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So I’m sitting here, ranting with @inesathammar about my fic and how Zuko and Sokka would’ve been the greatest in laws and we’re like cackling over all of the jokes the two would share and somehow… this list of Zutara AU headcanons came up. 

It’s very rambly and long winded. But. Enjoy.

  • Zuko, Sokka, and Hakoda have an ongoing, three-way bromance. 
  • Zuko and Katara had a small, intimate wedding on Kyoshi Island with just their family and big, formal wedding a few months later in the Fire Nation
  • They have three steam babies: 
    • Kya is the first born. She comes along kind of by accident when Zuko is twenty-five and Katara is twenty-three. She looks very much like Zuko, but has wavy hair and tanner skin. She is a firebender and she kicks ass. 
      • She visits Grandpa Iroh in the Earth Kingdom all the time. This is how she meets her husband, an earthbender, and they marry at the Jasmine Dragon. 
      • When she is thirty-five, Zuko abdicates the throne, and she takes over as the greatest Fire Lord - after her father, of course. 
    • Next is Ezra (YES I STOLE THIS NAME, EMILY. I LOVE IT). He comes along a year after his sister. He’s a nonbender, but his parents love him all the same, and he takes up his father’s skill with dual swords. He also trains with Uncle Sokka and Aunt Suki. Ty Lee teaches him a bit about chi blocking. Basically, he’s deadly when he wants to be. 
      • He’s very sweet-natured though. He looks a lot like his mother and as he grows up, there’s a lot of Sokka and Hakoda in his features. 
      • Eventually, he marries one of Aang’s daughters, an airbender (more on that later), and takes up a nomadic lifestyle with her. They have all kinds of air babies.
    • Finally, five or six years after Ezra, our beloved Z&K have another little unexpected surprise, a waterbender named Lee. They call him Blue sometimes. 
      • He’s another baby that looks a lot like Katara, which makes Zuko happy because he thinks his wife is very pretty. 
      • Lee doesn’t like the royal life all that much, so Zuko gives him the Blue Spirit mask and Lee becomes a vigilante. However, unlike Zuko, Lee can rest assured that his father won’t put a warrant out for his arrest. 
      • Zuko teaches him all kinds of things about stealth and Katara trains him in waterbending and bloodbending. 
      • Lee is gay and marries a young man from the Fire Nation army. 
  • Zuko and Katara take the family for frequent rides on Druk.
  • I can’t really decide who Aang marries. I don’t ship him with any of the known characters, but I imagine him marrying a nonbender from the Fire Nation and living happily in Republic City with his family. 
  • Aang has many journeys he must take, but he is sure to include all of his children. 
    • Bumi and Tenzin exist as they do in LOK because I like them so much. 
    • Aang’s daughter is named Aria. She is Tenzin’s twin and also an airbender. She meets Ezra during one of her father’s many visits to the Fire Nation and from that point on, the two are inseparable. 
    • Bumi never questions his worth.
  • As for Toph, she never marries, but she has Lin and Su and is quite the wonderful mother. She lives in the Fire Nation (the palace to be exact) until her late 20s, and then she moves to Republic City to help run things. 
  • Zuko gives Toph honorary Fire Nation citizenship so she will always have a place she can really call home.
  • Sokka and Suki get married really young, like 18 and 19, and have one daughter who is an earthbender. 
  • Sokka becomes a member of the white lotus and his daughter does as well when she grows up.
  • Iroh lives happily in Ba Sing Se, running his tea shop, but he always comes to the Fire Nation for the entire winter to visit his son and grandkids. 
  • Iroh also has an adopted cat that he named Lui, after Lu Ten.
  • Hakoda meets a woman from the Fire Nation and remarries and adopts her son as his own. That son takes over the Southern Water Tribe as chief when Hakoda is ready to retire. 
  • When Aang does die, Katara still teaches Korra everything she needs to know about waterbending.
  • Also, at some point, Zuko runs into Jin during a visit with Iroh. He’s very awkward and stammering, naturally. 
    • Katara helps out a bit. She introduces herself to Jin and then introduces Zuko. After a bit more awkward silence, Katara invites Jin over to Iroh’s shop for some tea and conversation. 


anonymous asked:

Who do you think would be the most qualified to run Republic City: Opal, Mako, or Bumi?

What an odd set of candidates! Right now, probably Opal and Mako are both too young, making Bumi win by default. Long-term, Mako I think has the best temperament of the three for it, plus he’s a native and really understands its concerns. Opal and Bumi do both have the fairly unique perspective of having lived much of their lives as non-benders, but Opal doesn’t seem the political leader type to me, at least not at this point in her life.