republic attack cruiser


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stefansalvctore  asked:

star wars questions; 1- 61. XD

6. bounty hunter or clone/storm/first order trooper? storm troopers
7. rebels or clone wars? rebels war
8. favorite star wars book? star wars: bloodline
9. favorite star wars comic? poe dameron comic
10.favorite star wars game? lego star wars 5 favorite bounty hunters? bobba fett, jango fett, zam wesell, and bossk. 14. top 5 favorite sith? darth vader, and darth maul. i can’t think of more
15. top 5 favorite droids? k2so,bb8, r2d2, and c3po.
16. top 5 favorite troopers? finn
17. top 5 favorite senators? bail organa, padmé amidala, and mon mothma.
18. top 5 favorite republic/rebellion ships. republic attack cruiser.
19. top 5 favourite separatist/imperial ships. imperial fleet and star destroyer
20. top 5 favourite planets? yavin, tatooine, mustafar, naboo, and jedha.  
21. where would you live in the star wars universe? yavin 4
22. who would you be in the star wars universe? i don’t know but i would wanna be part of the rebellion.
23. what ship would you own? x-wing
24. what droid would you own? i would wanna share bb8 with poe
25. would you have a team, or would you work alone? i wouldn’t mind working with a team.
26. if you where a jedi, would you be a knight or a master? a knight
27. if you where a jedi master, would you have a padawan? hell yeah! i would want to train finn.
28. if you where a sith, would you be the master or apprentice? apprentice
30. married, in a relationship, or single? single
31. top 5 favourite species? ewok, wookie, hutts, twi’leks, and togrutas.
32. what species would you be? human
33. what species is your type? any i’m not picky
34. who would your best friend be? poe dameron
35. would you customise your ship? no i would have some else do it because i suck at customizing things.
36. would you customise your droid? yesss!!! i would make a droid that looks like k2so but acts like bb8.
37. what colour skin/eyes would you have? brown eyes and skin
38. if male, beard or no beard?  no beard
39. 1 lightsaber, 2 lightsabers, double lightsaber, or 2 double lightsabers? 2 lightsabers
40. what colour would your lightsaber(s) be? purple
41. if you’re a bounty hunter, what armour would you have? a bullet proof vest
42. would you customise your armour? maybe
43. what colour scheme would your armour/robes be?  red or black
44. if you where a droid, what droid would you be? k2so
45. what colour would your droid self be? black or grey
46. pod racing or ship racing?  ship racing
47. space battle or ground battle? space battle
48. would you have survived order 66? maybe
49. where would you go after order 66? i would go to a safe place or hide out for awhile.
50. what would you do after order 66? i would try to help everyone and help the surviving jedi’s get away.
51. do you have any star wars pop vinyls? yes i have darth vader,finn, and chewbacca. ( i need to buy more)
52. do you have any star wars collections? i have alot of star wars shirts and pop figures.
53. do you have any star wars art? i have posters does that count?
54. do you create any star wars art? no
55. do you like/read any legends/non canon stuff? i haven’t really tried it but i think i would like it
56. top 5 favourite legends character? i haven’t read legend so can’t answer
57. who is your star wars role model? poe dameron,cassian andor, and chirrut imwe
58. top 5 saddest star wars deaths? the rogue one members especially chirrut x baze. also anakin skywalker i cried when he dies saving luke.
59. if you could bring any star wars character back to life who would it be? all of rogue one!!!
60. if you found out the star wars universe was real, would you move there or stay here? move there because trump is president now so i guess go a sith is better than trump XD
61. on a scale of 1-10 (1 being very little, 10 being an absolute know it all) how well do you know the star wars universe? 8 (mostly the films)