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when are people gonna stop spreading the “hot latina babe” stereotype? it is disgusting and offensive to an entire community. we are not hypersexualised objects. we are people and we deserve respect.  


While a Mexican is Hispanic
A Hispanic is not Mexican

•Cubans are not Mexican
•Colombians are not Mexican
•Puerto Ricans are not Mexican
•Guatemalans are not Mexican
•Dominicans are not Mexican
•Salvadorians are not Mexican
•Ecuadorians are not Mexican
•Peruvians are not Mexican
•Hondurans are not Mexican



I have to repost my art with DeviantArt watermarks because I’ve had people repost my art without my permission and not even source me. So here are some of the girls that I have done so far. There is a second post coming with the rest of the because of Tumblr’s posting limit. Ah well… All these girls are available on my Redbubble and my Society6 for purchase. 

1. Dominican Republic

2. Colombia

3. Mexico

4. Brazil

5. Puerto Rico

6. Barbados

7. Haiti

8. Cuba

9. Honduras

10. Guyana


September 15 marked the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month. And for me it’s something I celebrate every month not just once a year. But not everyone knows that our cultures are different and equally beautiful. So I’ve composed a list of five things you should do this month to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. This for everyone not just Hispanic it doesn’t hurt to try something new.

1. TRY FOOD FROM DIFFERENT PARTS OF LATIN AMERICA. This doesn’t mean Taco Bell! If I am being honest Taco Bell is great but it’s a white washed version of Mexican food. For this one you need to go out of your way. Try some authentic to its culture. If you’ve already tried Mexican then try Venezuelan. Use Yelp to help you find places near you.

2. ATTEND LATIN NIGHT AT A CLUB NEAR YOU. Even if you don’t know Spanish, you do know the language of dance and that’s all that matters.

3. IMMERSE YOURSELF IN OUR ART. This includes films/TV Shows, music, art. Here’s a small list of shows and movies you could check out.

• Jane the Virgn

• How to be a Latin Lover

• Under the Same Moon

• Spanglish

• Lowriders

• Instructions not Included

• Girl In Progress 

4. LEARN ABOUT OUR HISTORY. Our history is rich, beautiful and the reason we are who we are today.

5. STAY INFORMED. Earlier this month Daca was removed. A sad day for all immigrants and families of immigrants. This whole year has been tough for us. And honestly there’s nothing better then staying informed. We have a voice and we need to be heard. Join a protest. No matter what keep fight for what YOU believe in. Latinos unidos hamas seremos vencidos!!

Mind Of Mine: An Overview

 A post looking into the statistical aspect of ZAYN’s first studio album, Mind Of Mine.

Release Date: 25th March, 2016
Number of Songs: 20. (4 Deluxe Edition songs and 2 Target Exclusive Bonus Tracks) + 1 Living Room Session of Pillowtalk 
Singles: Pillowtalk, Like I Would, Wrong


  • Mind Of Mine debuted at #1 , replacing Adele’s 25, on the UK Albums Chart
  • The album set a UK streaming record, as the highest-streamed debut for a British male act.
  • 1 billion streams on Spotify, as of May, 2017.
  • Debuted at #1 in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Argentina, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Mexico
  • the first UK act to debut at number one with his first album
  • first British male solo artist to debut at number one with his first album
  • first UK act to debut at number one with their first album on both the Billboard 200 and the UK Albums Chart since Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed a Dream in 2009
  • sold a total of 232,000 copies in the first three weeks
  • Mind of Mine set an iTunes record, becoming the first debut album to top the daily iTunes charts in more than 70 countries, having topped the daily iTunes charts of 83 countries within 24 hours of release.
  • also set a Twitter record, as the first album to top the Billboard Twitter Top Tracks chart for three straight weeks with three consecutive songs: “It’s You”, “Like I Would” and “Befour”. 
  • Pillowtalk sold 63,000 downloads and racked up almost 5 million streams in its first seven days.


Pillowtalk earned triple Platinum in the United States and Sweden, 4xPlatinum in Canada, 4xPlatinum in Australia, 2xPlatinum in Italy, 2xPlatinum in New Zealand, 4xPlatinum in Poland, Platinum in the United Kingdom, Austria, Netherlands, France and Spain.

Mind of Mine is certified Gold in USA, Mexico and Poland, Silver in United Kingdom. 

This is the Spanish accent tag! My old one was broken so I made a new oneee. I tag @aljofares @c-bassmeow @biconharry @des-nu-do @gelopanda @wicomepava@brago@guajirita​ & anyone else who wants to give it a shot. I’m just tryna hear some beautiful accents tbh

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  • Person: so what's your ethnicity?
  • Me: I'm Hispanic
  • Person: oh okay so you're from Mexico.
  • Me: no actually, my mother was from the Dominican Republic.
  • Person: oh, so like the same thing.
  • Me: no it's really not..
  • Person: *interrupting* so are you like really good at making tacos?
  • Me: ...
Football RPF Survey - Demographics

This is the first part of the Football RPF survey report. It’s the part that mainly covers the demographics of the responders. The form had a total of 202 responders, with certain sections getting more or less responses (except for the section start, none of the questions were mandatory).

What is your age?

Of the 202 participants:

  • 105 (52 %) are between the ages of 18 and 24
  • 48 (23,8%) are between the ages of 25 and 34
  • 42 (20,8%) are younger than 17
  • 6 (3%) are between 35 and 44
  • One person abstained from answering.

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Today, several cities across Latin America are hosting a Latin America InstaMeet in celebration of the upcoming MoMA exhibition Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955–1980 (March 29, 2015–July 19, 2015). Local Instagrammers and architecture enthusiasts will photograph buildings featured in the exhibition. The goal of the project is to show the current context of these buildings, and how people see and use them today. In addition to the InstaMeet, the global Instagram community is invited to share their photos of locations featured in the exhibition using the hashtag #ArquiMoMA. Select photos will be featured on a display in the exhibition galleries and on

[Clorindo Testa. Bank of London and South America, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1959-1966. © Archivo Manuel Gomez Piñeiro, Courtesy of Fabio Grementieri]

I have a Nice relationship with the caribbean.
they see me as a part of their group, I am glad of being so important for them! I’m glad to have friends like them, they are very cheerful and they know how to enjoy every single one detail in life!

Sometimes they think i am too bossy, but hey not all relationships are perfect, are they?.

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The other important friends I have are Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, they’re my buddies!

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Antigua and Barbuda is also a good friend of mine!

[[ Not all babes belongs to me, Puerto Rico belongs to little-red-coat , Dominican Republic belongs to ilhicamina and Antigua and Barbuda Belongs to Frost-P , everyone is on dA! ]]

Months After Pulse Shooting: 'There Is A Wound On The Entire Community'

On June 12, 2016, a gunman killed 49 people and injured dozens of others in what became the deadliest mass shooting in recent U.S. history. The Pulse nightclub, a popular space for the LGBT community in Orlando, Fla., was holding a Latin Night, and the club was packed with patrons both gay and straight, young and not-so-young, from the U.S., Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and elsewhere. The massacre sent waves through the many intertwined communities in the city.

Over the last six months, these communities of Orlando — whether LGBT, Latino, Hispanic, religious, or more broadly — have worked in different ways to overcome the traumatic events of that day. Photographer Cassi Alexandra spoke to people across those communities that were touched by the tragedy, either through personal experience, loss of a loved one, or the impact on the city itself. These stories examine the recovery process this community continues to go through, including questioning the acceptance of violence as a country and discussing the damaging legacy of violent acts such as this.

Brandon Wolf grew up in a suburb of Portland, Ore., and has lived in Orlando since 2008. He went to Pulse that night with three friends — Eric Borrero, Christopher “Drew” Leinonen and Juan Guerrero. 

“We made a break for the fire exit and just ran through the smoke,” Brandon says. “We didn’t look back and kept running from the building.”

Emily Addison and her 2-year-old son, Diyari, lost Deonka “Dee Dee” Drayton in the Pulse massacre.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how hard I prayed,” Emily says. “I wanted her to be in the hospital so bad, I didn’t care what kind of predicament she was in, because I knew I was going to take care of her. … But it didn’t turn out that way.”

Shane Young is chairperson of the Youth Council at Zebra Coalition, an advocacy group for LGBT+ youth in Central Florida. He and his mother, Trish Glad, live in Saint Cloud, Fla., where Shane attended three high schools before dropping out to study for his GED because of what he described as “terrible bullying” from students and staff members because he is transgender.

“Worrying if my kid was going to be alive when I picked him up at the end of the school day was horrible, and it was all the time,” Trish says. “Just kids threatening to slit his throat, and the police won’t do anything unless there’s actual bodily harm.”

Blue is a well-known figure in the LGBT community of Orlando and owner of The Venue.

“You can talk about gun control and you can talk about raising people with love and you can talk about ways that you would’ve changed upbringing … the world is a crazy place,” she says. “If I sat here and thought about all the ways that we could’ve prevented that I would probably be sitting here and speaking for hours. The fact of the matter is we have to look at what we’ve gotten from it and move forward with that.”

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Photos and interviews by Cassi Alexandra