Socialism is like the amish.  Everyone makes the same amount, and its split equally between everyone.  The problem arises when lazy people don’t share their weight equally.

Democracy: 1 person = 1 vote.  Everybody gets a vote, and you get paid on how hard you work.

Republic: People elect someone to represent them and hope that person does a good job of it (this is what we have, even though we lie to ourselves about it.  Just look at gerrymandering laws and the Supreme Court’s Citizen’s United decision).

Communism: All the money goes to the ruler, and the ruler decides how much to dole out.  For reference, see theocracy


Already seeing Republican propaganda bullshit trying to claim Bernie Sanders is faking his care for the black community purely for their vote. Dude has been fighting for Civil Rights since the movement began. Not to mention today he met with Jesse Jackson to discuss the BlackLivesMatter movement.

And for the record, those 2 girls that bum-rushed Bernie while he was giving a speech protesting for BlackLivesMatter and claiming Bernie didn’t care about the black community are absolute idiots. He’s cared longer about the black community than they were alive and they need to seriously rethink their protest actions. That really, really hurt their movement rather than helped.

Watch this for further facts: