republic of hungary

  • Hungary: Austria I'm hungry.
  • Czech: Maybe you should Czech the fridge?
  • Russia: I'm Russian to the kitchen! *runs in*
  • Turkey: Maybe you will find some Turkey.
  • Greece: We have some but its covered in a layer of Greece.
  • Norway: Ew. theres Norway you can eat that!
  • Chile: I think Ill settle for a can of Chile.
  • Canada: Id like a Canada chile.
  • Denmark: Denmark your name on it.
  • Prussia: But that would Prussiarise it and might damage the chile
  • Sweden: I d'n't Sw'd'n pr'bl'm w'th th't...
  • England: I'm heading England to get some more food.
  • America: Well that would be America, were not even at sea!
  • Germany: That one of Germany problems with this joke.
  • Sealand: But I don't Sealand anywhere nearby?
  • Italy: Italy, me neither.
  • Scotland: Well were on earth, its Scotland.
  • Wales: But its a Wales away.
  • Both irelands: Well its Ireland
  • New Zealand: I New Zealand...
  • Japan: Well I'll get Japan.
  • China: And I'll get the fine China.
  • Spain: Don't over Spain yourself if you can't reach it.
  • France: If you do you could just France around.
  • Hungary: I was asking Austria to get me some food because I was hungry.
The Bushongo dignitaries…each carry a ceremonial staff… Once I took up such a staff to inspect it from close up after which I laid it without a second thought upon the ground. The high ranking man who owned the stick smiled at me and said: "if a Bushongo had treated my stick with such carelessness, I would certainly have punished him severely.” “And why don’t you punish me?” I asked. “Certainly I cannot punish a white man for his poor behaviour”, he responded, still smiling, “as a white man cannot possibly understand good manners.

- A story I read in an exhibition on Hungarian anthropologist Emil Torday, describing the fiercest drag I’ve ever encountered from a leader in Congo

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More v4 gakuen au art! n_n

Finally I got around to draw something – and it’s the whole gang together! <33

Feliks thought it would be fab to wear pink on wednesdays, so they went with it :D (since they have school uniforms, they can only wear pink accessories) – but they are wayyyy better friends than mean girls :D

(and Haily and I decided their theme song is Break the Rules from Charli XCX :D)

tiggerguk  asked:

Do you think there may be wizarding schools in other european countries, like italy (yep, totally random, not my country at all °w° )?

definitely! in my head it’s something like this:

  • hogwarts as we know is up in scotland and takes students from the uk and ireland
  • beauxbatons is somewhere near the south of france and I reckon takes students from france, belgium, luxembourg, and switzerland
  • there’s a school somewhere in spain that takes spanish and portuguese students. they probably learn a lot about harmony between religion and magic
  • another school up in germany that encompasses germany, austria, netherlands, switzerland, and belgium. I think they probably have a much bigger emphasis on muggle studies than hogwarts does, probably looking at the rise of grindelwald and hitler in equal measure
  • a scandinavian school in norway or sweden which also takes iceland, denmark, and finland. definitely a big emphasis on magical creatures here. I like to think they have a lot of field trips to study creatures in their natural habitat, or maybe going to copenhagen to compare the little mermaid statue to mermaids they’ve studied
  • a school for the countries around the adriatic so italy, croatia, bosnia and herzegovina, greece, montenegro, albania, macedonia (though it’s primarily italy and greece) with a huge emphasis on history of magic. also languages, I’m thinking ancient greek and latin- maybe studying how latin is used in spells? and definitely have a mythology class of some sort
  • Durmstrang is somewhere in the region of bulgaria and probably also takes students from romania, serbia, kosovo, bosnia and herzegovina, albania 
  • central european school probably in poland with students from czech republic, slovenia, slovakia, hungary. I kind of hope they study home spells and stuff because that should really be covered at hogwarts! learning how to make pierogi by magic and that sort of stuff!
  • and finally an eastern european school over in russia which also takes kids from estonia, latvia, lithuania, belarus, and ukraine. there’s lots of animals in slavic folklore so maybe there’s a higher emphasis on that? things like training familiars or learning to become animagi as part of the curriculum