo Album)

Compositions (for 2PM)
[2011] HOT (Hands up)
[2011] Hanarete ite mo (Republic of 2PM)
[2012] DJ Got Me Going Crazy (23, Male, Single - Wooyoung)
[2013] Game Over(Grown)
[2013] Suddenly (Grown)
[2013] Falling in Love (Give Me Love)
[2014] So Wonderful (Genesis of 2PM - Nichkhun’s solo)
[2014] Go Crazy! (Go Crazy)
[2014] Goodbye Trip (Go Crazy)
[2014] Midaretemina! (ミダレテミナ!) (Midaretemina!)
[2014] Superman (Go Crazy grand edition - Jun. K x Wooyoung Collab)
[2015] Sexy Ladies (2PM of 2PM)
[2015] My House (No.5)
[2015] Not The Only One (No.5)
[2015] HIGHER (2PM’s 10th Japanese Single “HIGHER”)

Compositions (for others)
[2011] Sunshine (Watch - Kan Mi Youn)
[2012] No Goodbyes (One Day (2PM & 2AM Collaboration))
[2012] Always (I’m Baek - Baek Ah Yeon)
[2014] Brodia (YOU - Tomohisa Yamashita)
[2014] SO LUCKY (Around The World - GOT7)

Compositions (OST)
[2011] “Don’t Go” (with Lim Jeong Hee) - Dream High OST
[2012] “Love… Goodbye” - I Love Lee Tae-ri OST
[2012] “Sunshine” - My Little Hero OST
[2014] “Come Back” - Red Carpet OST

[2010] Tok Tok Tok (Soul Project.1- Jun.K & Jung Woo)
[2010] B.U.B.U (Everybody Ready? - San E ft. Jun. K)
[2010] Let’s Go (G20 Seoul Summit - Group of 20 ft. Jun.K)
[2010] MUSIC (2010 MAMA theme song- Jun. K, Narsha, JeA, 8Eight, Supreme Team, Boowhal)
[2010] Rainy Days" (One Way Vol. 1 ‘Rainy Days’ - One Way ft. Jun. K)
[2011] Sunshine (Watch - Kan Mi Youn ft. Jun.K)
[2011] Count 3 (DOUBLE and Jun. K)
[2012] DJ Got Me Going Crazy (23, Male, Single - Wooyoung ft. Jun.K)
[2012] Always (I’m Baek - Baek Ah Yeon ft. Jun. K)
[2014] Just As It Is (Monthly Single Project #5 - LeL ft. Jun.K)
[2015] Everytime Everyday (Once in a Lifetime - Kim Johan ft. Jun. K)
[2015] Chameleon (Simon ft. Jun. K)

[2013-2014] The Three Musketeers - D’Artagnan (Lead Role)
[2013] Jack The Ripper - Dr. Daniel (Lead Role)


Comments from varies artists for his solo

The album that I listened to the most last year.
I’ll listen to his inspirational voice this year, too. It’ll be a lot of fun!
Tanaka Hisakatsu (Music Writer)

He’s extremely lyrical,
and the owner of a beautiful singing voice that resonates all the way down to the bottom of my heart.
– LANG LANG (Pianist)

The greatest of creative songs have been perfected this time, too.
He didn’t give in and remained stoic, and therefore, I have respect for 2PM.
They’re not just mere idols but genuine artists, without question!
– SIMON (Rapper)

To have watched him go and grow as an artist,
I feel very proud.
And at the same time, I’d like to give my gratitude to all of his fans
who have become the most important force behind his growth.
– J.Y. Park


* Jun.K’s Japanese solo tour, ‘Love & Hate’, included 10 concerts in 6 cities.

‘Ranking Box’ recognized the singer for having one of the top 10 most impressive live concerts of 2014, making Jun.K the only K-pop artist on the list. The editor-in-chief stated, “The album I personally listened to the most this year is Jun.K’s solo album, 'Love & Hate’, which was released in May. He’s an artist who has an outstanding ability as a singer-songwriter, impressive voice tone, and musical talent. His solo live concert was rich with not only lyrical music but expressiveness as well.”

* Jun. K’s 2nd Japanese solo tour “Love Letter”, included 11 concerts in 5 cities.

His concert tour ranked among top 10 best concerts of 2015. His 2nd Japanese solo album “Love Letter” which was released on November 25, 2015 quickly reached 1st on Oricon daily album charts and on Japan’s Billboard charts for top album sales.