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Once more Laz’ab suffers the trappings of a roleplayer. My Proper Sith and Proper Jedi, sharing a very out of character moment of not killing each other. Reblogged from HERE.

Bonus reaction:

Star Wars: the Old Republic © BioWare
Artwork and Characters © Shamine Athena King
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I was curious how Lana would fit-in as an amazon in Wonder Woman. 

And this is something I came up with xD
I will totally try to recrate this once we have her free to custom.

Original art-work not mine!!!
Costume illustrator is J.P. Targete (John Carter) and you should all thank him for all those great arts!
Source - with Photoshop, PicsArt and Prisma.

Katara, you have advanced more quickly than any student I have ever trained. You have proven that with fierce determination, passion and hard work you can accomplish anything.


Photo from Comic Con Russia 2016 by VOLNITSKY.

This stormtropper was like “Hey, what exactly a sith can do????”
Lana - “Well, I can stab you with a lightsaber for example”
And Director Krennic - “What’s going on here? A sith from old republic times, and stormtroopers just can’t wait to be killed..”

*happy Lana face*