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I find it disturbing how Kpop groups go though years of training and preparation, spend months at a time without their families, miss out on sleeping to improve themselves, only to be criticized or torn down by either their own fans or others because they don’t fit into their category of perfection.

Being a fan doesn’t mean you’re entitled to say whatever you want so stop putting so much pressure on Kpop groups, stop tearing down those who aren’t your favourite and please if you don’t have anything respectful to say then don’t say it
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“I see Vader as a tragic character who’s been betrayed by everyone, and I can’t help thinking of the Jedi as self-serving unelected elitist spoon-benders making whoopee on Republic taxpayers’ credits. It’s an iconoclastic journo world-view. Believe me, Order 66 was long overdue. I have a couple of Jedi that I don’t want to shoot on sight, but they’re my own creations, so I could make them a little humbler and more aware of the consequences they create for others.” WHY IS KAREN TRAVISS AWFUL WHY WAS THE EU ALLOWED TO BECOME THIS KIND OF CESSPIT WHY DID STAR WARS BECOME ABOUT HATING THE JEDI AND MAKING OUT THE FORCE WAS PATHETIC WH

Things I wonder about in Star Wars.

1. How much is a Republic or Imperial credit worth in US dollars? That has never been clear to me.

2. How did Darth Maul survive being cut in half? He should not have survived that and don’t give me the whole ‘Spite kept him alive’ bit. That’s bullcrap right there. What kept him alive was dumbass force logic, stupid luck, and nothing else.

3. Who wrote the Jedi Code to include no attachments? Was it Spock? Was it a Jedi that recently lost a loved one? Or was it a joke made by the Sith that the Jedi took seriously? 

4. Why is Yoda disturbed that Anakin is fearful? He’s 9, was previously a slave where people did Force Knows What to him, his only family is on a whole other planet, and they had been attacked by Maul before leaving the planet and now a bunch of creepy old dudes are staring at him. If he WASN’T scared I’d be concerned.

5. While we are on the subject of fear, isn’t fearing fear a fear? If I recall it even has a name: Phobophobia. This would mean that all ‘good’ Jedi break the no fear rule ALL THE TIME.

6. If the Republic is against slavery, how do they justify using slaves to fight their battles for them?

7. How does the Republic support a religious group that basically practices a form of slavery but without the buying and selling bit?

8. How could they support any group that takes newborns from their parents and raises them in a religion they did not choose along with training them to be soldiers and telling them not to have attachments?

9. What makes Dark Side abilities evil? I could see how they would be useful to a blind force user.